Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 294: If he Doesn't Come, he Will Face the Consequences

Chapter 294: If he Doesn't Come, he Will Face the Consequences.

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"Plus, I can't step out to counterattack Quan Ye since it would degrade Mo Ting's style. Mo Ting and I are one unit, I can't act like I'm on my own against the jerk."

"So, what can I do? All I can do is trust in him!"

Long Jie rubbed her chin and thought for a moment before suddenly saying in an excited tone, "I heard from Lu Che that internally at Star King there is a power struggle happening. The more Quan Ye does stupid things, the more the Quan family's standing in the agency will be at risk."

"A power struggle means there will be a movement of shares. Long Jie, go find out how the shares are currently split."

"You're also interested in seizing Star King?" Long Jie asked. "Even though you did quite well this quarter, buying out Star King's shares will be very tiring."

"I just want to understand where they're at. Where has your mind wandered off to?" Tangning looked at Long Jie and shook her head. "Perhaps, someday, Ting will have use for it even though he may not need us to investigate for him."

"Don't underestimate me. In reality, lots of important information started spreading from small channels like myself." After speaking, Long Jie stood up from the sofa. After confirming that Tangning didn't need anyone to keep her company, she swiftly left Hyatt Regency; she needed to put her strengths to good use...


10am. The super IP drama that was adapted from the web novel, 'Evil Child', was holding its press release.

This web novel that had accumulated a huge following online was to be adapted into one of the most anticipated dramas of the year. It was to be directed by a top local director, produced by Hai Rui's subsidiary company and brought together A-lister actors and actresses.

Mo Ting's attendance at this press release obviously received as much attention as the author of the story.

As a few of the actors/actresses came from Hai Rui, they couldn't avoid being questioned about Tangning and Mo Ting. Of course, this all happened for a few hours in the backstage.

Although they were asked questions that were unrelated to the drama or themselves, they still responded calmly, "We trust in President Mo."

"And do you also trust in your junior sister??"

At this moment, Mo Ting exited the press release with a few of the drama's important people. His footsteps were deliberately slower than usual; it seemed he wanted to give the reporters time to surround him as he faced them calmly.

Meanwhile, the few people that were walking with him stood to one side and waited for him as they acted serious.

"President Mo, can you answer the current hot topic question?"

"Which hot topic question?" Mo Ting wasn't pleased with the reporter's cowardice, so he pushed him to continue.

The questioning reporter analyzed Mo Ting's expression and realized he had the desire to answer, so he gathered his courage and asked, "The...the question about the love triangle between yourself, Tangning and the heir of Star King."

"I'm afraid I can't give you an answer regarding this, because it's not something I partake in," Mo Ting said directly into the cameras.

The reporter was stunned for a moment before realizing Mo Ting's response was a form of clarification, so he took the opportunity to continue, "In that case, how is Tangning doing? What was her reaction when she found out about this matter?"

"She is fine. As for her reaction, she did not have much of a reaction. After all, she's not very familiar with Star King's heir."

Apart from the time he protected Tangning at the awards ceremony, this was the first time he talked about Tangning in the open.

The couple were both not people to give explanations. Even when rumors of their relationship were spreading like wildfire, Mo Ting did not mention a single word about Tangning. And even when the two people didn't seem to leave each other's side, at least at events like today's, Mo Ting never mentioned Tangning.

But today, Mo Ting had finally opened his mouth.

He wanted to let them know that Tangning and Quan Ye weren't familiar.

This was a clarification in disguise.

He didn't say much, he simply said they weren't familiar.

But, it was enough to draw a clear line between Tangning and Quan Ye...

"So, you are saying Tangning is completely unaffected?"

"Why should she be affected by something that is unrelated to her?" Mo Ting asked back.

"Then what about the incident with Tangning meeting Star King's heir in France..."

"Regarding whether they met, Hai Rui will release evidence this afternoon." After speaking, Mo Ting instructed for security to clear the way as he left the scene.

This was the response Mo Ting gave to the public as Tangning's manager.

His words seemed to contain multiple meanings: what kind of joke is this and how does it relate to Tangning?; our Tangning is simply another member of the audience, she has no idea how she ended up 'meeting' with someone; our Tangning and Star King have no relations, please don't drag her onto the same level as them; to be honest, we are also waiting to witness a good show...

Although his response wasn't official, it was consistent with Mo Ting's approach. Not long after, Mo Ting's response entered the hottest search rankings.

"Although President Mo spoke in all seriousness, his real response was obviously, 'Oh, so you guys are talking about my Tangning?'"

"Haha, let's imagine President Mo's expression as he goes home to deal with Tangning: 'Hubby has taken on all the rumors for you today, how will you thank me?'"

"Since Mo Ting has denied Tangning and Quan Ye's relationship, that must mean...Quan Ye lied?"

"Our Quan Ye is, after all, a rich heir, why would he release his anger on a sl*tty model. Isn't that degrading himself?"

"What a sl*tty model! She cheated and she won't admit to it."

"Wait a minute, President Mo said Hai Rui will be releasing evidence. I wonder what evidence it will be."

"I've finally heard news about Tangning from President Mo's mouth. God, what a rare event. These two are way too low profile..."

"We've already dreamt about it for long enough, when will these two come out and give us a treat? Are they lovers? Please stop being so ambiguous..."

"Just sit and wait for Hai Rui's press conference!"

Online, discussions were still varied. But, after Mo Ting's response, insults towards Tangning decreased. Everyone was well aware that Mo Ting had no time for trash talking, let alone creating a story to lie to the masses.

This was definitely something he wouldn't do!

After the press release, Mo Ting returned to Hai Rui. En route in the car, he gave Fang Yu a phone call, "Contact Star King and tell Quan Ye to attend this afternoon's press conference."

"If he doesn't come, he will face the consequences!"

"President, what about Tangning? Should we bring her as well?"

"No need," Mo Ting replied in a stable tone.

Since Tangning said she was disgusted by Quan Ye, for the sake of his wife's appetite, there was no way he was going to let Quan Ye appear in front of Tangning again.

"OK, I understand...I will handle it."

Afterwards, Mo Ting hung up the phone before calling Lu Che.

"Help me make a personal social media account. I need to use it this afternoon," Mo Ting instructed.

Lu Che was a little surprised; it seemed Mo Ting was about to make a big move.

Mo Ting was never one to use social media. For him to suddenly be interested in it, what reason could there be?

He obviously wanted to announce something, or perhaps...reveal something...

"I understand President. I will have it ready by the time the press conference comes around," Lu Che replied swiftly.

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