Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 293: He Had to Personally Speak up

Chapter 293: He Had to Personally Speak up

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Just before going to bed, Huo Jingjing called asking for the entire story. She wondered if Tangning had somehow got on the spoilt heir's bad side.

Tangning held onto the phone as she giggled, "Who told him to be the heir of Star King? He can mess around whatever way he wants without caring about other's feelings."

"If we look at the ultimate cause, it is all because of Mo Ting." Huo Jingjing was aware that Mo Ting had not given Quan Ye face at multiple events. So this was a result of his revenge.

"You don't need to differentiate between myself and Mo Ting. Let's meet up tomorrow. I'll come to your place."

As soon as Huo Jingjing heard Tangning suggest going to her place, she suddenly remembered she had not yet told Tangning she had moved to Fang Yu's home. Previously, when she wanted to tell her, Mo Ting had picked up the phone. Now that Tangning brought it up, she didn't know where to start.

"I am currently packing and my home is a mess...I have also started interviewing for Fashion Week..."

"OK, I guess we'll talk later." After speaking, Tangning wanted to hang up the phone. But, suddenly, a man's voice could be heard coming from the other side of the phone.

"Have you finished packing?" Fang Yu strode into the guest room and noticed Huo Jingjing's bed was a mess.

"If I remember correctly...your manager and assistant are both women, right? Jingjing..." Tangning asked.

Huo Jingjing glared at Fang Yu and pointed to her phone. Fang Yu understood, but he did not remain quiet; he was well aware that Huo Jingjing only had one friend, Tangning.

So, he grabbed the phone from Huo Jingjing's hand and said, "Tangning, she is currently packing her luggage. She will be taking an early flight tomorrow and needs some rest..."

Tangning recognized Fang Yu's voice and guessed what was going on. Previously, she had put in so much effort to matchmake them, but all they gave her were looks of disinterest. Now that she had given up, they suddenly got together themselves.

Love was something that only those involved knew the truth.

"Are you at her home?"

"She has moved to my home," Fang Yu explained.

"Then, don't sleep too late," Tangning did not disturb them any longer. She was truly happy for Huo Jingjing, but...she couldn't help wonder about the child.

"Did she say anything else?" Huo Jingjing asked after he saw Fang Yu had hung up.

Fang Yu helped Huo Jingjing close her suitcase before turning around and smiling ambiguously, "She told us not to sleep too late."

"Actually, I was about to tell you that I accidentally spilled some moisturizing toner on the bed."

Fang Yu put Huo Jingjing's suitcase on the floor and looked at the wet patch on the bed. He picked up Huo Jingjing's pillow and then grabbed her hand, "Tonight...sleep in my room."

"Before you leave, I'll let you use me as a bolster."


Meanwhile, after Tangning hung up the phone, she noticed Mo Ting had not yet returned to the bedroom. So, she went to look for him in the study room and sat down beside him.

"How come you still aren't sleeping?"

"It seems, Huo Jingjing and Fang Yu are officially together," Tangning leaned against Mo Ting's shoulder as she looked down at the document in his hands.

"Wasn't this what you had hoped for? You should always trust your instincts."

"You should stop working now. You still need to attend the filming commencement press release for an IP drama tomorrow," Tangning pulled the document away from Mo Ting's hands, intertwined her fingers with his and headed back to the bedroom together.

The next day.

Mo Ting was getting changed in the walk-in wardrobe when Lu Che made a phone call. He called to report that Quan Ye was once again stirring up trouble. On his personal social media page, he posted up a bold poem about the sexual pleasures between a man and a woman.

Quan Ye did not clarify who the poem was directed at, but he was obviously trying to battle it out with Mo Ting. As Mo Ting had taken over the search rankings the day before with his suggestive post, Quan Ye decided to make his own suggestion that he and Tangning had already taken things to the next level.

Mo Ting did not say anything. He put on his grey checkered suit jacket and stepped out of the wardrobe to remind Tangning who was cooking breakfast, "You don't have anything scheduled today, so there's no need for you to leave the house."

"Are you tying to hide the poem from me?" Tangning asked in a soft voice.

"I'm just afraid, with all the mess that's happening outside, you will be accidentally injured."

Tangning handed a glass of milk to Mo Ting and nodded her head, "I'll stay at home and watch movies."

"Don't look at the discussions online."

"I can practically imagine what they would say. There's no difference whether I look at it or not."

By doing this, Quan Ye had forcefully exploited her. Even if this incident was to pass, it would leave a stain on her name. Because she couldn't deny that a large majority of people didn't actually care about the truth.

They simply followed the crowd.

And joined in with the complaints.

In reality, they were simply bored and didn't care who they were dealing with and how great their personality was.

"I will handle it."

So, without even eating breakfast, Mo Ting directly left home. After getting in the car, he instructed Lu Che, "Head to the press release."

Afterwards, he pulled out his phone and gave Father Quan a phone call. His voice was stable without a trace of worry, "Either your son disappears or Star King will disappear."

Father Quan had only just found out what his b*astard son had done and understood that he had offended Mo Ting quite badly. So, he wasn't surprised to receive a phone call like this. Mo Ting was forcing him to make a choice.

"President Mo..."

"If he steps out and says one more word, then both he and Star King will disappear together."

Father Quan shook with fear. Just as he was about to explain things, Mo Ting had already hung up the phone. Mo Ting immediately picked up his laptop, wrote out an official statement and sent it to Fang Yu.

"Step one: Warn Star King."

"Step two: Release the statement."

"Step three: Hold a press conference at 3pm and present the video evidence."

"Step four: Another warning, but this time, it's a warning to the outside world and the media: Before the day ends, I want them to clean up everything on the surface..."

As for himself, he was naturally going to do what he needed to do.

Fang Yu didn't dare to delay. He immediately ordered the legal team to contact Star King, warning them that if they didn't control Quan Ye, Hai Rui would have no choice but to take on coercive measures.

"Hai Rui has made a move, they've already sent out a legal notice to Star King."

"I have a feeling this Quan Ye has something wrong with his head. Does he think everyone's stupid?"

"But, he still posted up the photo even though he knew he'd be defamed. Isn't this a show of true love?"

"From what I see, this is merely two men fighting over a woman, how childish!"

"Poor Tangning is being insulted by all the passersby who have no idea about the truth. If she steps out to explain, they will scold her; if she doesn't step out to explain, they will still scold her. She's in a pretty difficult position."

"I'm still determined to support the 'TangMo' coupling. President Mo isn't stupid; if Tangning really did do something to betray him, he would have sent her away a long time ago. There would be no way that he'd continue to protect her."

"President Mo...when will you step out to speak for Tangning."

This question from the fans was also the question Long Jie wanted to ask. After witnessing Quan Ye further intensify the situation, she felt like she was about to explode from anger as she stormed over to Hyatt Regency.


"I know what you want to say. However, I trust in Mo Ting," Tangning replied as she held a book in her hands. "I know what he plans on doing. I know better than anyone how much thought he has put into it."

Because Mo Ting knew better than anyone; this time, he had to personally speak up.

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