Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 267: I Won't do Anything to You!

Chapter 267: I Won't do Anything to You!

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Inside the quiet and luxurious hotel, Long Jie and Lu Che were enjoying a dinner together.

Lu Che kept his promise. Since he agreed they wouldn't meet his parents, he did not make things difficult for Long Jie. Long Jie thought about Lu Che's suggestion to go to his home after, she couldn't help but feel nervous; her palms began to get sweaty.

She had not prepared herself for taking their relationship to the next level...

In order to hide her flustered heart, Long Jie browsed the news on her phone while eating the steak Lu Che had thoughtfully cut for her.

Every time she saw an impressive photo of Tangning, she would cheer; and every time she saw an embarrassing photo of Zhen Manni, she would complain.

In the end, after the celebration dinner finished, she came across news of Charlene being seriously beaten with a photo as proof.

Long Jie lifted her head and looked at Lu Che before showing the phone to him, "Was this Boss' doing?"

Lu Che glanced down slightly and replied in a confused tone, "It seems you have faster information sources than I do."

Long Jie was surprised by his reaction so she swapped Lu Che's plate with her plate of completely cut up steak, "I am just being nosy. There is no need for you to know because everything is under control..."

Long Jie did not hide the adoration she had towards Lu Che's professionalism.

But, the fact that Long Jie managed to beat all the paparazzi and big media companies and find this information online first, wasn't easy to achieve.

"Is this Charlene brainless? Does she think people will care if she complains and whines online like this?"

"First there was the humiliation from Zhen Manni and then there was Hai Rui's revenge. Now, Star King has even cut communication with her. Apart from going online, what else can she do?" Lu Che looked seriously at Long Jie as he put down his knife and fork. "Do you want to spend our entire dinner talking about work?"

Long Jie was stunned as she felt herself get flustered again. She replied in a tiny voice, "It's all because you scared me."

"Me?" Lu Che didn't understand.

"You said to go to your place after dinner..."

As soon as Lu Che heard her response he let out a laugh, "I remember someone once said they are against pre-marital sex. Can't your brain think about other things?"

Long Jie let out a sigh and complained, "When you say stuff like 'come to my place after dinner', any girl would misunderstand."

"I won't do anything to you!"

Long Jie threatened Lu Che with a fork, "You wouldn't dare."

Lu Che laughed helplessly as he gestured for her to quickly finish her food. With Lu Che's guarantee, Long Jie finally relaxed and placed everything she didn't like to eat onto Lu Che's plate.

Of course, as a boyfriend, Lu Che's mission was to demolish everything his girlfriend didn't like to eat.

After an enjoyable dinner, Lu Che indeed brought Long Jie back to his apartment. The two people walked in through the front door one after another. As promised, Lu Che did not take things too far with Long Jie. But, he did end up pressing her against the sofa and kissed her passionately.

At first, Long Jie tried to break loose. She felt Lu Che wasn't keeping his promise. But, as she felt her heart race, she asked herself: Don't you also desire this man's kiss?

So, she relaxed...

The couple kissed like there was no tomorrow. But, that's as far as they got before Lu Che let go of Long Jie. He then returned to his room to solve a manly problem.

Long Jie leaned against the door and laughed as she covered her beating heart.


Inside the dark and dreary apartment room, it was so quiet that not a sound could be heard.

After being beaten and abandoned by her boyfriend, Charlene hid in Zhen Manni's room, unwilling to come out. Exposing everything online was the only thing she could do. But, in reality, she had only received slight external injuries.

She had originally went to look for her boyfriend, intending to exchange secrets about Hai Rui for a position in Star King. However, when she returned to her boyfriend's home, she found him having an orgy with multiple models.

Charlene ran out distraught and broken-hearted but discovered she had nowhere to go; all she had was Zhen Manni's apartment key. So, she headed over to Zhen Manni's apartment. But, what about the future? What was she to do from now on?

Charlene stood up and looked around Zhen Manni's room before making a dangerous decision. She opened her pocket and took all of Zhen Manni's jewelry. After all these years, even if she didn't achieve much, she should be at least rewarded for her hard work, right?

Taking this wasn't much!

Especially when she thought about all the hitting and punching Zhen Manni had given her, Charlene practically flipped the house upside down and took everything she could find. However, as she left the apartment, she received a phone call from an unfamiliar number.

"Is this Miss Charlene? How are you? I am a reporter from Hua Rong Studio, my surname is Lin. I am calling you regarding the pitiful post you placed online today. Since you have got to this point, there is no longer any reason for you to stay in Hai Rui. How about you come join us at Hua Rong?"

"I'm not interested..." After replying, Charlene intended on hanging up the phone, however, the man's next sentence completely caught her attention.

"We are currently stalking Tangning. If you can provide us with some clues, we can negotiate a price."


Thinking of this name that made her grind her teeth, Charlene ended up pulling her car to one side and giving her demands, "I need a place to stay."

"No problem," the man quickly replied.

"Give me an address, I'll go there right now."

Hua Rong had been endlessly collecting information about Tangning having relationships with men; they thought she had been with multiple men. However, as they watched Tangning advance smoothly, eventually becoming a signed model of Hai Rui's, the people at Hua Rong didn't feel it was fair. Not only did they want to expose Tangning, they were obsessed with unveiling Tangning's 'mask'.

2am. Charlene stopped her car outside the building where Hua Rong was located. At first, she was a little afraid. But, she realized she had already lost everything; what was there left for people to trick and gain from her?

Gathering her courage, Charlene entered the building and successfully met with Editor Lin.

In order to show his sincerity, Editor Lin presented the information he had already gathered and explained, "The first time I discovered something was wrong with Tangning was in the US. Afterwards, I tailed her to a few other places before capturing a photo of her kissing a man."

"Right now, she has rumors with the CEO of Hai Rui. This woman consistently claims she has no boyfriend, but she is full of lies. She practically meets up with a different man in every country."

Charlene looked at the blurry picture. There was no way she could tell who the man in the photo was, let alone make out that it was Mo Ting.

"What do you want me to do?" Charlene asked. Deep down, she felt her and Editor Lin shared the same enemy.

"Do you have information about Tangning and the CEO of Hai Rui? Anything at all; photos?" Editor Lin asked. "All we are missing is solid evidence. I'm sure Tangning will end up looking for another man. As long as we capture a photo, I can completely destroy her."

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