Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 272: If You Were Me, Would You Want You?

Chapter 272: If You Were Me, Would You Want You?

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The phone from Charlene that had been sent to get unlocked was finally returned to Editor Lin in the evening.

Editor Lin was spinning nervously in his office chair. In the end, he opened the phone gallery and looked at the photos inside.

Most of the photos were from the battle between Tangning and Zhen Manni on the night of the celebration dinner.

Editor Lin looked at the photos and noticed the comparison between Tangning and Zhen Manni. Inside, he was actually more convinced by Tangning. After all, it was rare to see a model that suited everything she wore.

But, he still disliked the fact that Tangning played around with men while acting innocent...

Thinking of this, Editor Lin continued to scroll down. To his pleasant surprise, he actually came across some relatively intimate photos of Tangning and Mo Ting. Especially those that showed Tangning clinging to Mo Ting's arm when she was drunk and Mo Ting carrying Tangning on his back at the celebration dinner.

"She sure has good methods," Editor Lin sneered.

Today was the day that news was spreading rapidly about Mo Ting being gay. If these photos were to be released today, the rumors would collapse on itself. After all, they appeared so intimate in the photos. If someone was to say that they weren't a couple, no one would believe it. But, for now, he wasn't going to reveal it.

Finally, he retrieved some evidence...

Tangning, the day of your destruction isn't far.


7pm, Caesar Hotel.

Huo Jingjing had agreed to a blind date. To show her determination to get rid of her past, she appeared at the hotel well-dressed. Her look did not disappoint in comparison to when she appeared at awards ceremonies.

After arriving at the VIP booth, Huo Jingjing saw the other party had already arrived. Huo Jingjing looked down at her watch; this French man was quite diligent with time.

Over the years that she spent in the industry, she had become well-versed in multiple languages. So, communication between the two wasn't a problem. Seeing the man was such a gentleman, Huo Jingjing couldn't bear to let him waste his time, so she straightforwardly explained her background and past to him.

The man listened intently. Every now and then he would react with a gasp, but never did he look down on her. Huo Jingjing finally felt relieved.

This French man was named Brott. He was the Asian regional President of a jewelry company. He was gentlemanly and successful, but was yet to get married.

Huo Jingjing was impressed with the man's performance and was pleased with his appearance.

The two continued to chat in the hotel for 3-4 hours before Brott escorted Huo Jingjing home like a gentleman.

Huo Jingjing felt they were quite comfortable together and immediately gave Tangning a phone call to report everything that happened on the date.

"He didn't care about my past at all and we had no problems communicating. I feel we were quite comfortable together. I was really happy with it."

"Only comfortable?" for some reason, Tangning felt there was something wrong with Huo Jingjing's reaction.


Two people couldn't spend a lifetime together based purely on comfort - because all love was built on mutual adoration. Could it be that Huo Jingjing hadn't met many men like this and was feeling a little inferior? In other words, did she think of herself as a pair of broken shoes? Did she have no courage to face her own people so she decided to marry a foreigner and migrate?

"We will get to know each other better in time," Huo Jingjing replied cheerily. "I have a feeling Brott will turn out to be an amazing man."

So, Fang Yu isn't? Tangning thought.

"Regardless of everything, I have already decided that we get along well enough. I will aim to get married mid-year next year and then have a child by the end of next year," Huo Jingjing already planned out her future. Did she really not consider Fang Yu at all?

"Fine then. Give it a try. If things don't work out, get out of there as soon as possible!"

"OK. By the way, what's up with Quan Ye? Is he defaming President Mo?"

"Did you think President Mo would just sit around and let him defame him?" Tangning replied nonchalantly. Only in front of Huo Jingjing could she act casually. "Don't worry about us, just worry about yourself. Don't make a stupid mistake again."

Huo Jingjing nodded her head seriously. But after she hung up the phone, she leaned against the wall and slowly lowered her body.

She couldn't figure out why she still felt lonely.

In order to welcome her rebirth, Huo Jingjing requested to jump back into work. So, the next day, she returned to the agency with her manager and met with Fang Yu; picking up the work she had left off.

At this time, Brott specifically rang her and invited her to lunch. As Huo Jingjing felt the timing was right, she instructed him to wait for her in the parking lot.

When facing Fang Yu, Huo Jingjing acted like usual; there was only business between them, so they quickly came to an agreement. After they were done, Fang Yu stood up from his seat, ready to leave, "Where are you going? Let me drive you."

"No need, someone is coming to pick me up," Huo Jingjing replied politely.

The two headed for the underground parking lot together and got out on the same level. As Fang Yu went to open his car door, he spotted Huo Jingjing boarding the car of a foreigner.

Fang Yu froze before realizing who the man was.


Without a second thought, Fang Yu rushed over to the car and pulled Huo Jingjing out.

"Fang Yu? What are you doing?"

Fang Yu dragged her to his car and forced her aboard, ignoring Brott's yelling as he left with Huo Jingjing.

"Give me an explanation," Huo Jingjing slightly turned her body and spoke with a cold tone.

Fang Yu had a dark expression. After driving the car to a quiet spot, he calmed himself down and finally asked, "How do you know Brott?"

Huo Jingjing was also surprised that Fang Yu knew Brott. Her curiosity suddenly overtook her anger as she replied, "An old classmate introduced us..."

"Do you have a brain? Your friend deliberately tricked you. Huo Jingjing, you aren't a child anymore, can you be a bit more cluey? Do you know how famous Brott is in the Gay social circles?" Fang Yu asked in disappointment. Huo Jingjing was speechless.

"When can you start having a better eye for men?"

"At least I'm not like you. I don't go around helping one person and supporting another," Huo Jingjing was so angered she subconsciously blurted her innermost thoughts.

Fang Yu froze...

Huo Jingjing realized she had said something she shouldn't. She quickly shut her mouth and looked out the window.

In the end, Fang Yu gave up first and restarted the car, "Let me take you home."

"I just want to find someone that doesn't look down on me..." Huo Jingjing's eyes began to redden. "So what if I'm an international supermodel? In other people's eyes, I am merely a pair of worn out broken shoes."

"The human body isn't as important as you think, just because you think of yourself as a pair of broken shoes, doesn't mean everyone else does."

"Then if you were me, would you want you?" Huo Jingjing turned around and asked emotionally. After asking, she felt she had been too impulsive.

Sometimes, when faced with love, she would lose all common sense. No matter how many times she got taught a lesson, she would not learn from her mistakes.

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