Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 289: Which Screenwriter Wrote This?

Chapter 289: Which Screenwriter Wrote This?

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Claude.N leaned over and returned to measuring things on the workbench. With his chin, he pointed towards the doorway, "Since this is your decision, you can show yourself out."

He was a master designer after all, so his temper was a little strange. However, Tangning felt her original judgment of Claude.N had been too kind. She had to reevaluate him.

Legs weren't merely his main concept, they were a fetish!

Claude.N thought Mo Ting would adjust his attitude and ask him to renegotiate. But, Mo Ting did not have that intention at all.

He protected Tangning as they turned around to leave. However, at this time, Quan Ye appeared at Claude.N's doorway with a model from Star King. The two parties looked at each other as Quan Ye let out a laugh, "Could it be that our never-failing President Mo has actually come across a failure?"

Mo Ting looked at Quan Ye indifferently. It seemed he held no regard for Quan Ye whatsoever.

"Do you want me to speak a few good words to Claude.N on behalf of Tangning? To be honest...over the past two days, we have been quite close," Quan Ye said arrogantly as he shook the drops of rain off his body, "It's raining in Paris and pretty cold outside."

No one knew better than Mo Ting what Quan Ye had been getting up to in the past 2 days.

It couldn't be forgotten that Lu Che had arrived in France the day before...

"I don't think you should speak until you win a game of cards against me," Mo Ting laughed as he placed his arm around Tangning's shoulder and prepared to leave. However, Quan Ye held them back once again.

"Would this be considered as a loss for Hai Rui against Star King? After all...Tangning did not secure an advertisement with Claude.N."

In actual fact, Tangning felt Mo Ting was acting a little out of the ordinary. A moment ago, when Claude.N mentioned his conditions, Mo Ting did not even consider negotiating and rejected him straight out.

On the surface, his actions seemed reasonable. But, this was not how the never-failing Mo Ting handled matters.

He would never do something he wasn't confident about.

"This seems to be Star King's goal; isn't winning against me and securing Claude.N your biggest glory?" Mo Ting's lips suddenly curved upwards.

Tangning glanced at him and knew he was about to make a move. As expected...

...Mo Ting calmly continued, "To be honest, Claude.N has already been eliminated from our options. Luckily, they gave us a reason to reject them."

Quan Ye burst into laughter assuming that Mo Ting was trying to protect his pride. However, Mo Ting pulled out his phone and opened an email, "Fearles was this year's first place winner at The World Design Awards, whereas, Claude.N came in fifth place. Fearles is owned by Claude.N's ex-wife and she is a woman with strong morals, unlike 'someone' who only knows how to stare at our Tangning's legs."

"If you are interested in Claude.N, I'll leave it for you..."

After speaking, Mo Ting led Tangning out of Claude.N's studio, whilst Quan Ye was left bewildered with a pale expression.

Tangning noticed Quan Ye's lifeless face and could help but ask Mo Ting, "What was all that about? How did you manage to do so much behind my back? You obviously never left my side."

"I do not need to leave the house to discuss a contract. It can easily be done over the computer."

"Then, what's the deal with Fearles?"

Mo Ting started the car as he smiled at the curious Tangning, "Fang Yu got a list of tourist names from Beijing to Paris. On that list, we found Quan Ye. So, I instructed Lu Che to fly to Paris and keep an eye on him. That's when we discovered he had contacted Claude.N in private."

"During our visit to Director Coque's manor, I briefly mentioned that you were a model. But, I never expected he would recommend you to Fearles."

"So, I received a phone call from Fearles last night. Even though we already had an appointment with Claude.N, she said she was willing to wait."

"If Claude.N had not been so unreasonable, perhaps, you would have let me work with them, right? But, either way, you always had a backup plan."

"Yep," Mo Ting nodded. "I also had to consider Quan Ye."

It seemed the slap they had just given Quan Ye had pierced straight through to his heart.

"I think right now, not only is Quan Ye furious, but so is Claude.N."

"From the moment he stared at your legs, I already decided to give up on Claude.N," Mo Ting said in a cold tone, "And after he stared at you for the tenth time, I was so tempted to rip his eyes out!"

"Manager Mo, you sure are fierce," Tangning sighed.

Mo Ting did not say anything. Of course, the entire situation also involved luck, but those in the industry without luck never stood a chance at fame, no matter what their background was.

"Let's go meet with Fearles now!"

Tangning never imagined that this trip to France would result in a twist like this. Everything was so surreal! Perhaps, it was a result of Mo Ting handling the entire matter on his own. Tangning felt Mo Ting did too much behind the scenes, making her feel like everything wasn't very realistic.

Mo Ting noticed Tangning was suddenly silent, so he asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"I thought I could keep up with your way of thinking, but only now do I realize, I am still far off."

"If you want to become an honored guest of Fearles', what you need to do is present an even higher level of professionalism," Mo Ting explained to Tangning seriously. "Quite a lot has happened in the last two days, but I did not intentionally hide it all from you. Everything happened too quickly, so I simply didn't want to take your emotions on a rollercoaster ride."

"The higher one stands, the more enemies they will have. If you don't have time to deal with something, then you will need to learn to let it go."

Tangning closed her eyes feeling a little complex. It's not that she felt she wasn't smart enough, it's just, her husband was much too powerful. What would she do without him?

"You've almost doted me to the point where I can't be independent."

Tangning leaned against Mo Ting's shoulder as they headed for their appointment with Fearles.

This French woman who had almost made a vow to be a nun before she decided to pursue design was extremely friendly. As soon as she saw Tangning, she gave her a hug, "Welcome. I really like the storyline of 'Stupid', Coque shared it with me. I hope your husband doesn't mind."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting confusedly and he responded with a helpless smile.

"Don't worry, he only shared a small snippet with me because he wanted my help in designing a costume."

Of course, Mo Ting knew. After all, it was a breach of contract and involved a leak of business confidentiality. However, he had no intention to use the design of a world-class master designer; the budget would be too expensive!

"That's why I have a brave suggestion: I would like to use your wife as inspiration for the costume of the actress that has a one-night-stand with the athlete. I also want to film a commercial with her so we can achieve a win-win situation."

"The film will have a higher possibility of entering the Western markets and my design will become known in Asia. What do you think President Mo?"

Mo Ting presented a poised smiled, looking extremely charming, "Lucky Fearles isn't in the entertainment industry, or else, I would have another competitor."

"President Mo sure knows the right thing to say."

Like this, Tangning and Mo Ting's work ended up having a direct connection.

After a joyous dinner, the couple returned to the hotel. Mo Ting explained the story of 'Stupid' to Tangning and, she too, found it exceptionally entertaining, "It's been a long time since I've seen such a great script from someone in the domestic market...I wonder which screenwriter wrote this."

"You don't know him," Mo Ting replied straightforwardly.

Tangning had her assumptions, but she didn't question him any further...

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