Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 259: Wifey

Chapter 259: Wifey



Long Jie was the first to see Tangning's outfit. The moment she opened the box and saw the finished product, she was so surprised her mouth could practically fit a duck egg. As well as being surprised, she also immediately went online to find out the price...

Upon seeing the estimated value contained a countless amount of zeroes, she was so shocked she fell to the ground...

"Tangning...this...this belongs to Catherine Walker's Premium Collection. There is only one in the entire world! This is the brand used by the British royal family."

Long Jie carefully put down the box; a simple string of thread from the outfit would be equivalent to an average person's annual income.

Inside the box, there was a card that read, "To my Dearest Wife."

"This...this...Boss bought this?"

Long Jie felt like she was about to faint; Boss was doting his wife like a prodigal husband. She began to worry about Hai Rui's future.

There was a reason for Long Jie's exaggerated reaction. Although famous celebrities appeared to always wear luxury brand names on the red carpet, most of them had a spokesperson relationship with the brands they wore, so their clothes were sponsored.

Even those that appeared annually on the Forbes list couldn't necessarily afford to buy a piece of limited edition luxury brand clothing. Out of the billions of people in the world, those that could truly afford it, were narrowed down to only a few thousand.

Hence why Long Jie was so surprised.

Tangning stood up from the makeup table and approached Long Jie. She then lifted the outfit out of the box.

It was a long half-sleeved ball gown with a slightly translucent layer of tulle. Of course, this wasn't the main feature. The most striking feature was the pattern on the body of the gown which looked like the blue and purple starry night sky...

Most importantly, stars on the gown were comprised of brightly sparkling white diamonds...

"Oh God, this is seriously gorgeous...Oh my God!" Long Jie covered her mouth as she squealed in surprise, "Tangning, quick, go try it on! Go and try it..."

"I feel slightly guilty wearing such a beautiful gown on my body," Tangning said as she brushed her hand across the body of the gown. A moment later, she spotted another outfit inside the box.

Tangning was a little confused, so she gave Mo Ting a phone call, "Why are there two sets of clothing?"

Mo Ting had just finished his meeting. Thinking about Tangning's surprised expression as she saw the clothing he prepared, his mood was automatically uplifted. However, he indeed had a purpose for the two sets, "Put on the set of business attire first. Wifey, tonight I will need to trouble you to be both my manager and assistant."

Mo Ting's instructions were firm...

Yes, he was the CEO of Hai Rui, but just because he was attending as the CEO, it didn't mean he was automatically on Zhen Manni's side. He made Tangning her manager, and as a manager, she had special privileges...

"Whatever you tell me to do, I will do. I will follow your orders! Just like how you always listen to me..."

"What about the ball gown? When do you plan for me to wear that?"

"For now, it's a secret."

Tangning smiled. Mo Ting always seemed to have surprises for her. So, she did not continue chasing him for an answer. She simply lifted the professional looking business attire out of the box and instructed Long Jie to iron it.

"What's this? Is this what you're wearing?" Long Jie asked in surprise. She had such a prestigious ball gown, yet she wasn't wearing it. What game was she trying to play?

The set of clothing in Long Jie's hands were a white shirt paired with a high-waisted pink A-line skirt; a normal set of business attire. Although, it was still designed by Catherine Walker, in comparison to the ball gown, it looked a lot more common.

"Hurry and iron it..."

Tangning was actually looking forward to being Mo Ting's manager and taking over Lu Che's role as well. But...did Lu Che ever dare to order Mo Ting around?

She dared to...

Tangning's mind was still in a daze over the word 'wifey' that came from Mo Ting's mouth; it wasn't often that he'd call her that. Even in bed, he would never use such an embarrassing nickname. Yet, when he called her that today, it sounded so natural and comfortable.

Long Jie had no idea what Tangning had brewing, all she knew was, if Tangning was to make an appearance dressed like this, she would be humiliated by Zhen Manni!

What was she doing?

Was Boss planning to sacrifice her?

While Long Jie was struggling to relieve her worries, she received a phone call from Lu Che, "Are you free tonight?"

"Today is an important day. What do you think? Aren't you accompanying Boss to the celebration dinner? I need to accompany Tangning."

"The President already has an assistant for the night, you also don't need to keep the madam company. Come out and meet my parents."

Long Jie: "!!!"

"A couple days ago, I told them about our relationship. So, they immediately caught a flight over to Beijing..."

Long Jie was suddenly thrown into a panic, "Why didn't you tell me about this earlier? How am I suppose to face them with my current appearance?"

"Don't be nervous, it's just a simple meeting..."

Long Jie suddenly hung up the phone; she felt a little angry. Meeting his parents wasn't something to be taken lightly. Plus, they had only started dating not too long ago. So, she couldn't help but imagine the worst possibilities. She suddenly started thinking that Lu Che must have been pressured to get married, so he chose to be with her because she just so happened to be at the right place at the right time.

"If Lu Che wants me to meet his parents, why can't he give me a bit more time? You and Boss have been married for so long, but he hasn't forced you to meet his parents because he knows how to respect you. I suddenly feel like a complete mess."

"What do you plan to do?"

"I don't want to see them," Long Jie replied straightforwardly, "Tangning, the thing I am most afraid of is when a relationship passes the honeymoon period and the problems of reality once again appear. Right now, we haven't even passed our honeymoon period! Aren't things happening in the wrong order?"

"In that case, you should speak to Lu Che about it."

Long Jie thought for a moment before pulling out her phone to give Lu Che a phone call, however, Lu Che ended up calling her first, "If you don't want to see them, then the two of us can have dinner on our own."

"What about your parents?"

"They went to my uncle's place. Long Man, their intentions aren't bad. You don't know how good my parents are. However, we will wait until you are ready."

"Are you so sure that we will spend the rest of our lives together?" Long Jie finally spoke in a satisfied tone.

"Is dating meant to be a game?"

"That's not what I meant. OK, let's have dinner tonight," Long Jie lowered her head as she snuck in a smile.

"After dinner, come to my place..."

After hearing Lu Che's suggestion, Long Jie's face flushed red, "I'm not going."

Tangning watched as Long Jie's mood changed from being like a gloomy storm to clear skies; she was helpless towards this woman, "Long Jie, it's almost time. Give me my clothes."

"Are you sure you're going to wear this?" Long Jie once again questioned Tangning.

"Yes, I'm wearing this. In a moment, after you take me to Hai Rui, you can go on your date with Lu Che," Tangning nodded her head in certainty.

Mo Ting did not ask her to arrive at the celebration dinner with him. This meant, he wanted her to stick to their original plan of arriving separately. Thinking about Zhen Manni's infuriated look, Tangning couldn't wait to witness her frustration...

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