Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 258: Instantly Beat Zhen Manni!

Chapter 258: Instantly Beat Zhen Manni!

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After the attendant left, Long Jie approached Tangning and let out a laugh, "Tangning, are you really going to snatch the stylist away from Zhen Manni?"

"Since I am entitled to being tended to first, why shouldn't I accept it? I'm honestly in a rush..." Tangning answered calmly; it was impossible to see the black belly side of her.

Long Jie pursed her lips. She suddenly understood Boss' intention.

Why he had told Tangning to come at this time and why he had given Tangning this stylist's VIP card; there was a reason behind everything he did.

In all honesty, this married couple were neck-and-neck in the race to see who was more black belly.

Wasn't it obvious she was here to humiliate Zhen Manni?

This wife-doting Boss was obviously giving Tangning a chance to seek revenge...

A little while later, the elegant attendant returned to Tangning and politely invited her into the grand VIP makeup room. At the same time, Zhen Manni came walking out. The two women looked at each other. Of course, even though they had not previously met face-to-face, they weren't strangers.

Tangning was clearly taller than Zhen Manni, so Zhen Manni didn't appear overwhelming next to her.

However, even though the two women had never met before, the look in their eyes both contained daggers. Their eyes cut through each other one slash at a time like they both wanted the other person to be badly mutilated.

"So, it was you."

As soon as the small-time artists in the salon heard Zhen Manni's voice, they quickly gathered around. Was a good show about to start? Were the two about to break out in a battle?

"Since you are my junior, then let me go first," Zhen Manni said in an expectant tone as she turned around to return to her seat.

She always used this stylist, but had never heard about the VIP card.

Just a moment ago, the attendant had explained the situation to her. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. She couldn't believe she had been asked to wait! This was a unique experience for her because she had never followed the rules and always did as she pleased.

Everyone expected Tangning to make way for Zhen Manni. After all...when it came to professionalism, Tangning was slightly inferior. As well as that, when it came to their status in Hai Rui, Tangning was far from Zhen Manni.

But...surprisingly, Tangning directly responded, "Sorry, I'm in a rush."

The salon was in an uproar. Everyone was surprised as to how Tangning could remain so calm no matter what situation she faced.

This was Zhen Manni!

THE Zhen Manni!

Even if one was to scour the entire modeling industry, not many people would have the guts to act recklessly in front of Zhen Manni...yet, Tangning was trying to fight with her over a stylist?

Zhen Manni was also stunned. She crossed her arms and turned around to look at Tangning. The fierce and angry look in her eyes triggered her to make a shocking move. She lifted her hand with the intention to slap Tangning in the face. Unfortunately for her, Tangning grabbed onto her hand and used her other hand to throw an impressive slap across her face. This slap shocked everyone present...

Zhen Manni's face was twisted to the side...

Her eyes opened wide in shock.

Meanwhile, Tangning slightly shook her hand in pain. She was a bit regretful that she used so much force.

Oh God, Tangning hit Zhen Manni!

Tangning had actually hit Zhen Manni!

Zhen Manni wasn't willing to admit defeat as she attempted another slap. However, this time, Tangning grabbed both her arms, crossed them together and pushed her away, "Don't tell me my senior's hobby is to constantly throw slaps..."


As soon as everyone heard Zhen Manni call out Tangning's name, they gritted their teeth nervously. However, Tangning wasn't afraid at all. In fact, she responded in a cold tone, "This slap is to warn you that Jingjing's injuries will eventually appear on your body."

"Are you relying on the fact that Mo Ting is your manager to act all arrogant?"

Tangning laughed as she lifted up her VIP card and waved it in front of Zhen Manni, "Yes I am. Do you qualify to do the same?"

Hearing Tangning provoke Zhen Manni without holding back, everyone observing the scene, were completely stunned. They had all expected the weak-looking Tangning would definitely lose to the loud-mouthed Zhen Manni.

After all, Zhen Manni was a person that enjoyed taking risks and often participated in extreme sports. So, Tangning's performance really surprised everyone...

Of course, they had no idea that the amazing Boss wasn't only Tangning's manager, but also her personal trainer. While training Tangning, he had deliberately focused on improving her strength.

Last time when she threw four slaps, her hand had hurt so much...

After Zhen Manni was slapped, there was nothing she could do. Now that she had been completely humiliated, all she could do was push the stylist aside before leaving the VIP makeup room.

Since Tangning already understood Zhen Manni's thoughts, she of course didn't let Zhen Manni bully her.

She took whatever opportunity came her way, especially since the opportunity was given to her by her own husband.

Tangning turned around and discovered she still had an audience, so she smiled and said, "I'm sure everyone is aware of Zhen Manni's temper. If the embarrassing image of Zhen Manni being slapped is placed online, I'm sure..."

"We aren't that nosy. Even if we aren't afraid of Zhen Manni, we of course know how to be afraid of Hai Rui. After all, President Mo is your manager," the small-time artists expressed that they were merely enjoying the show and were impressed by her courage.

Tangning smiled at them and didn't say anything else before the stylist walked over to close the door.

However, outside the door, the small artists broke out in chatter.

"Did you guys notice the last look Tangning gave us? Why do I feel she's quite cool?"

"Didn't you guys hear what she said? Tangning mentioned Huo Jingjing's injury. Not too long ago, I had actually received news that Huo Jingjing had been beaten for no reason. From the looks of it, Zhen Manni was the culprit. No wonder Tangning took the opportunity to teach Zhen Manni a lesson!"

"Actually, Huo Jingjing is really lucky to have a friend like Tangning."


On the other side of the door, Long Jie sat to the side as she laughed happily. Just thinking about Zhen Manni's expression not too long ago, put her in a good mood.

While Tangning got her makeup done, she looked at Long Jie, "Have you finished laughing? Come and help!"

"Tangning, the celebration dinner tonight will definitely be even more spectacular!"

Tangning did not respond straight away. She lowered her head for a bit before replying calmly, "Aren't you afraid of being hit?"

"Who are you kidding? I also have a boyfriend," Long Jie held up a photo of Lu Che on her phone and smiled sweetly.

"So, is it because you've been receiving nurture from love that you've grown fatter?"

"How am I fatter?"

Long Jie's face turned red unwilling to admit to what Tangning said. In reality, ever since Lu Che discovered that she enjoyed eating, he had been taking her to all different places in search of good food. It seemed, he was unaware of her concerns.

"With the way you're going, do you still want to go on the same nutritious diet plan as me?"

"There aren't many people in this world that have crazy self-control like you," Long Jie refuted, "Let's move on from this topic. Lu Che just gave me a phone call not too long ago, to tell me that Boss has already brought over your outfit for tonight. You need to try it on in a moment."

"OK," Tangning nodded.

"I really want to see you in the outfit that Boss picked and see you instantly beat Zhen Manni! Oh! I'm really looking forward to the celebration dinner tonight! My heart can't quite handle the excitement..."

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