Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 292: Must he be Such a Wife Slave?

Chapter 292: Must he be Such a Wife Slave?

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Fang Yu's mind exploded. Mo Ting had asked him to place a photo of the couple together at Hai Rui's celebration dinner, just so Tangning would feel more comfortable.

Must he be such a wife slave?

"Following on, what else should we do?"

"On behalf of the agency, send Star King a warning not to stir up trouble and to tell Quan Ye to clarify the entire incident," Mo Ting instructed.

"But, that spoilt heir definitely won't cooperate. Didn't he create this incident on purpose?"

"So, let's wait until the issue escalates before we hold a press conference and invite this 'rumored boyfriend'. At that time, let's see how Tangning will deal with him," Mo Ting explained calmly. "We don't need to help Star King protect their pride. Since the spoilt heir wants to play, then stripping Star King of their pride is a reasonable consequence."

"I've heard quite some time ago that Star King's board of directors have an interest in the Quan family's authority over the operations of the agency," Fang Yu added.

Hearing this, Mo Ting removed the phone from his hear and hung up.

His eyes looked dark and piercing.

Because when it came to interest in authority, Star King wasn't the only one faced with this problem. There was also someone in Hai Rui that had been wanting to cause trouble.


Online, arguments regarding the photos posted by Quan Ye could not be resolved. So, people were bound to complain and try their best to uncover the truth.

However, this time, fans were no longer battling on their own. Because before she went overseas, Tangning had promised Mo Ting that she would treat her fans well. So, she logged onto Long Jie's account and made an appearance on social media.

"With this incident, our Tangning is bound to be defamed again..."

"Why can't these people let our Tangning be happy?"

"They must be envious of our Tangning and Mo Ting being together..."

"But, if we are to complain, it would only attract people to say bad things about us fans. What did our Ning do wrong to be defamed like this. I can't let this continue, in a minute I am going to calculate how many times our Tangning has been defamed altogether."

"We have suffered so much and received so many insults. I am about to cry from the anger."

Seeing this, Tangning immediately used Long Jie's identity to post a comment, "Let me hand you a tissue."

At first, the fans did not notice. But then someone spotted Long Jie's photo and quickly responded.

"Slow down...Was that Tangning's assistant that just commented?"

"Long Jie! Quick, tell us how Tangning's doing!"

"Haiz...I reckon she's not allowed to speak recklessly."

"I am well," Tangning responded directly.

She responded with 'I am well'...not, 'she is well'...

The fans erupted in excitement. In a few seconds, Tangning's message had already been overtaken by the flooding of comments.

"Am I seeing things? Did she just say 'I am well'?"

"Long Jie, have you gone insane?"

Tangning looked at the comments of disbelief and typed another comment, "Uncover what should be uncovered, no need to be afraid. President Quan and I aren't familiar with each other. So, don't let yourselves suffer. If your complaints don't work, let me know, I will help."



"Are you Tangning?"

Tangning stared at the screen blankly for a moment before taking a selfie and posting it online, "Yes, I am."

With the appearance of these three words and a photo, the fans were fueled with firepower. They immediately shared Tangning's comment to all their friends, and fans that weren't online, were immediately notified. In an instant, the forum multiplied in users.

Luckily, Long Jie was the moderator. So even though Tangning couldn't continue chatting to them, she was able to post up an announcement.

"I won't attack unless I am attacked first."

This was the motto Tangning lived by. Hardcore fans all knew this was the type of person Tangning was.

So, with Tangning's encouragement, her fans finally had the confidence they needed. They believed in Tangning, because they felt having brains was a good trait that not necessarily everyone had.

When it came to the current scandal that was going around, those with even the slightest intellect would be able to see the truth. Regardless of the fact that Mo Ting was Tangning's manager and had control over all aspects of her life, even if he wasn't her manager, those with eyes would be able to tell that there was no way Tangning would give up Mo Ting for Quan Ye.

Above all, it wasn't like Tangning was blind!

So, her fans had 100% trust in her. With the addition of her appearance online, they were given the confidence they needed and were no longer going to tolerate the abuse of the outside world.

It turned out...being able to interact closely with one's fans would give one's existence so much meaning and satisfaction.

Tangning had a cold appearance, but it didn't mean she was cold-hearted.

Previously, she didn't have time for her fans because she was still working hard to advance.

She didn't have much of a status, so how could she protect the status of others?

Now, she had the ability and confidence, she could finally protect her fans...

Not long after...

...Beijing entered into darkness. Mo Ting returned home from Hai Rui with a cold vibe.

Upon seeing Tangning sitting on the sofa looking at her fans' comments, he sat down beside her and pulled her into his embrace, "These days I can return home to see your smile. sure have changed."

Tangning put down her phone and leaned into Mo Ting's arms, "Is it a good change, or a bad change?"

"Have you not noticed? When we first met, your heart was rock hard. Although you trusted me, it was because you forced yourself under the belief that it would benefit you. But, slowly, your heart began to soften even though you still had your doubts about the world."

"Now, you have completely let go of everything. You actually have the impulse to interact with the outside world and share your thoughts with them. You've even started to argue with me. I feel, the Tangning right now, is truly made of flesh and blood."

After hearing Mo Ting's words, Tangning was a little surprised.

All along, she had thought she didn't change much, but now that she thought about it, she was indeed just like Mo Ting said.

"That's because you treated me so well, so I was able to trust there are people in this world that are willing to give without complaints and regrets. It was because I first started trusting you that I slowly started to trust the rest of the world," Tangning held back her tears and continued, "President Mo, it sure is true that only when one gets treated with love will they learn to love."

Mo Ting reached out his hand and gently wiped away Tangning's tears before planting a kiss upon her dewy eyelashes. He smiled, "I'm going to go have a shower. Don't look at your phone for too long, it's not good for your eyes. Plus...what are you crying about? Our lives will continue to be happy like this."

"So, even if Quan Ye defames you like this..."

"...there is no need to be afraid."

Tangning nodded her head as she wiped her tears, "I've never been afraid. I've got you."

"Then, let's just wait to watch a good show. I am going to get something out of Star King and give it to you as a gift!" After speaking, Mo Ting stood up, took off his jacket and headed for the bedroom.

Good show?

It seemed President Mo wasn't merely going to punish Star King.

After all, this black-bellied man had also placed a photo of them online and was currently ruling over the search rankings...

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