Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 134: With Someone Warming Your Bed, Would You Still be Cold?

Chapter 134: With Someone Warming Your Bed, Would You Still be Cold?

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Yang Jing assumed An Zihao acted this way because he couldn't accept that he had lost. So, she lifted her head proudly.

Meanwhile, An Zihao just wanted to laugh at her, because to him, she was no different to a clown.

Neither of them were willing to admit defeat. In the end, An Zihao no longer wanted to waste time on Yang Jing, so he looked at her and whistled, "Sorry, I need to go deliver a contract to Her Vision."

Yang Jing felt An Zihao was living in a fantasy. According to her friendship with Editor Lin, Her Vision's November front cover definitely belonged to her.

The little tricks that An Zihao was trying to play, she had already gotten sick of playing them over the years!

However...just as she was getting carried away with her confidence, she received a phone call from her assistant, "Yang Jie, Her Vision wants to cancel their contract with us."

After hearing this, Yang Jing's mind went blank. After a few seconds, she finally asked angrily, "What happened?"

"Editor Lin said she found a better model."

"But, she shouldn't forget, we already signed a contract!" Yang Jing exclaimed as she hurried over to her own office. "How can she go back on her words? Give them a call, I want to see Editor Lin."

"Editor Lin said she is willing to pay double the compensation for canceling the contract. She doesn't want Mu Xia. The money has already been deposited into the company's account."

After hearing her assistant speak, Yang Jing angrily kicked the glass beside her. After all their years of friendship, how dare she just cancel their contract like that. Did Editor Lin think she was easy to bully?

Meanwhile, she seemed to have forgotten how she had been flaunting in front of An Zihao about her unbreakable relationship with Editor Lin. It had only been 5 minutes and their relationship had already fallen apart. Worst of all, Editor Lin didn't even bother to give her a single phone call before going ahead and canceling the contract. She even paid double the compensation!

What did An Zihao do, exactly?

Yang Jing directly made a phone call to Editor Lin to demand an explanation. However, she was treated the way Tangning had been treated earlier; Editor Lin did not pick up any of her calls...

"An Zihao!" Yang Jing growled between gritted teeth. The contract had flown right out of her hands and she wanted so badly at this moment to tear An Zihao into shreds.

Of course, the worst was yet to come...


Late at night. October's weather had begun to cool down. Tangning stood by the window in thin clothing as she finished talking to An Zihao on the phone. At this time, a pair of arms wrapped her in a warm embrace as it covered her with a night robe, protecting her from the cold.

"Ting...I've secured Her Vision's front cover," in the safety of Mo Ting's arms, she leaned back without hesitation. Her voice was casual and at ease, "But, why do I feel like this is all too good to be true?"

"Your results are obvious. There is nothing to doubt." After speaking gently, Mo Ting stretched out his long arms, wrapped them around Tangning's neck and pulled her in tighter.

"But, I need to go do the shoot in Moscow...I'm afraid of the cold," Tangning buried herself in Mo Ting's embrace and clung onto his arms.

"Do you want me to come with you? With someone warming your bed, would you still be cold?" Mo Ting whispered into Tangning's ear.

Tangning giggled as she nodded her head, "You are like a heater...with you around, there is no way I would be cold. In fact, I will be extra warm."

Mo Ting gently kissed Tangning's ear, completely satisfied with her response, before leading her to their bed, "Go to bed early. Tomorrow will be the day you officially become a model of Cheng Tian, you need plenty of energy."

"After signing with Cheng Tian, I will gain higher grade resources. Does that mean...I will be another step closer to you?"

"Of have worked hard, honey."

With Mo Ting's assurance, Tangning was satisfied as she lay on the bed beside him.


...even An Zihao had noticed the uncertainty in Editor Lin's eyes earlier, so there was no way, someone as observant as Tangning, didn't know what was actually going on. Deep in her heart, she had already given up hope on securing the front cover. But, Editor Lin unexpectedly changed her mind, even with the dangers of canceling a contract...

What could the reason be for this?

It must be because of pressure from Mo Ting and assistance from Hai Rui. Or else, there would be no way Editor Lin would change her mind so easily.

Tangning already guessed it all, that's why she said she felt everything was too good to be true. But since Mo Ting didn't want to reveal what he had done...she told herself to act dumb for once.

How can you possibly crush a heart that simply wants to love and adore you?

So, even though Mo Ting had made her use her background, she no longer cared what others thought...

At least, in front of a despicable person like Yang Jing, she didn't want to care so much.

Tomorrow, Lan Xi was to announce that she'd be officially joining Cheng Tian. She was excited to see the amusing look on Yang Jing and Luo Hao's faces. After all, this was the one thing they had done so much to try and prevent from happening.


The second half of the night. The night sky was washed by heavy rain. Luo Hao was already asleep, however, he was suddenly awoken by an urgent knocking on the door.

Luo Hao put on his robe and opened the door. There leaning against his doorway was a drunk Yang Jing; her body wreaked of alcohol.

"Why are you here?" Luo Hao scrunched up his brows.

"With the grand homecoming ceremony Lan Xi has organized for An Zihao tomorrow, I refuse to believe that you don't feel even a tiny bit upset," Yang Jing stumbled into Luo Hao's home holding a bottle of alcohol. "Did you hear? An Zihao stole my contract today, do you know what this means? It means he will exact his revenge!"

"What does this have to do with me?" Luo Hao crossed his arms as he domineeringly questioned Yang Jing.

"Does this not have anything to do with you? Luo Hao, enough with the act. Without me, do you think you would have your position as director? With the return of An Zihao, don't you think President Lan will trust him more? How long do you think you can hold onto your position?" Although Yang Jing couldn't stand straight, her words were logical.

"Let's make things clear. We exposed his relationship with Yun Xin, together! You took his position and I took his resources. Neither of us can avoid taking responsibility. We are the same!"

"What are you trying to say?"

"Let's cooperate," Yang Jing said in a serious tone as she pointed to Luo Hao. "As long as we work together, An Zihao will not stand a chance. President Lan hasn't even given him an artist yet and he is already planning ahead. Don't you feel the danger upon us?"

"Cooperate? Didn't you go look for Lan Yu in private? Did you think President Lan wouldn't know?" Luo Hao ridiculed. "What? Do you want to start your own agency?"

"I have faith...I can take all my resources with me. What about you?"

It seemed, she really did have this intention, and even if not, she could still threaten Lan Xi. After all, An Zihao currently had no chips to bet with.

"What do you want from President Lan?"

"I want her to dismiss An Zihao, or else, I will leave with all the artists in my hand!"

"President Lan may not feel threatened by you."

"Who knows?" Yang Jing had already decided to give it a go.

But, who said An Zihao had nothing to bet with?

Tangning...and Mo Ting behind her, were his most valuable chips.

Yang Jing seemed to have found herself a shortcut to death!

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