Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 254: How Many More Times Can I Help Tangning?

Chapter 254: How Many More Times Can I Help Tangning?



Huo Jingjing got to where she was today, not because of stupid moves like she had displayed earlier. She was extremely clear-minded, "Rather than waiting for her to provoke us in secret, we might as well make a move first!"

Tangning lowered her head to look at Huo Jingjing's hand; she felt overcome with emotions, "This was originally an issue between Zhen Manni and myself, you should not have been implicated."

"Your issue is my issue. There is no such thing as should or should not."

That night, the news of Huo Jingjing hitting someone appeared on top of the news headlines. It wasn't because of Huo Jingjing's popularity that the news went viral, but because artists at Hai Rui never made lowly mistakes like this in public. Yet, Huo Jingjing hit someone, and they were fans of Zhen Manni. This drama appeared to be an internal battle; to the reporters, this was an extremely attractive piece of gossip.

At the break of dawn, as expected, Fang Yu was disturbed by phone calls from the media. Hai Rui immediately activated their PR, but...because 1 of the 3 women that were slapped turned out to be the daughter of a government official, Huo Jingjing's mistake wasn't easy to fix.

The government official's daughter went straight to the hospital to examine her injury and decided to sue Huo Jingjing. Meanwhile, Hai Rui immediately reacted by offering to provide a satisfactory solution.

So, while the sky was still dark, Fang Yu sat on the sofa inside Huo Jingjing's apartment and sighed helplessly, "You really know how to pick your enemies."

"What are her conditions?" Huo Jingjing leaned against her bed dressed in a pair of pajamas as she questioned Fang Yu.

"She wants you to make a public apology and compensate for any losses," Fang Yu placed the information on the table and looked at Huo Jingjing confusedly, "Is this your way of letting loose? You've never created trouble for Hai Rui by hitting people like this in the past."

Huo Jingjing turned around and placed her face close to Fang Yu, "Come, throw me two slaps."

"Are you really not afraid that President Mo will punish you?"

"President Mo knows why I acted this way," Huo Jingjing replied with a deeper meaning. After speaking, she plopped down on the sofa, "Recently, Tangning has been suffering and tolerating, did Zhen Manni really think no one noticed? Tangning has been trying her best to avoid clashing with Zhen Manni face-to-face. But, you and I both know, Zhen Manni will merely take advantage of that fact."

"Let me reignite Tangning's fire and stop her from avoiding. This is the best outcome."

"You've really thought things out carefully for Tangning," Fang Yu understood Huo Jingjing's intention. Although Hai Rui was internally united and no one had any opinions towards Mo Ting becoming Tangning's manager, half of Zhen Manni's heart no longer belonged to Hai Rui. So, as soon as her status was threatened, it was impossible for her to let it pass.

"That's because I've decided to retreat from the industry..." Huo Jingjing announced comfortably, "How many more times can I help Tangning?"

As soon as he heard Huo Jingjing's intention to retreat, Fang Yu was stunned. This was something that had never even crossed his mind. He was so stunned that as he spoke, he stumbled with his words, "Re...retreat? Why?"

"I'm tired...I want to go get married." After speaking, Huo Jingjing lay on the sofa and closed her eyes.

Fang Yu remained silent for a while before lowering his head and suddenly asking, "Have you spoken to President Mo about your intention to retreat?"

"After the incident with Huo Jingjing is over, I'll speak to him about it," Huo Jingjing replied quietly.

"Where do you plan to go afterwards?"

"I'm not sure...I want to find a lover, I want a stable family, I want...a child. But, at the moment, this all seems quite difficult to achieve."

Fang Yu didn't say anything. Actually, his heart was in quite a mess.

He had always found women like Huo Jingjing were hard to understand. It wasn't like she was an old lady, but she appeared to have a lot of worries.

There had been many times in the past when Fang Yu wanted to ask her if anyone had ever held a place in her heart. However, ever since the exposure of her private life, Fang Yu finally realized Huo Jingjing was quite a simple person; she loved simply and suffered simply. Even when life was exceptionally cruel towards her, she never once complained.

"I'll just let fate decide."

On this day, as Fang Yu stepped out of Huo Jingjing's apartment, he no longer appeared frivolous as usual. In fact, his mind was completely elsewhere.

Actually, he had taken note of Huo Jingijng for a really long time...

In order to prevent Huo Jingjing from suffering the scoldings of netizens, in the middle of the night, Fang Yu drove his car over to the government official's home. Of course, this man was in a high position, so there was no way he would meet with some random person from the entertainment industry. However, Fang Yu had his ways. He told the security to pass on a message, "If we don't privately solve this issue in time, according to Hai Rui's history, your entire family will end up suffering. As I am aware, the elections are upon us, I don't suppose you are willing to lose, right?"

Although Fang Yu ended up waiting until the next morning, the man eventually gave him an answer, "We will withdraw our lawsuit, but we still expect Huo Jingjing to apologize. If you want to take your headline down from hottest searches, then go ahead."

In the end, Fang Yu successfully prevented the issue from escalating any further.

It was fine for Huo Jingjing to help Tangning, but it wasn't necessary for her to destroy herself in the process.

Even if she no longer cared about her own reputation.

"Fang Yu sure is capable. He even managed to negotiate with a government official!" Long Jie couldn't help but exclaim as soon as she received the news. In comparison, her ability was minuscule.

"Fang Yu stood outside the official's home for 5 hours," Mo Ting explained to Tangning as they ate breakfast, "Now he's been hit with a fever. The phone call, just a moment ago, was from him."

Tangning was a little shocked, "He stood outside in such cold weather?"


"Has he always handled matters like this, or is this the first time?" Tangning spread some jam on a piece of toast and handed it to Mo Ting as she questioned him.

"From what I'm aware, he has always been good at self-preservation and usually approaches things with careful thought. His actions this time are a little out of the ordinary."

After Tangning finished eating, she lowered her head and thought for a while. Eventually, she asked suspiciously, "Why do I feel that Fang Yu's feelings towards Huo Jingjing aren't that simple?"

"He has never given off any clues."

"Perhaps I'm just being oversensitive. After all, Fang Yu is nice to everyone," Tangning temporarily let go of her suspicions and stopped analyzing. But, she still instructed Long Jie, "In a moment, give him a call to check how he's going."

"How about I ask Lu Che to go over directly and check on him?" Long Jie offered.

Tangning looked at Long Jie and suddenly started laughing, "Lu Che is my husband's assistant, why is he following your orders at all times?"

Long Jie looked down awkwardly.

Mo Ting did not say anything, gesturing that he agreed with Long Jie's suggestion.

Long Jie understood, so she quickly stood to the side and made a phone call.

However, Tangning was the only one that felt, things weren't over so easily. After all, it wasn't easy for Zhen Manni to find an excuse to complain.

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