Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 296: My Cheeks are Hurting on His Behalf

Chapter 296: My Cheeks are Hurting on His Behalf

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Upon the screen, the first thing that appeared, was the photo Quan Ye had released in the afternoon. However, it had been enlarged.

Indeed, it could be seen that the figure of the man was very similar to Quan Ye and a few of the features resembled him.

So, the media were curious what Fang Yu was trying to say.

Was he trying to clarify the truth or was he trying to say that Tangning and Quan Ye were indeed in a relationship?

"That's indeed President Quan..."

"It is, isn't it?"

"What is Director Fang trying to do?"

Fang Yu looked at the reporters and asked them, "Can you see any flaws? Neither can I. Now...let's look at the original photo," as soon as he spoke, another photo appeared on the screen next to the photo Quan Ye had posted up; the two photos looked almost identical.

"I would like to ask everyone to compare the two photos carefully. The picture on the right came from Quan Ye's social media account, whereas the left one was the first photo that started circulating. We got this photo from a netizen."

"Don't tell me you guys haven't noticed that the height of the man has changed?" Fang Yu led the audience.

"Although we can't see his face, our Tangning is roughly 178cm tall, and in the original photo, there is a height difference of about 12cm. What about President Quan's photo? The man is practically the same height as Tangning. If everyone looks closely at the background, doesn't it look like it has been edited?"

"What can this prove?" Quan Ye sneered.

Fang Yu remained patient and continued to present his evidence. On the screen, another photo appeared. It was a message from the estate that the manor belonged in, "This is a private estate and from what we know, Quan Ye does not own any property here."

"Tangning took me there..."

"I'm sorry, but Tangning doesn't have property in there either. According to the rules of the estate, only an owner of a property is allowed to bring guests into the estate. In a moment, the owner of the manor and car in the photo will make an appearance to clear everything up. Let's not waste any more time. I'm sure the conclusion is clear..."

"...that President Quan's photo has gone through professional editing..."

As soon as Fang Yu's words left his mouth, the reporters at the scene were in an uproar. Hai Rui's evidence was extremely conclusive. Plus, there were plenty of those familiar with photo editing present. Simply looking at Quan Ye's photo wasn't enough to pick out the flaws, but when placed next to the original, it looked much too fake.

"OK, we have finally clarified this issue; there was never any love between Tangning and Quan Ye. Now, let's move onto the question of whether Tangning is familiar with Quan Ye," Fang Yu continued to lead the media as he presented another photo that Quan Ye had posted up.

"2 coffee cups appear in this photo posted by President Quan. At the same location, there appears to be Tangning's back. Since, they don't appear in the same frame, does that mean they are on a date?"

"Don't tell me you have evidence against this as well," Quan Ye's expression changed. When he had asked someone to trail Tangning, he specifically told him to avoid the bodyguards.

"President Quan, even if I don't have evidence, do you think the people of Paris are blind?" Fang Yu couldn't help but laugh.

"Hai Rui has connections everywhere and can pay passersby to say whatever they want. I feel like I am the one that is blind. How could I have been interested in Tangning, the sl*t. Now, all I get in the end is Hai Rui messing with me."

"Thinking about your father, my cheeks are hurting on his behalf." After Fang Yu sneered at Quan Ye, he pressed the remote control in his hand and revealed a video on the screen.

In the video, Tangning was all by herself from the moment she stepped out of the hotel...

Including when she strolled the streets, went shopping and drank coffee...

Date? What nonsense.

Quan Ye's mind suddenly went blank as he clenched his fists nervously.

Fang Yu saw through to Quan Ye's emotions. An heir like Quan Ye only knew how to have fun. He didn't consider logic at all and felt that hurting others made him feel better.

But, today, he was going to teach this spoilt heir a lesson on behalf of Mo Ting, Tangning and even Father Quan.

"I'm sure everyone can see that Tangning was all alone from the moment she left the hotel. She did not go on any dates and did not meet up with anyone. She was simply passing time as she waited for her flight back to Beijing. As for this video, where did it come from?"

Fang Yu connected a phone call to the hotel where Tangning stayed and allowed the manager to explain to everyone, "On that day, President Mo hired our bodyguards. In order to protect Miss Tang, our bodyguards had pinhole cameras attached to them. It does not intrude into our guest's privacy; it is merely used to monitor their surroundings."

"This is something that all our hotel guests are aware of. Of course, it can also be customized to our guest's needs."

After the call ended, Fang Yu spread out his arms, "I'm sure the truth is clear to see. Unfortunately, our Tangning was attacked online and received various insults because of President Quan's recklessness. President Quan, you seem quite heartless. Tangning has no past grudges with you, yet you did this to a woman. Could it be that you only have the ability to bully women?"

"Everyone knows that Tangning is not one to explain things. She knows she hasn't done anything wrong. But, if you guys were in her place, how would you feel?"

The reporters below the stage looked down in shame.

"I really want to ask, how has Tangning offended you? Why is it that everytime something tiny happens, the media would blow it up and attack her?"

After hearing this, Quan Ye got up to leave, but Fang Yu held him back, "Since the situation got blown out of proportion, Hai Rui has no intention to call it a truce. The police want to see the person that maliciously started spreading rumors. President Quan, as the heir to an entire agency that did something as unmanly as bullying a woman, shouldn't you express your thoughts?"

"Actually, there's no need. After all, you are a famous spoilt heir, it is only reasonable for you to be prodigal. So, after all this, Hai Rui will seek Star King for responsibility."

Quan Ye turned and glared at Fang Yu. However, Fang Yu was unfazed.

Meanwhile, the media whispered and pointed at Quan Ye. Worst of all, everyone in Beijing was now aware that Quan Ye was the type of man to bully women.

To top it off, Fang Yu's last sentence completely trampled over Quan Ye's pride.

"If you're looking to cause trouble, you should come look for me."

Fang Yu shook his head and looked at Quan Ye provokingly, "Why should I look for you? All you know how to do is bully women..." scrawny man.

Everyone finished the sentence in their minds.

Of course, with the humiliation Quan Ye suffered in front of so many people, Star King's people would have to walk around with their tails between their legs from now on. Perhaps, they may even need to wear masks to hide their embarrassment.

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