Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 266: Is President Mo Going to Sing?

Chapter 266: Is President Mo Going to Sing?

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Under the bright lighting, Tangning turned her head and glanced at Mo Ting. This almighty king of the entertainment industry, her man, was currently scanning her up and down with a look of admiration.

Tangning looked at him curiously. Just as she was about to question him, Mo Ting spoke up first, "I have good news related to you..."

"Huh?" Tangning looked at him questioningly as she bit her bottom lip.

"The world-class designer Claude N. has sent Hai Rui an invite. They want you to attend the launch event for their new product," Mo Ting explained, "You should be aware that not many people have the ability to attract the attention of world-class designers. Within Asia, you are now one of them..."


Tangning was shocked, "How is this possible?"

"A while ago, I sent your information to the US to go in the running for 'The Most Beautiful Legs in the World' and Claude N. was fascinated by you," Mo Ting grabbed two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter and passed one to Tangning, "It's a shame we just missed out on the Victoria's Secret event."

"We still have next year..." Tangning comforted. "No matter what changes happen in the future, who's to say I won't appear on the Victoria's Secret runway next year?"

Mo Ting reached out his hand and stroked Tangning's hair as he said in a gentle voice, "You've only taken 4 months to achieve all this, you're already amazing."

"When will we be heading for the event?"

"The 18th. I'll go with you. I'll help you battle the world."

The edge of Tangning's eyes suddenly reddened as she held onto the champagne with one hand and grabbed Mo Ting's hand with the other. While no one noticed, she intertwined her fingers with his.

"Hey, Junior Sister, the song you sang with Huo Jingjing at the awards ceremony was really nice. Could you sing it again?" everyone started to get hyped up as they requested Tangning to perform.

However...she wasn't a singer...With so many famous singers on the scene, Tangning didn't want to embarrass herself.

"I only sang it for fun," Tangning replied.

"It doesn't matter. Feng Ge isn't an actor either, but he often guest stars on shows, haha!"

"Yes that's right Junior Sister, hurry, go on..."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting helplessly as she pinched his hand gesturing for him to help her. However, Mo Ting tossed away her hand and said, "Go ahead."

Tangning lifted her head and looked around. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. She grabbed Mo Ting's hand again and dragged him towards the stage.

"Wow...Is President Mo going to sing?"

"I wonder how President sounds like when he sings."

"He's not tone deaf right?"

"Would someone as capable as President Mo be tone deaf? Would you believe it if I told you President Mo could outdo all the best actors if he decided to act?"

Mo Ting was dragged onto the stage by Tangning while the crowd quickly gathered around.

Tangning held onto a microphone and handed Mo Ting the other one as she looked at him seriously, trying to determine whether he was willing to sing with her, "If you really don't want to, then forget about it...It's just, after being married for so long, apart from understanding your habits, I don't know what other hobbies you have and what else you are capable of..."

Mo Ting lifted his eyebrows, "What I am and aren't capable of, isn't there plenty of information about it?"

"You know as well as I do how truthful the information in the outside world is."

"Do you really want to sing with me?"

Tangning nodded her head, satisfying his pride.

Mo Ting did not say anything. He simply grabbed the microphone from Tangning's hand and placed it to one side. He then looked over at the violinist, "Pass me the violin."

The man quickly handed over his violin. Mo Ting held the violin in his hands and looked at Tangning, "There are too many people, I don't want to sing. However...I can provide music for you."

"You can't sing?"

"I don't sing in front of just anyone. When we get home...I'll sing to you all you like," Mo Ting chuckled before reminding here, "Let's get started."

The violin was one of Mo Ting's many skills, so those present weren't that surprised. However, none of them had ever heard him perform.

As for Mo Ting's other skills, not many people were truly sure.

Everyone watched as Mo Ting placed the violin on his shoulder. A moment later, the prelude to the song 'Lost' resonated across everyone's ears. Tangning lifted the microphone to her mouth and began to sing. Although, her singing wasn't at a professional level, she at least remembered all the lyrics and notes and her voice was pleasant to the ear...

Not long after, they reached the interlude. The melodious sound of the violin intertwined itself into the song, surprising most of the singers present.

The part that Mo Ting played was the most passionate part of the song.

Tangning was also mesmerized. She was used to seeing the suited up Mo Ting who ruled the business world. So, it was rare to see this side of him.

The Mo Ting that played the violin...

Tangning remained in a daze. She even forgot that the song was only halfway through. Mo Ting quickly glanced at her as a reminder, but Tangning had already put down her microphone. She simply wanted to listen to Mo Ting play the rest of the song.

Mo Ting looked deep in her eyes and decided to let her have her way as he concentrated on playing the rest of the song. After he finished, he returned the violin to the violinist.

Everyone was satisfied. Out of all the celebration dinners Hai Rui had hosted over the years, this was the first time Mo Ting had completely let go. Not only did he laugh and chat with everyone, he even performed on stage.

However, was Mo Ting really that nice? He acted this way simply because he wanted Tangning to be taken care of and he wanted her to have more friends; he wanted her to suffer less.

With a blink of an eye, the celebration dinner neared its end. Mo Ting wanted to leave with Tangning, but because Tangning didn't have much on and had been wearing high heels for too long, her legs were beginning to show discomfort.

Mo Ting glanced at her quickly and suddenly knelt down in front of her as they were leaving, "Hop on, I'll carry you..."

"There are people outside!" Tangning reminded him to quickly get up.

"Are you going to get on, or do you want me to force you?"

In order not to discuss this matter in front of everyone, Tangning ended up climbing onto Mo Ting's back, "Everyone in the agency knows now!"

"The people outside of the agency don't know," Mo Ting replied. "As long as I don't allow them to spread rumors, no one will dare speak of it. Only when I hint for them to spread something, will the public hear about it. For example..."

For example, Tangning and Zhen Manni's comparison photo...

At present, Tangning was still unaware of the photo. Neither was she aware that, as soon as Zhen Manni returned to her apartment she was severely beaten.

Mo Ting had said he was going to give her an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth...

...and Fang Yu's arrangement was on point. Even if Zhen Manni was to go to hospital, she would have no idea who hit her.

Charlene also did not avoid the beating. A person like her was going to get beaten sooner or later. However, Charlene knew this was Hai Rui's doing and couldn't just sit and endure it. She intended on taking Hai Rui's secret with her to Star King, so she could live happily ever after with her boyfriend.

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