Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 290: She Actually Had a Date With Quan Ye?

Chapter 290: She Actually Had a Date With Quan Ye?

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As it involved a film collaboration with 'Stupid', Fearles' design and advertisement would take at least half a month to produce and would need to be made-to-measure for Tangning.

While Tangning was getting her measurements recorded, Mo Ting sat to the side with Fearles and had a coffee. Fearles turned her head and looked at Tangning before asking Mo Ting curiously, "Have you decided on the female lead?"

"We are still casting for it," Mo Ting replied. "Although she doesn't appear much in the film, she still plays an important role."

"Why don't you consider her?" Fearles pointed to Tangning with her chin, "You don't want her to pursue film and television? This is a great opportunity..."

Mo Ting tilted his head and looked at Tangning. He did not say anything, he simply looked at Fearles with a meaningful smile.

"The Autumn/Winter Fashion Week is about to start. With Tangning's professionalism and long legs, it is only a matter of time before she becomes world famous. I feel, once she has reached such heights...she will then have an interest in pursuing other things. Appearing on the runway and appearing on the big screen are two very different things."

"She has always enjoyed taking things slowly - one step at a time."

After getting her measurements done, Tangning returned to Mo Ting's side and looked at the two people, "What are you saying about me?"

"How did you know we were talking about you?" Mo Ting tilted his head in interest.

"Because your gaze never once left my body," Tangning replied.

"My eyes have always been on you." After speaking, Mo Ting stood up and shook Fearles' hand before leaving with Tangning. However, just before they left, Fearles leaned against the doorway, crossed her arms and reminded Mo Ting, "You really should consider it!"

Mo Ting smirked before leaving with Tangning.

"I've booked a flight back to Beijing tonight. Tomorrow, I will need to attend the filming commencement press release for a major IP drama and Fashion Week is also about to start. I needed to set aside time ahead of schedule."

"Earlier on, what did Fearles tell you to consider?" Tangning had not forgotten the mysterious conversation between the two.

"Let's talk about it later!" Mo Ting looked at Tangning with a passionate gaze, "We still have a bit of time in the afternoon. Let's go for a walk around the streets of Paris. It's been a long time since we've gone for a stroll together."

"Can we? Can we walk around hand in hand?"

"As you please," Mo Ting tapped Tangning on the nose and smiled at her dotingly. Tangning was too easy to satisfy; something so simple was enough to make her happy for a long time.

After returning to the hotel, Lu Che had completed his tasks and returned to Mo Ting's side. But, his expression was extremely stern when he saw him.

Tangning's instincts told her that Lu Che had business to discuss with Mo Ting, so she let go of Mo Ting's hand and offered, "You go handle business, I will go ahead and stroll around on my own first."

"Madam...Long Jie wants me to bring back some things for her. But, I have no idea how to differentiate between real and fake," Lu Che pulled out a list from his pocket.

With the mention of Long Jie, Tangning remembered she had spoken to Long Jie just before she left Beijing. So, she took the list from Lu Che and assured, "Leave it with me, I'll go buy them."

Mo Ting held onto Tangning's hands and looked at her apologetically, "I said I was going to accompany you."

"I am more familiar with France than you. I won't get lost," Tangning comforted. "Plus, I'm well aware that if it wasn't something important, you would have thrown it aside already. So, hurry and get to work."

"Then, stay nearby. Don't go too far."

"OK," Tangning nodded her head.

Mo Ting still wasn't rest assured, so he requested for the hotel to send 2 bodyguards to follow behind Tanging.

In order not to leave too far from Mo Ting's sight, Tangning simply strolled around nearby. Finally, she settled down at a cafe. If she was to know that that afternoon in France would be the most relaxed moment of her life, would she have appreciated it more?

After sitting at the cafe for quite some time, Tangning decided to get up and return to the hotel. However, just as she stood up...she realized someone had recognized her and was stalking her.

Tangning did not stop. She headed directly back to the hotel. Seeing Mo Ting and Lu Che were still busy, she quietly sat down and watched a movie.

In reality, the person stalking her wasn't a normal passerby. He was someone sent by Quan Ye to camp outside the hotel. As he noticed the bodyguards following behind Tangning, he carefully avoided them.

He did not disturb Tangning, he simply followed her and took photos of her. Afterwards, he sent the photos to Quan Ye so he could go to the same locations and pretend he was there with her; enjoying coffee and strolling through the streets; one walking in front, one walking behind. Although they never appeared in the same frame, those that saw the photos were left to their own imagination...

Since Mo Ting didn't want to play with him, he was going to force him to play...

That night, Tangning, Mo Ting and Lu Che returned to Beijing. However, they ran into the clingy Quan Ye at the airport. To be exact, he obviously appeared on purpose.

"President Mo, what a coincidence. I never thought we had so much fate."

"Coincidence?" Mo Ting laughed, "I'm sure you are well aware how much of a coincidence this is."

Since he had put in so much effort to stalk them, Mo Ting was going to sit and watch what game he was trying to play.

"President, let's go, it's time to board the plane..."

Lu Che had followed this player for an entire day, but towards this spoilt heir's actions, he had no way of understanding him. Above all, he couldn't understand where he had gotten his skewed views of the world from.

So, right now, he had absolutely no good feelings towards this spoilt heir.

A person whose life revolved around ruining other's lives, did not have a promising future.

Quan Ye shrugged his shoulders and boarded the plane closely behind Lu Che.

Of course, allowing Quan Ye to find out Mo Ting's flight number, was absolutely dependent on whether Mo Ting wanted him to know.

The four people were all seated in first class. However, Mo Ting and Tangning treated Quan Ye like he didn't exist.

Just before the flight took off, Quan Ye posted up a message he prepared earlier on his social account: "A short date."

The post was accompanied by 3 photos: the back of a woman, two empty coffee cups and his own back view.

As soon as his post went up, his social account exploded.

At first, no one recognized the woman was Tangning...until Tangning disembarked her flight in Beijing and everyone noticed she was wearing the same clothes as in the photo.

No way!

The Tangning that stuck around Mo Ting, actually had a date with Quan Ye?

"Quick, take a look. Here are photos from fans that went to greet Tangning at the airport. Tangning's clothes are the same as in the photo posted up by Star King's heir. Is it the same person? Is it?"

People immediately put the two photos together and compared them as they screamed in shock, "What kind of twist is this? How did Tangning get involved with this spoilt heir? Are they breaking apart the coupling that we love?"

"No way, wasn't President Mo with Tangning the entire time?"

"I think perhaps Tangning and the spoilt heir are similar in age so they get along better."

"Is Tangning open to all options?"

Online, news about Tangning and Quan Ye spread like wildfire. If she didn't know Tangning, even Huo Jingjing would have thought Tangning ran off to have coffee with the spoilt heir.

So, she immediately gave Fang Yu a phone call, "Have you seen the news about Tangning? What is this all about?"

"We are currently handling the matter," Fang Yu replied hurriedly.

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