Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 133: Husband and Wife

Chapter 133: Husband and Wife



That evening. Rush hour. Her Vision’s staff gradually emptied out onto the streets. At this time, an unexpected figure appeared at the building. He was directly escorted into the editor’s office by her secretary; no appointment necessary.

"I didn’t expect Assistant Lu to make an appearance here, sorry for not coming down to greet you…" Editor Lin stood up and smiled politely as she stuck out her hand. She was ecstatic to see Lu Che; could it be possible that Hai Rui wanted to collaborate?

Lu Che was used to being treated this way. He slightly squinted his charming eyes and got straight to the point, "President Mo wants to know…who will appear on the front cover of your November issue?"

Editor Lin was surprised as her smile stiffened. The person sitting opposite her was Lu Che, every word he said could well be a direct representation of Mo Ting. If she managed to collaborate with them, her sales would skyrocket!

However, she had been friends with Yang Jing for many years…

…and they had already signed a contract.

"Regarding this…"

"Is it Cheng Tian entertainment’s model, Mu Xia?" Lu Che asked directly.

The editor stared at Lu Che in shock. She didn’t understand how he found out about something that was meant to be confidential.

"I’m also aware that Tangning, who’s been very popular recently, came for an audition as well. How come you didn’t consider her?"

After hearing Lu Che’s questions, Editor Lin couldn’t figure out his intention. However…she assumed he was here on behalf of Hai Rui, so she answered honestly, "If we were to compare ability and popularity, Tangning is definitely miles ahead of Mu Xia. But, as you are aware, this industry is all about connections. Tangning is popular, but she has no backing and no connections. On the other hand, Yang Jing is different, she can bring a lot of benefits for Her Vision."

"Who said Tangning has no backing?" after hearing Editor Lin mention connections, Lu Che responded with a heavy tone.

"What are you suggesting, Assistant Lu?"

"Use Tangning as November’s front cover model," Lu Che replied straightforwardly. "Don’t think that because Tangning keeps a low profile that she has no backing. If you weren’t bullying Tangning, President Mo may have been in a good enough mood to help you pay your compensation for canceling your contract with Yang Jing. But…since you want to act ignorant…"

"Our President Mo will only give you two choices. Number one: Continue to use Yang Jing’s model and wait for your company to close down; Number two: Switch to Tangning. We will guarantee that your November issue will break all previous sales records. Your choice."

Editor Lin was dumbfounded; her eyes opened wide. She suddenly understood Lu Che’s intention: He wasn’t here because of Hai Rui, he was here because of Tangning.

And worst of all, she was left with no choice. As the king of the entertainment industry, for Mo Ting, closing down a magazine could be done without lifting a finger…

However, what she didn’t understand was, why was Mo Ting sticking up for Tangning?

Editor Lin stared at Lu Che for quite some time. After determining that he wasn’t joking, she nodded in dismay, "I understand."

She never imagined, Tangning…who appeared to be disconnected from the world, actually had…

…Hai Rui protecting her!

"I hope you can keep my visit a secret; don’t tell anyone about it, including Tangning. Or else, I think you can imagine the consequences. As for everything I’ve said today, it is a direct representation of President Mo. You don’t need to question it!"

After speaking, Lu Che stood up and prepared to leave. However, Editor Lin couldn’t help but ask in a quivering voice, "Although it might be a bit rude, but may I ask…what the relationship between President Mo and Tangning is?"

Lu Che turned around. He was a bit hesitant at first, but he decided to answer truthfully, "Husband and wife."

Husband and wife.

Husband and wife…?!

Editor Lin was so shocked, her eyes opened wide and she almost lost her footing. Never in a million years would she have imagined, Tangning was the wife of Hai Rui’s CEO.

The first lady of the entertainment industry!

If it hadn’t come from Lu Che, there would have been no way she’d connect Tangning with Mo Ting. To the public, Tangning, at most, would be considered as a talented and professional A-Grade model. Who would have thought, she actually had such a surprising background?

And here Yang Jing was, trying to fight against Tangning…

Dear god, she almost got Her Vision in trouble and almost offended Hai Rui Entertainment!

Seeing Editor Lin’s face switch between white and red, Lu Che could tell that she had suffered quite a blow. So, before he left, he gave her one last warning, "If Yang Jing hadn’t gone overboard, I don’t think President Mo would have stepped in. After all…the madam has always insisted on keeping a low profile…"

"So, Editor Lin, you better watch your mouth…President Mo and Tangning’s marriage is a secret!"

"Please let President Mo know that I won’t speak recklessly," Editor Lin wasn’t stupid.

Lu Che smiled and neatened his hair before leaving Her Vision’s building. After stepping out the front door, he immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call, "President, I’ve handled the matter!"

"From now on, if I order you to do something about Tangning – even if it causes trouble for Hai Rui – I don’t want you to worry about it. Take care of her first, OK?"

"Understood!" Lu Che replied in a serious tone.

After giving his instructions, Mo Ting put away his phone with a cold gaze.

Didn’t Yang Jing like to fight for things? Then let’s let her fight as much as she wants!

After being taught such a serious lesson, Editor Lin immediately responded. She promptly retrieved Tangning’s portfolio and threw away Mu Xia’s. Apart from this, she also made a phone call to An Zihao, telling him that she’d agree to having Tangning on the front cover of their November issue. She also suggested they make necessary preparations as the shoot would take place in Moscow.

Originally, An Zihao wasn't 100% confident that he'd secure the job; Yang Jing had his work notes in her hands and her methods had always been quite sinister. After several years away from the industry, he almost underestimated her.

Most importantly, when leaving Her Vision in the afternoon, he definitely saw the look in Editor Lin’s eyes. He was sure she favored Yang Jing. But, why did she suddenly change her mind?

An Zihao had no time to consider the possibilities; he had to focus on preparing a contract. However, just as he was about to leave the office, he found Yang Jing leaning against his doorway. She looked at him mockingly, "Not done with work yet? I heard you also saw Editor Lin today regarding Her Vision’s front cover."

"You should have told me earlier, I wouldn’t have fought with you for it."

An Zihao lifted his head to look at Yang Jing. Not only was she evil on the inside, on the outside she was beginning to look more and more ugly.

"Oh, I just remembered, President Lan wants to hold a grand press conference for you to announce your return. However, even if you secure Her Vision’s front cover, you don’t have a good enough model to take on this magazine!"

"Yang Jing, it’s not important who wins and who loses today. The most important thing is who advances further in the future," An Zihao responded after finding the information he was looking for.

"Do you still think you have a chance of winning? I’ve already signed the contract…"

"Really?" An Zihao sneered as he brushed past Yang Jing. "I bet you’ll receive a phone call today…to cancel your contract."

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