Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 260: I Want to Wear my Wedding Ring Today

Chapter 260: I Want to Wear my Wedding Ring Today

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Zhen Manni was slapped by Tangning!

From the time she was born, she had never experienced such humiliation. So, as soon as she returned to her manager's van, she threw two slaps across Charlene's face. However, this did not soothe her anger.

Charlene's cheek quickly swelled up. As a person with dignity, being slapped like this for no reason, made her heart fill with so much anger it coursed through her veins and all around her entire body.

"Give Mo Ting a phone call right away! Or else, I won't ever be able to swallow the insult I experienced today!"

"Why would President Mo answer my phone call?" Charlene asked as she held back her anger.

Zhen Manni thought about it and realized Charlene was right. Mo Ting wasn't the type to hold a conversation with anyone. So, she personally made a phone call to the CEO's office.

"President, Zhen Manni is on the line, do you want to pick up?" Lu Che asked. "It's probably in regards to the slap she just received from Madam."

After listening to Lu Che, Mo Ting replied without lifting his head, "Connect her through."

On the other side of the phone, Zhen Manni was slightly surprised, so she immediately acted submissive, "President Mo..."

"What is it?" Mo Ting's voice was extremely icy.

"Today at Luminous, Tangning hit me...Since you are her manager, I had no choice but to contact you."

"Are you calling me because of something so little?" Mo Ting asked. "You should learn to be tolerant like Huo Jingjing..."

Lu Che stood to the side listening to the serious conversation and couldn't help but let out a laugh. Inside he was thinking: Zhen Manni who do you think you're complaining to?

With the mention of Huo Jingjing, Zhen Manni's face flushed red with a trace of guilt. The reason Mo Ting had mentioned Huo Jingjing was because he wanted to remind her that Tangning had merely given her one slap, yet Huo Jingjing was left half alive after what she had done; Huo Jingjing hadn't even sought her for revenge, yet she had the audacity to call him because of a simple slap?

Zhen Manni was so angry, she picked up her phone and threw it at Charlene, "Let's go to the celebration dinner!"

This wasn't the first time Charlene had to hold back her tears as she frowned and followed behind Zhen Manni. Inside, she began to hope that Tangning would humiliate Zhen Manni a few more times; if that was to happen, how good would it be? Only when she thought of this possibility, did she feel a little better.


The grand Fei Tian Awards Ceremony was already off to a start in front of tens of thousands of viewers. Over the live broadcast, the winners of each award were unveiled.

At this moment, Tangning was at Huo Jingjing's apartment. Before she started heading out for the celebration dinner, Mo Ting had given her a call. He told her that he had been invited to the Fei Tian Awards Ceremony as a guest, so he told her to wait for him to finish; he would pick her up after so they could go to the celebration dinner together.

"I heard about what happened at Luminous today. Word has spread really quickly within the industry."

"Zhen Manni looks like someone who should be taught a lesson," Tanging said calmly as she sat on the edge of Huo Jingjing's bed. "Plus, she hit you first!"

"That's no big deal," Long Jie laughed with an air of mystery. "Lu Che told me just a moment ago that Zhen Manni had contacted boss to report you. Can you guess what the President said in response?"

Long Jie cleared her throat before straightening her body and mimicking Mo Ting, "Are you calling me because of something so little? You should learn to be tolerant like Huo Jingjing!"

Tangning shook her head helplessly. However, Huo Jingjing burst into laughter. Although she was laughing, the pain in her injuries were also triggered.

"You look quite like him, especially since the words are so powerful."

"However, outsiders are sure taking things too far!" Long Jie complained as she swiped through the news on her phone, "Everyone is trying to predict who will win between you and Zhen Manni tonight. They are once again talking about her curvy body and your long legs."

"Are they blind? They are actually saying that Zhen Manni's chances of winning are higher than yours because Boss is an ambitious businessman and wouldn't allow a slightly popular artist damage Hai Rui's foundations."

"Rubbish...Boss only had such a heartless image in the past because he hadn't met you yet."

"No, let me rephrase. Boss is still heartless to people; only around Tangning does he act like a normal person!"

After hearing Long Jie's words, Huo Jingjing turned and looked at Tangning, "I have a feeling President Mo will make a few surprising moves tonight."

"I haven't even recovered from his announcement about being my manager yet," Tangning sighed helplessly.

"Don't take things for granted," Huo Jingjing said as she pointed her chin towards Mo Ting who was on TV. He was currently on stage at the awards ceremony. "Have you noticed, even when taking photos with female celebrities, your husband has never wrapped his arm around their shoulders or waists? In fact, whenever he sees someone approaching, he even takes a big step to the side."

Of course, Tangning noticed...

"Haiz...I was overthinking things before. Now that I reevaluate the situation, it seems you haven't done enough for President Mo."

Tangning nodded, "I agree, I don't feel I've done anything for him. I'm glad you finally see how good he is to me..."

The two women continued chatting until Tangning finally received a phone call from Mo Ting.

Tangning glanced at Huo Jingjing and noticed a smile on her face, "Hurry, go show them who's boss."

"Long Jie will stay behind and keep you company for a bit," Tangning said before standing up and leaving. As soon as she got downstairs, she saw Mo Ting's sports car waiting outside.

Previously, in order to keep a low profile, Mo Ting barely drove eye-catching limited edition cars. But, ever since he announced his role as her manager, he no longer had to hide. Tangning was well aware that he had plenty of sports cars in their garage at home.

As soon as he saw Tangning, Mo Ting got out of the car, walked around the front and opened the passenger door for her.

The Mo Ting today was dressed in a burgundy lapel handmade suit paired with a black vest on the inside. An undeniable air of majesty radiated from his body. At this moment, Tangning noticed, her skirt was in a pink that matched well with his suit.

This man...

"Today, will you wear your wedding ring, or will I wear mine?" Mo Ting asked on the way to the celebration dinner.

"Huh?" Tangning didn't quite understand.

"What I'm trying to say is, I want to wear my wedding ring today..."

Tangning looked at the ring on his finger and smiled as she started to remove her own ring, "I must warn you, my fans have already seen the design of my ring. If they see yours..."

"If they don't look at the inside of the ring, there is no way they would be able to tell it's a wedding ring."

"Then, why do I need to remove mine?" Tangning's ring was half removed before she stopped and put it back on.

Mo Ting couldn't help but chuckle. As the car stopped at a red light, he hooked his arm around her neck and placed a kiss on her lips. It wasn't until the light turned green did he release her, "I'm not sure why, but as I stood on the stage presenting an award today, I started wondering how things would turn out if you decided to pursue a career in film and television."

"I sing pretty well too, do you also want to produce an album for me?" Tangning couldn't help but ask.

"We have a long life ahead of us, I'm sure there are plenty of things you can try."

Tangning smiled without saying another word. Entering the film and entertainment industry?

Let's put that aside for now...

"Why did you come pick me up? Since the awards ceremony is over, doesn't that mean the celebration dinner has started?" Tangning suddenly remembered.

"Yes it has, but I'm the President, do I need to be on time?"

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