Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 265: Junior Sister Got Told!

Chapter 265: Junior Sister Got Told!

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Where did things go wrong? Zhen Manni asked herself...

She had been on runways both big and small and had experienced a variety of battles. So, why did she feel self-conscious when it came to Tangning?

Zhen Manni analyzed Tangning from head to toe and realized she had never seen legs as perfect as hers. Those that exercised often would know that those with perfect legs would naturally have a good looking bottom as well.

So, the two things Zhen Manni was most proud of, Tangning also had. Whereas, the thing that Tangning had, she would never be able to possess in an entire lifetime.

Under the luxurious lighting, everyone's focus was on Tangning. At this time, Zhen Manni couldn't get herself to accept the outcome, so she directly fell onto the floor. However, no one stretched out their hand to help her up.

"What was the point? She brought upon her own disgrace!"

"Zhen Manni is such a proud person. She always thought Tangning would lose to her. The fact that she ended up this way is not unusual at all."

"Reality has proven that Tangning is more suited to the runway than Zhen Manni. I have yet to see a piece of clothing that Tangning doesn't suit - this is what you call a born coathanger figure 1 ."

At this moment, Zhen Manni no longer heard anything. If she didn't hear the comparision, she wouldn't feel hurt.

On the international runway, she was indeed dazzling. But...this was because she wore clothes specifically chosen for her by the designer. In reality, there were a lot of styles she could not pull off. On the other hand...Tangning was extremely versatile. She was connected by mind and heart to her clothes and could quickly highlight its features.

Most importantly, Tangning was proud and demanded attention just like Zhen Manni...

However, she kept a low profile!

Some people even snapped photos of the two women on their phones; one appeared cheap and disgusting, while the other was shockingly beautiful.

As soon as he heard Tangning's question, Mo Ting responded, "I am a bit regretful that I bought this gown for you. Right now, all I want to do is remove my jacket and wrap you up in it."

Tangning's face involuntarily turned red...

Afterwards, Mo Ting let go of Tangning and ordered the security, "Please escort Miss Zhen out of the building."

"No need, I can show myself out," Zhen Manni stood up from the floor in embarrassment. With her last bit of stubbornness, she made her way out of the hall, "I will remember the humiliation I suffered today."

"Zhen Manni is a sore loser..."

"It must be because she never imagined she'd be overshadowed by someone, so she suffered quite a blow..."

After Zhen Manni left, everyone felt they no longer needed to suppress the atmosphere. Some even approached Tangning to flirt with her. But, just as Tangning was to respond to them, Mo Ting removed his jacket and wrapped Tangning up in it.

As soon as everyone saw the scene in front of them...

They wondered if it was possible...

...that the infamous CEO of Hai Rui was feeling a little jealous because Tangning's gown was too revealing.

If he couldn't handle even this, then...

What would he do if Tangning was to take on an underwear show?

"Hey," Tangning turned around and protested, "Don't cheat."

Mo Ting stood by her side and simply replied, "Since you've returned to being the model, Tangning, then I am naturally your manager again. Whatever your manager instructs you to do, you must obey."

The artists around them laughed. It seemed, this gown was the most regretful piece of clothing Mo Ting had ever bought.

The celebration dinner continued, but Mo Ting put down his wine glass and said to Tangning, "Come to the waiting room!" After giving his order, he turned to the people around him and told them he was popping out to take a phone call.

Not long after, Tangning used the bathroom as an excuse to head straight to the waiting room. However, just as she opened the door, a strong force pushed her against the wall. She then felt Mo Ting's passionate kiss press against her lips. It was not until they were both out of breath that Mo Ting stopped and looked down at her...

"If it wasn't because I wanted Zhen Manni to see how good your body is, I would never buy you a gown like this."

Tangning giggled, "Are you jealous?"

Mo Ting once again pressed Tangning against the wall and whispered in her ear, "I'm not jealous...the problem is, you are too seductive. I'm afraid something might happen."

With the current atmosphere and the ambiguity of the situation, it wasn't hard for Tangning to figure out what Mo Ting meant...

"Then, should I get changed?"

Mo Ting wanted to continue but Tangning placed her hands on top of her chest and said, "Ting...there are a lot of people around."

In the end, Mo Ting simply nibbled Tangning's ear for a little while before letting go, "Hurry and come back out." After speaking, Mo Ting let go of Tangning and left the waiting room. At this time, everyone at Hai Rui were talking about some photos that had been placed online.

They were comparison photos of Tangning and Zhen Manni from not too long ago...

Inside the same photo, Zhen Manni undoubtedly became a part of the background for Tangning.

"Why is Zhen Manni so pitiful?" Netizens began to express their opinions.

"Here I was being so trusting of her and having so much faith in her dominating presence on the stage."

"Dominance means nothing when she appears different online and offline. No wonder she lost to Tangning."

"I finally know why Tangning won. It's because she is capable of wearing any clothes - she is indeed amazing."

"Most importantly, I noticed these photos were released with bad intentions. The photos specifically targeted both their chests."

"I'm sorry, but I must say Tangning is the winner. It has nothing to do with her clothes."

On the way home, Zhen Manni lay in the back seat and burst out crying. Meanwhile...sitting in the driver's seat, Charlene found herself unusually pleased with the result. Who would have expected Tangning to have the ability to damage this woman so much.

"I want to kill Tangning! I want this woman to be destroyed!" Zhen Manni screamed as she cried.

Do you still have the chance? Zhen Manni sneered at the thought.

In the past, she had multiple people following her around ready to answer to her bidding. However, Mo Ting had now dismissed her team. Did she still think of herself as Hai Rui's treasure?

There was still more suffering heading her way.


In order not to make Mo Ting jealous, Tangning changed into a long white dress before leaving the waiting room, escorted by Fang Yu.

As soon as everyone saw her, they couldn't help but tease, "Junior Sister got told!"

"Junior Sister, did President Mo disapprove of you wearing the starry night ball gown? What a shame, it's so expensive..."

"Junior Sister, just a moment ago, President stepped out for a bit and so did you. Did you guys..."

Seeing everyone teasing her, Mo Ting squeezed through the crowd and pulled her over to his side to protect her.

Of course, when faced with Mo Ting, who still dared to joke around?

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