Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 255: This Declaration of War is a Bit Too Ruthless!

Chapter 255: This Declaration of War is a Bit Too Ruthless!

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Lu Che was helpless against his girlfriends coaxing, so he headed over to Fang Yu's apartment which he hadn't visited in ages. However, he was greeted at the door by a 3-4-year-old girl. With her strength, she struggled to open the door. Lu Che glanced behind the girl and placed his questioning gaze upon Fang Yu.

His face was pale and his forehead was covered in sweat. It was obvious he was seriously ill.

Lu Che was confused by the scene before him as he asked, "Are you OK? This child is...?"

"My sister's child!"

"When did you have a sister?" Lu Che saw through his lie straight away, "Why does your sister's child look so much like you?"

Fang Yu smiled, he never expected to be caught red-handed like this.

"My daughter, Fang Yue! Because I had to take care of her, I caught a fever," Fang Yu lifted the little girl onto the sofa and headed to the kitchen to retrieve a glass of water for Lu Che. "The auntie that usually takes care of her has caught the flu..."

"When did you have a daughter? How come you've never mentioned it before?"

"After being in this industry for a while, who doesn't have their secrets?" Fang Yu distanced himself from the little girl, afraid he would contaminate her. "Oh yeh, why are you here?"

Lu Che looked around Fang Yu's apartment in detail. Long Jie had told him, in order to see if a man had someone in their heart, examining their home was the best way; there was bound to be a hint somewhere. But, at this moment, Fang Yu's apartment was in a mess; mainly because of Fang Yue's presence. Scattered all over the place were children's necessities.

"Why did you go suffer on behalf of Huo Jingjing? It wasn't necessary for you to endure 5 hours."

"Since I decided to help her, I thought I might as well help her all the way. That government official had a lot of pride. If 5 hours could satisfy his anger, then the situation would be easier to deal with. It was worth it in the end, that's all that matters," Fang Yu brushed his fingers through his messy hair. Whenever he was sick, his hair was messy and his body was weak; there was a different kind of charm to him.

"Do you have feelings towards Huo Jingjing...?"

"Are you joking? I've already got a daughter..." Fang Yu cracked up laughing. "All I have for Huo Jingjing is admiration, where has your mind wandered?"

"Where's your daughter's mother then?"

Fang Yu choked and didn't say a word. His eyes looked a little lost.

Lu Che did not chase him for an answer. He simply placed his gentle gaze upon Fang Yue who was playing with some building blocks, "How about I take your daughter to my place so you can visit the hospital?"

"Do you know how to take care of a child?" Fang Yu teased. "Although my little Pudding is well behaved, it's not an easy task. By the way, her nickname is 'Pudding'."

"Look at yourself, you should hurry to the hospital. How much longer can your daughter resist your germs?"

"OK...let me write you some notes."

In the end, the only thing Lu Che gained from visiting Fang Yu, was Fang Yue.

As soon as Long Jie saw the little girl, her heart sank. Since Fang Yu already had a daughter, it wasn't likely anything would happen between him and Huo Jingjing. Afterwards, she immersed herself in playing with the little girl.

Tangning quickly found out about Fang Yu's daughter, but she still told Huo Jingjing the reason why Fang Yu had gotten sick.

Huo Jingjing hated owing others, so she asked Lu Che for Fang Yu's address. After separating herself from her manager and assistant, she drove straight over to Fang Yu's apartment.

Upon seeing the disguised Huo Jingjing at his front door, Fang Yu couldn't help but sigh, "You are currently the main focus of the media. For goodness sake, can't you let me have some rest? If the media capture a photo of us, it would be impossible for us to explain ourselves!"

"Don't worry about going to the hospital. I'll leave after your fever subsides."

Huo Jingjing was experienced at taking care of an alcoholic, so taking care of a sick person was child's play.

Not long after, Huo Jingjing nudged Fang Yu towards the sofa. She helped him apply an ice pack and let in some cool fresh air.

Fang Yu's mind cleared a little. As he watched Huo Jingjing scurrying around busily, he suddenly realized he had really been missing the presence of a woman in his life. Two words subconsciously left his mouth, "Si Ruo..."

Huo Jingjing knelt down beside Fang Yu and realized he had mistaken her for someone else.

Si Ruo must be the child's mother , Huo Jingjing thought.

"I am Huo Jingjing..."

Fang Yu was silent for a moment. He then covered his eyes and mumbled, "Of course. Si Ruo is already dead."


Regardless of everything that happened, Fang Yu's fever eventually subsided. Huo Jingjing looked at his sleeping expression and took the opportunity to tidy up his home before leaving. However, the entire scene was captured by a paparazzi that had been following Huo Jingjing...

So, news about her intensified. Everyone started saying that Huo Jingjing exchanged sex for benefits and had an indecent relationship with the Artists Director of Hai Rui!

Fang Yu's fever was gone, but upon seeing the news, his head was in pain.

A piece of news that was originally about Huo Jingjing severing ties with Zhen Manni because of Tangning and news that centered around Huo Jingjing teaching Zhen Manni's fans a lesson, had now turned into judgment towards Huo Jingjing's private life. Worst of all, Fang Yu was now also implicated.

Zhen Manni originally thought she could use Huo Jingjing's incident to give Tangning a warning. But, with the mess that Huo Jingjing created, discussions were headed towards the wrong direction.

Hai Rui released big news about their actors in an attempt to draw the attention away from Huo Jingjing. As a result, a large majority of the public did indeed change their focus.

However, even though the issue had been settled, those involved would find their fates had already become entangled with no chance of escape...

As Hai Rui's celebration dinner was on the horizon, Tangning and Zhen Manni were once again thrown into the spotlight. As Mo Ting was both Tangning's manager and the CEO of Hai Rui, everyone wondered who's side he would stand on and who he would protect.

While picking out a dress for Tangning, Long Jie was slightly worried, "Tangning, if you and Zhen Manni really got into a fight, who do you think Boss would help? After all, Zhen Manni's status in Hai Rui can't be taken lightly. If he chooses to be bias, it would definitely have a huge impact on the entire agency."

Tangning sat in front of her makeup table and looked at herself in the mirror, "I'm not sure either...I just hope Zhen Manni will keep to herself."

"I reckon Boss will still choose you..."

"Does it matter?" Tangning asked. "No matter what Mo Ting's decision is, I will still support him!"

"If Boss was to really choose Zhen Manni, will you not feel even the slightest bit of disappointment? Who are you kidding?" Long Jie scoffed, "If Boss helps Zhen Manni, I won't be his fan anymore!"

"Who cares if you are their fan or not?"

"Regardless, everyone is currently desperate to see you and Zhen Manni on the same stage. This is even worse than when you went up against Mo Yurou. After all, who is Zhen Manni? She is an A-grade supermodel. Going up against her is so much more interesting." Long Jie placed the dress she selected in front Tangning, "Look at all the trouble Zhen Manni has created for you in secret."

Tangning smiled without a word. However, at this moment, she received a phone call from Lu Che. Long Jie looked at Tangning questioningly as she picked up the phone. Lu Che's voice was icy cold, "Huo Jingjing has been hit again. Hai Rui has contained the situation."

Tangning's first reaction was to assume it was the jerk.

But, Lu Che quickly explained, "Someone appeared at her front door and hit her. Right now, we have no idea who it was, but our initial suspicions are directed towards Zhen Manni. She definitely has something to do with it."

As soon as Tangning heard this, her expression was stern, "This declaration of war is a bit too ruthless!"

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