Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 268: I Sweetly Accept my Fate

Chapter 268: I Sweetly Accept my Fate

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Hai Rui's staff definitely had some. But, there was no way they'd share it to the outside world. Since, she was still technically employed at Hai Rui, getting her hands on a photo wasn't a difficult task. But, what about compensation for breaching her contract?

The compensation would be close to one hundred million! Charlene didn't dare to take the risk.

"As long as you can get a photo for me, you can ask for anything," Editor Lin boasted.

"But, the fate of exposing one of Hai Rui's secrets is not a pleasant sight."

"That's an easy issue to deal with. If one of Hai Rui's staff drops their phone...and someone happens to pick it up, who's to blame? Even if Mo Ting is to seek responsibility, he would target the person that dropped their phone and not you."

Charlene contemplated for a moment and felt what he said was quite reasonable, "What do I get out of it?"

"Shares to Hua Rong Studio. Once Tangning's scandal is exposed, Hua Rong will become famous. Did you think there would be a lack of people willing to throw money at you?" Editor Lin smiled frivolously at Charlene.

Charlene thought for a moment. Just the thought of Hai Rui's artists and even Tangning groveling at her feet made her exceptionally happy. This cheered her up more than making money. So, in the end, Charlene nodded her head and signed a contract. Her task now was to head back to Hai Rui and obtain evidence of intimacy between Tangning and other artists. She could only hope everything ran smoothly, otherwise, if she got caught by Mo Ting...

...she would die without a trace!


After the celebration dinner, Mo Ting and Tangning returned home reeking of alcohol.

From the moment they entered their home, Tangning grabbed onto Mo Ting as they spun around dizzily. In the end, the couple fell onto the sofa. Tangning lay on top of Mo Ting's body and rubbed her nose against his neck, "Ting...I'm really happy."

"I can tell," Mo Ting allowed her to continue rubbing her nose against him. It was rare for him to see Tangning this relaxed and to see her smile from her heart - especially in front of so many strangers.

If she could remain this happy, he was willing to do anything.

"What else can you do? Can you dance? Can you?"

Mo Ting was wrapped so tightly in this woman's embrace but she had no sense at all. So, Mo Ting helped her up and led her into a dance on the slippery tiled floor. Of course, when leading a drunkard, he could only do the most simple dance.

Tangning leaned on Mo Ting's body as she moved along with his movement. Neither of them spoke, but Tangning felt the atmosphere at the moment was beautiful. They didn't need to say anything nor do anything, all she needed to do was follow his movement until the end of time...

After what felt like half a day, Tangning mumbled, "Have you thought about what to do if the people at Hai Rui don't accept our relationship? Ting...did you know, tonight my heart was really unsettled?"

"I was really worried that there'd be a second or third Zhen Manni here to seek trouble. If that was to happen, I will blame myself and be really upset."

"But, you were so confident when you were up against Zhen Manni."

"How could I let others bully you?" Tangning replied naturally. "Even I can't bear to complain about you, so others definitely don't have the right. How could I not be angry?"

Mo Ting hugged her and suddenly revealed a happy smile.

Although he had experienced being doted on like this is in the past, being protected by Tangning again made him feel exceptionally sweet. His heart had never been filled with so much sweetness.

"From now on, if we come across a situation like this again, I will still give my all."

Mo Ting suddenly froze in place, wrapped his arms around her and pressed her against the sofa, "I don't need you to give your all, I just need you to give yourself to me."

Under the dim and warm lighting, Tangning still clearly saw Mo Ting's handsome face. Perhaps, it was because she had already memorized his features.

So, she lifted her head and nibbled on Mo Ting's lower lip...she then intertwined her alcohol-infused tongue with his...

She defeated him with one kiss. Tangning hooked Mo Ting's neck and said in a tipsy tone, "What should I do? I feel like I'm falling more in love with you."

"You've only realized now?"

"I sweetly accept my fate." After speaking, Tangning flipped over and pressed Mo Ting under her body, "Let me take the initiative for once."


The morning after Hai Rui's celebration dinner, rumors started spreading about Hai Rui banning Zhen Manni. At this time, Hai Rui's PR department did not deny anything, hinting that the rumors weren't merely rumors and was the truth.

As for who started the rumors, everyone within the industry was well aware. Apart from Hai Rui themselves, no one would dare do such a thing.

It was actually understandable. Hai Rui had always been extremely united, so the fact that Zhen Manni was brave enough to provoke Mo Ting's authority meant she was going to leave the agency sooner or later. Hence, it was better for them to swiftly get rid of her.

When it came to things like this, Hai Rui had always been swift like lightning.

This was because they wanted to send everyone a message: anyone brave enough to ruin the unity in Hai Rui would end up like Zhen Manni. By making Zhen Manni the first artist to be directly banned by Hai Rui, they wanted to create a shocking impact.

No matter who you are, if you dare to cross Hai Rui's bottom line, you will be thrown into a place beyond redemption.

Zhen Manni sat in the hospital room as she read the news on her phone. Crystal-like teardrops rolled down her pale and wounded face. Who would have thought, overnight, Hai Rui would be able to completely destroy her. Yet, she once ridiculously thought her status was enough to threaten Mo Ting...

Threaten Mo Ting...

This was the biggest joke in the world.

Zhen Manni sat in the hospital bed as she laughed and cried. In the end, she smashed the phone and electronic equipment around her. If she was to find out that her home had been emptied out by Charlene, what other extreme reaction would she have?

At this time, the most surprising thing was, the first person to visit her turned out to be Fang Yu.

Of course, Fang Yu did not come empty-handed. He came with a compromise, "Although Hai Rui has never owed you anything, you have indeed been in the agency for many years. The President has decided to let you keep CICI; that is already his biggest compromise."

"Is this out of pity?" Zhen Manni asked Fang Yu angrily.

"What do you think?" Fang Yu replied. "You don't need to think of how pitiful you are, nor should you hate Tangning. Because, sooner or later, someone was bound to replace you in Hai Rui. Even if this person wasn't Tangning, it would have been someone else. The worst move you made was to beat Huo Jingjing."

Zhen Manni was suddenly speechless. She turned her head to look out the window and after quite some time, she finally responded, "Huo Jingjing isn't as pitiful as I am."

"That's because Huo Jingjing has a clear conscience." After speaking, Fang Yu gave CICI's information to Zhen Manni, "Don't ever appear in the modeling industry and definitely don't appear in front of the President again."

"This is the President's ultimate warning for you."

"What else can I do?" Zhen Manni laughed at herself as she held onto the information. "Even though I've lost to Tangning, it doesn't mean Tangning will be better off!"

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