Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 132: As Long as Yang Jing Has The Guts to Play!

Chapter 132: As Long as Yang Jing Has The Guts to Play!

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After not being in the office for a few days, the first thing Mo Ting did was release a statement to clear all the rumors. The movie 'Deadly' was going to continue shooting and the actors would not be replaced. The crew would film the parts of the secondary characters until Hai Rui's actors were fully recovered. With Hai Rui handling the matter, fans were given a sense of relief. As for Hai Rui's speed in dealing with the matter, everyone was left speechless.

After everything was resolved, Mo Ting immediately sent Tangning a message, "Did the audition go well?"

"No," Tangning replied frustratedly, "Yang Jing used a dirty scheme again...Plus, she was with Lan Yu. It seems she wants to bounce back and use Lan Yu to obstruct me."

Seeing the lines of text sent by Tangning, Mo Ting's eyes fired up.

"Lu Che..."

"Yes, President?" after receiving Mo Ting's call over the intercom, Lu Che immediately entered the office.

"Why haven't you released the information about Lan Yu being violent at school yet?" Mo Ting asked. "I already instructed you to do this before Hai Rui even got in trouble..."

"Sorry, president. Because of Hai Rui's incident, I wasn't able to follow up," Lu Che apologized regretfully. "I will make arrangements now!"

"No..." Mo Ting stopped him, "Go and investigate what Yang Jing wants to do first. If she dares to stir up trouble again, then take her down with Lan hell." Since Yang Jing liked getting involved with Lan Yu's business, then she deserved to be implicated. Otherwise, her 'good intention' would go to waste.

Lu Che understood Mo Ting had other plans, so he calmed down, "Yes, president..."

"Also, research the background of 'Her Vision' for me..."

Lu Che reacted to the name; it sounded familiar. Afterwards, he remembered, that was the name of one of the country's top-tier magazines, "President, if you do this, aren't you afraid madam will find out?"

"Go do it immediately..."

Yang Jing's most notable skill, was the ability to use the contacts she had schemingly gathered over the years. Amongst these contacts, many of them existed in the gray social circles 1 . If Tangning went up against them, she could possibly...attract bad news; this happened often in the entertainment industry. Even if Mo Ting's aim wasn't to deal with Yang Jing, he still needed to be wary of Lan Xi. Many agencies used dirty tricks to force their models into making a mistake. After gaining evidence against them, they would blackmail them into staying.

He wasn't certain whether Lan Xi had ever done something like this before.

Since they were playing with their backgrounds, he couldn't let Tangning lose. Or else, he might as well give up being her husband...

However, Yang Jing needed to have the guts to play!


Inside Her Vision's headquarters, Tangning and An Zihao were still sitting outside the editor's office; 3 hours had passed.

By guarding the door, Her Vision's editor couldn't go to the bathroom nor come out to eat.

An Zihao suddenly felt, the embarrassment from the rejection he received earlier, had completely disappeared. Thinking about how hard the woman in the office was trying to endure her need to go to the bathroom, An Zihao couldn't help but laugh. Especially after seeing Tangning's sincere expression, he felt this woman really had a darkness hiding inside of her.

"We can't continue to wait like this, let's go for a toilet break," Tangning suggested.

An Zihao stood up and followed Tangning out the door. After seeing the two had left, the secretary immediately reported to the editor. However, as the editor stepped out of her room, she ran into the two people returning from the bathroom.

Her Vision’s editor was a 30-something-year-old woman who was quite thin-skinned. So, by running face-to-face with the two people standing before her, she couldn’t contain her humiliation.

At this time, An Zihao immediately gave her a chance to save her pride, "Editor Lin, I know I have made things difficult for you, but could you just spare us 10 minutes? All I need is 10 minutes of your time..."

The woman glanced at An Zihao and then at Tangning. She was surprised, "You and Tangning…come in first."

In reality, Editor Lin had already noticed Tangning before; she was the model that revived the unpopular magazine, TQ. She just never expected, she would be even more beautiful in the flesh.


"I know you avoided seeing us because of Yang Jing, but we are very sincere about coming here," An Zihao said honestly. "Editor Lin, we have known each other for many years. With my sudden return and request for your November cover, it is understandable that you would have your doubts."

"At the time, I decided not to tell you I was bringing Tangning, because I wanted to show you our sincerity."

"I’m sorry to say that I’ve already signed a contract with Yang Jing though," Editor Lin responded regretfully. "If you had told me earlier that you were bringing Tangning and that you weren’t just making a personal request, I wouldn’t have refused."

"I know that over the past few years, you and Yang Jing have gotten closer. But, during my time in the industry, when I have I ever done something that I don’t have faith in?" An Zihao smiled.

"How about this then, let’s put Tangning on the December cover."

"Editor Lin. What I want is November. You promised it to me earlier and you’ve already seen the results Tangning can produce. In regards to professionalism and influence, do you think Yang Jing’s model is comparable to Tangning? If you want us to shoot the December cover, then we’d rather not shoot at all."

An Zihao was firm but polite, making it hard for the editor to refuse.

Editor Lin was dumbfounded for a moment before finally saying, "How about this? Can you give me a day to think it over? After all, I need some time to explain things to Yang Jing."

"Of course, but Editor Lin, let me remind you of Tangning’s charisma. If she was to shoot the front cover of another magazine, I wonder how many sales you’ll get from your November issue. After all, the numbers from the Oriental Trend and TQ are solid proof. In comparison, what can Yang Jing’s model bring to the table?"

Editor Lin felt uneasy, but she still nodded seriously.

"Also, Editor Lin, I hope your company can keep my relationship with Tangning a secret. Cheng Tian has not officially announced that Tangning has already signed a contract. Once everyone finds out, the cost to hire her…would be a much larger amount."

With this, Editor Lin’s expression turned sour…

She thought, even if she was to reject Tangning, all she would be sacrificing was someone that was favored. As for Yang Jing, she had her methods and couldn’t possibly have a negative effect on sales; if she was to cancel their contract, it wouldn’t look very good.

So, in the end, the editor still insisted on going with Yang Jing as she gave her a phone call, " Xiao Jing 2 , An Zihao just came to look for me."

Of course, she was clever enough not to mention Tangning. After all, anything Cheng Tian wanted to keep a secret, she did not dare to reveal.

"He also wants the November front cover…"

"Did you agree?" Yang Jing was a little nervous because she knew An Zihao couldn’t be underestimated.

"Of course not, I’m giving it to you. We’ve already signed a contract," Editor Lin replied.

Yang Jing laughed proudly with the expression of a winner, however…

...would Mo Ting really allow her to take the upper hand?

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Silly Editor Lin, you've just made an awful decision...

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