Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 261: So...Who Was Considered the Winner?

Chapter 261: So...Who Was Considered the Winner?

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Hai Rui's celebration dinner was extravagant and studded with stars.

Under the luxurious chandelier, artists were chatting and holding wine glasses as the hall resounded with elegant music. The waiters and waitresses weaved their way around the guests as they balanced their serving trays; every now and then, they would witness famous female and male celebrities exchange glances and gossip about different agencies.

This was because Hai Rui's CEO, Mo Ting, had not yet arrived.

Although Hai Rui was usually united, they couldn't help discussing the incident concerning Zhen Manni. After all, their conversations wouldn't be an issue as long as it never left the agency.

"Tonight, even the winners of the best actor and best actress can't steal the limelight from Zhen Manni and Tangning."

"Hey, whose side are you on?"

"Between the two, I 'd pick Tangning," - two female artists gossiped - "Because it's obvious that Zhen Manni's heart no longer belongs to Hai Rui. Since her heart isn't with us, then we are no longer friends. No matter what happens, I am determined to be on Tangning's side."

"On another note, have you noticed that Huo Jingjing won't be attending tonight?"

The woman that was being spoken to, looked around and nodded her head, "I just noticed. Why isn't she here?"

"Zhen Manni ordered some people to beat her up. From what I've heard, her injuries are so bad that she can't even get out of bed."

"That's awful."


Meanwhile, some male artists were also deep in conversation, "I have a question I want to ask, would you guys choose the one with a curvy body or long legs? One of them is sexy, while the other is cool and quiet; they both seem pretty good."

"Do you think long legs is still an option?"

"From a man's point of view, I reckon President Mo will definitely stand on Zhen Manni's side. After all, he needs to protect the internal stability of the agency."

"I think otherwise. I don't think President Mo is the type to be threatened by others."

Everyone shared their opinions, it seemed they each had their own views regarding the matter. Of course, their conversations simply circled around who Mo Ting would choose and didn't include any form of judgment or insult. No one from Hai Rui ever went against someone else from the same agency; Zhen Manni was the only one to do such a thing.

"Quick look, I think Zhen Manni's arrived."

Someone warned of Zhen Manni's arrival in a hushed whisper before she appeared in their line of sight. She was wearing a long black deep-v dress which wrapped tightly around her gorgeous figure. She strutted into the hall like a model with her stiletto heels as the train of her dress dragged across the floor behind her.

At a glance, Zhen Manni's figure was indeed superb. She was well aware of her standout features and knew how to use it to her advantage by wearing clothes that highlighted her curves.

On the scene, there were quite a few male celebrities that reacted to the sight of Zhen Manni. A few of them quickly drank the icy cold wine in their hands in an attempt to suppress the fire burning up inside them.

Zhen Manni was pleased with their reactions because, in her own eyes, she ruled the runway and everyone was expected to be captivated by her.

From the look in the men's eyes, she could tell she had successfully achieved this; she felt confident and attractive.

However, as she scanned her eyes across the hall, she realized Tangning was nowhere to be seen. Was she too afraid to appear in front of her and battle it out on the same stage?

Zhen Manni's beauty was publicly known. With the strengths that she possessed and her slightly wild personality, many people found her beautiful but impossible to approach.

She had a strong presence like a queen and had enjoyed many years of attention on the runway. Even when she compared herself to the top entertainers, she did not think of herself as on a different level. As a result, she always looked dazzling and held her head high in confidence.

"Hey, Zhen Manni's arrived. I'm so jealous of her breasts and bottom. No wonder people say comparing oneself to another is unhealthy."

"With the way Zhen Manni looks today, no matter what Tangning dresses in, she won't be able to compare."

"We can't be too certain. After all, the CEO is her manager..."

"You're still questioning the outcome? If the President appears tonight as the CEO of Hai Rui, then Tangning doesn't stand a chance. It would be obvious that he is on Zhen Manni's side!"

The artists present gathered into groups and discussed the heated topic. Especially with the appearance of Zhen Manni, they felt themselves sweating from anxiety as they couldn't decide whether they wanted Tangning to appear or not.

"Is she going to appear?"

"How would I know..."

The celebration dinner continued to proceed and guest performers appeared one after another; some sang hit songs and some performed popular street dances. There were even 'fresh meat' actors that simply stood on the stage; it seemed allowing their seniors to lay eyes on their attractive looks was a performance in itself.

"Tangning must be so afraid that she decided not to appear," Zhen Manni exclaimed amongst the crowd as she held onto her wine glass; she wasn't afraid of people hearing her.

Everyone around her were stunned. No matter how beautiful Zhen Manni was, they didn't want to take another glance at her.

A little while later...

...there was a commotion at the main entrance as Mo Ting finally made his appearance.

From the outfit he was wearing, it was obvious he was appearing as the CEO of Hai Rui...

A few people were disappointed; they had anticipated something else.

At this time, Zhen Manni's lips curved upwards into a smile. She knew at this point, there was no way she'd lose.

"Zhen Manni must be feeling quite arrogant. I mean, Tangning didn't even appear!" everyone once again started discussing.

"Look at Zhen Manni's expression..."

"Wait, that's not right. The president brought a woman with him...that...isn't that Tangning?"


"The one wearing business attire behind the President..."

Not only these two people, but everyone else also noticed. Tangning wasn't wearing anything glamorous and didn't make a grand appearance, she simply followed behind Mo Ting dressed in business attire.

So...who was considered the winner?

It was true that Mo Ting had appeared as the CEO of Hai Rui, but...he brought Tangning along with him.

As soon as Zhen Manni noticed Tangning, her smile turned stale. She wasn't happy with what she saw. Mo Ting was hinting that Tangning did not come to Hai Rui because of Zhen Manni and just because Zhen Manni wanted to compete with Tangning, it didn't mean Tangning was willing to play along.

A moment later, the winner of the best actor award approached Mo Ting holding a wine glass as he expressed his gratitude. Just as he was about to cheers with Mo Ting, Mo Ting glanced at the little woman behind him questioningly, like he was asking her for permission to drink.

Tangning was surprised, but she quickly understood. So she nodded her head.

As soon as the actor saw this, he couldn't hold back his laughter, "President Mo, are you asking our junior sister for permission? Does she even have control over your drinking habits?"

"Before, when I was her manager, she complained that I was being too strict on her. So, today I suggested that we reverse our roles so she can be my manager instead..." Mo Ting explained as he clinked glasses with the actor.

"I never imagined our junior sister had the potential to be a manager!" the actor couldn't help but tease. "I've never seen our President Mo being controlled by someone else, this is quite a refreshing scene to witness."

After speaking, the actor looked at Tangning, "Thank you junior sister, for giving me the opportunity to witness such a scene."

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