Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 273: I'll Do All I Can to Please You

Chapter 273: I'll Do All I Can to Please You

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Fang Yu turned his head and looked at Huo Jingjing before answering in a serious tone (with no trace of his usual playfulness), "No one will want someone that continually doubts themselves."

Fang Yu always provided strong answers and this time was no different.

He used a roundabout way to point out that Huo Jingjing's current state wasn't great. At the same time, he also avoided answering Huo Jingjing's difficult question by playing Tai Chi around it. It wasn't a matter of whether he wanted someone like her. Instead, in her current state, no man would want someone that doubted themselves like that.

Huo Jingjing almost forgot Fang Yu's identity at Hai Rui was both the Artists Director and PR Director. His responses had always been unquestionable, making it impossible for others to argue against him.

So, she let out a laugh before sitting quietly for the rest of the car ride.

She didn't like the feeling of uncertainty and didn't like to hide things. Most importantly, she was scared. She had been scared for a long time.

Perhaps, he felt the car had been quiet for too long, so Fang Yu cleared his throat before saying, "You're home..."

"In that case, thank you. No need to walk me to the door..." As soon as she finished talking, Huo Jingjing got ready to leave the car. However, Fang Yu suddenly did something that surprised even himself. He leaned over and stopped Huo Jingjing by the hand before explaining in a serious tone, "I helped Zhen Manni up, but...I never thought of her as a woman."

Huo Jingjing was stunned for a moment; she was surprised that Fang Yu had actually tried to explain things to her. So, she was also not in her right mind as she asked, "Then, who do you think of as a woman?"

Fang Yu let go of Huo Jingjing and replied, "My daughter..."

Huo Jingjing glared at Fang Yu for a second before opening the door and stepping out of his car.

Fang Yu gave a slight laugh as he waved goodbye to Huo Jingjing before driving away from the apartment.

As for Huo Jingjing, although her anger hadn't been completely subdued, at least Fang Yu explained himself to her.

However, it was quite tiresome to tread lightly around each other...

Meanwhile, she couldn't help thinking about the classmate that introduced her to Brott. Did she do it on purpose, or not?

If it was on purpose, then she was quite a conniving person.

In the end, Huo Jingjing decided not to tell Tangning about how the 'potential date' had turned into an interception by Fang Yu. She wanted to keep it to herself...


The next morning at Hyatt Regency.

Whenever Tangning had no jobs scheduled, she would personally pick out clothes for Mo Ting.

So, at this moment, Mo Ting was standing practically naked in front of the wardrobe mirror as Tangning brought him one outfit after another.

Mo Ting ended up wasting half an hour on this. But, seeing Tangning's expression of enjoyment, he decided to dotingly comply.

"I have something to do tonight, afterward I will head directly to the banquet from there. Lu Che will come pick you up so we can meet at the entrance and head in together."

Tangning was in the middle of helping Mo Ting do up his buttons. Seeing Mo Ting's perfect body, she couldn't help but be reminded of his scrawny opponent. Although she didn't want others to see her husband's body, if one single glance could guarantee instant victory, it wouldn't be much of a loss, right?

Mo Ting lowered his head and looked at the expression on Tangning's face. Actually, Tangning didn't need to say anything for him to already know what she was thinking...

He was well experienced at witnessing his lover being insulted. Every time it happened, he'd feel like spewing up blood from all the vented up anger. It was because of this understanding that he didn't want Tangning to suffer because of him.

"All good?"

Tangning nodded her head as she stood on her tiptoes and placed a habitual bite on Mo Ting's shoulder. This was a secret gesture between the couple. Regardless of whether Tangning was happy or sad, she would bite him like this.

At the same time, regardless of whether Mo Ting was hurt inside or not, it would not show on his face. He simply pulled Tangning into his embrace and placed a kiss on her forehead before putting on his jacket and leaving their home in a satisfied manner.

Tangning stood by the window and watched as Mo Ting's car pulled away. She placed her hand upon her racing heart. She didn't understand why, even after so long, as long as she was with Mo Ting, her heart rate would increase like they were still newlyweds.

As she turned around, Tangning spotted the entertainment newspaper sitting on top of the table. As she thought about the shamelessly boastful Quan Ye, she felt slightly unhappy.

Tonight, he was Mo Ting's opponent. As for Tangning, her competition tonight were the model twins.

However, to Tangning, she didn't expect much from them.

The meeting this time was aimed at calling a truce between the two parties, so it was expected that the media would be present. But, according to the Mo Ting that Tangning knew, he would definitely get revenge before calling a truce.

So, she suddenly felt a sense of anticipation for tonight's meeting. But, as the thought of Mo Ting's second uncle came to her mind, she felt a little anxious.

That afternoon, Tangning was getting ready at home when Long Jie brought over some news to Hyatt Regency, "Tangning, I heard people from the gay social circles have been making phone calls to Hai Rui. This is all because of that jerk from Star King!"

"Since you know he is a jerk, then all we have to do is give him a slap in the face. There's no need to feel bothered by him." After speaking, Tangning tried on a simple Qipao.

As soon as Long Jie saw her, she froze in awe, "Tangning, I don't see you wear Qipaos's really beautiful on you."

Tangning was still a little anxious as she adjusted the Qipao on her body, "Do I look too proper?"

"Since you will be meeting an elder, your outfit is just right..." Long Jie nodded in approval. "I must say, my brain will always lose to yours. You always make the right choices. The older generation has always been strong on patriotism. With the sight of you, you don't know how nostalgic you will make them feel."

"Would it be too deliberate?"

"You weren't even this nervous when you appeared on the runway of a top brand," Long Jie glanced at her and comforted, "You honestly look perfect."

This time, even Mo Ting didn't expect Tangning to wear a Qipao. Even though he knew his wife was always switched on.


7pm. The sky was dark while snow drifted from the skies.

Inside the high-class venue, the Quan family and Mo Ting's second uncle had already arrived on time. As for Mo Ting, he was running about 10 minutes late.

Second Master Mo quickly explained, "Because of the snow outside, I heard there is quite a bit of traffic. That's why he is late."

Father Quan smiled casually, "That's a common issue. I don't mind waiting for a little."

On this occasion, Quan Ye did not bring his flirtatious model twins, he simply stood around looking impatient. He knew deep down that Mo Ting was deliberately late and wanted to make them wait.

Inside the banquet hall, apart from the two families, there was also a whole heap of reporters standing at the entrance. This entire banquet was just for show and Quan Ye felt he had merely spoken the 'truth'; Mo Ting was 32-years-old and had never been with a woman, who knew whether he was really interested in men?

Quarter past seven, Tangning wrapped herself in a black coat and arrived at the high-class venue with Lu Che.

Mo Ting had also just arrived. As soon as he saw his beloved wife, he grabbed her hand and hooked it on his arm, "Don't be nervous. In a moment, I'll do all I can to please you."

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