Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 253: If You Share a Stage With Zhen Manni, Don't Lose

Chapter 253: If You Share a Stage With Zhen Manni, Don't Lose



In reality, Tangning had maintained an evasive approach towards the Zhen Manni incident because this was how she was like, she wanted to avoid attention.

So, during the time that Zhen Manni was in the country, she tried her best not to clash with her and deliberately tolerated whatever was thrown her way.

However, to those that were watching from the sidelines, things never felt like they had gone too far.

Online, Tangning Vs Zhen Manni remained a popular topic. This time, a poll was released, but it had nothing to do with Charlene. It was genuinely created by netizens.

One was a model that possessed absolute capability, whereas the other was a newcomer that was being backed by the CEO of Hai Rui. In the end, whose talent was more impressive and who would become the netizen's main focus?

Over the days, Tangning accepted a few domestic shoots arranged by Mo Ting. She decided to respond to the gossip by being busy at work. However, one night, she received a phone call from Huo Jingjing to meet up at the local television tower.

Tangning could reject anyone, but when it came to Huo Jingjing, she had to make an exception. So, after briefly telling Mo Ting where she was going, she headed to the peak of the television tower with Long Jie.

High above the city, Tangning looked down at Beijing's nightscape. She couldn't help but be entranced by what she saw.

Huo Jingjing approached her from behind holding a glass of red wine, "I want to get married."

Tangning froze for second before turning around in surprise, "Why are you suddenly saying this?"

"How many years do I have left to waste?" Huo Jingjing ridiculed herself before standing and walking to Tangning's side, "I want to get married. I want a thoughtful husband and a stable family. So what if I'm an international supermodel?"

Tangning already knew that Huo Jingjing had seen through everything. For her to make a decision like this wasn't actually that surprising.

"There's an amazing French man that is currently courting me. I want to give it a try. For now, I won't be retreating from the industry anytime soon; I will stick around and support you. If I was to leave, Zhen Manni will increase her threat towards your husband."

Zhen Manni felt fortunate to have made a friend like Huo Jingjing at a time like this. So she smiled and said, "We aren't afraid..."

"Just because you aren't afraid, is President Mo also unafraid? Isn't he most afraid of you getting hurt?" Huo Jingjing teased as she leaned against a table. She then said in a serious tone, "Tangning, in all honesty, I've already forgotten how many years it's been, but, you have been the first person willing to offer me a hand when I was going through a difficult time."

"I, Huo not highly skilled at other things; my education is all an illusion. But when it comes to people, my affection is definitely not an illusion."

"Regardless of whether I remain in the modeling industry or not, as long as you are facing a difficulty, you can give me a call at any time, I will be there immediately."

After hearing Huo Jingjing's assurance, Tangning lowered her head and ridiculed herself, "Honestly, I don't have many friends. No matter what happens, don't simply put up with it."

Huo Jingjing nodded her head and put down her wine glass to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Tangning was a little tipsy, so Long Jie took care of her.

Inside the bathroom, Huo Jingjing washed her hands in the sink as she overheard a conversation, "Just a moment ago, I came across the presumptuous model Huo Jingjing and Tangning. They were out on the viewing platform. It seems they are indeed close like the rumors."

"You know Huo Jingjing, how could she not feel shame after being played around by a jerk for so many years? Moving diary my ass, Hai Rui could create whatever evidence they want."

"Also, what's so good about that sl*t Tangning? She actually got Hai Rui's CEO to be her personal manager! This goes to show her skills in bed must be impressive. Seeing all the moronic fans swoon over their coupling makes me sick."

"Fortunately, Hai Rui's true National Treasure has returned. Honestly, I have been a fan of Zhen Manni's for many years. Who would have thought she'd be bullied by Tangning as soon as she stepped foot back in Beijing. If I was her, I would have stepped over Tangning a thousand times!"

"Haha, I really want to see them share a stage and see how Manni crushes her into a paste!"

After hearing the 3 women gossip, Huo Jingjing turned to face them, "Repeat what you just said!"

The 3 women were touching up their makeup and did not take notice of Huo Jingjing at first. Upon realizing they had been caught red-handed, they quickly huddled up together, "What do you want to do?"

"Just a moment ago, what were you talking about?"

As they were aware that Huo Jingjing was a public figure, the 3 women glanced at each other and started yelling, "Huo Jingjing is scolding and hitting people..."

In an instant, everyone in the vicinity was drawn over and furiously snapped photos...

After hearing about the commotion, Tangning quickly rushed over to the bathroom. Long Jie intended on escorting the two women out of the premises, but Huo Jingjing did not budge. Instead, she turned to the 3 women and said in a cold tone, "Since you claimed I hit and scolded you, then I should make it a reality." After speaking, Huo Jingjing took a step forward and gave them each a slap.

Everyone froze...

"Have you gone crazy?" Tangning hurried over to stop Huo Jingjing, "Have you forgotten your identity?"

"It is because I'm well aware of my identity that I'm letting these women know they have no right to judge me unless they are at my level."

In actual fact, Huo Jingjing wasn't angry for herself, she was angry on behalf of Tangning!

Even if she was to hit people at a place like this - she wasn't going to hold back.

The 3 women immediately sat on the floor and started bawling their eyes out. Meanwhile, Long Jie urgently instructed, "Let's get out of here first...Why are you suddenly hitting people?"

Huo Jingjing did not regret what she had done. As she left, she even pointed to the 3 women and warned, "Don't let me find out your identities."

Under the protection of their assistants, the two women quickly boarded their company van. Tangning looked at Huo Jingjing's reddened hands, "You aren't usually this impulsive, what happened?"

"It's OK, don't worry. The French man that is courting me is extremely rich. Let's take advantage of this opportunity to test his sincerity!" Huo Jingjing laughed.

"Did someone say something bad about me," Tangning wasn't easy to lie to. Just simply looking into Huo Jingjing's eyes was enough to understand everything, "You know I don't care, so you shouldn't either."

"I am someone that is about to retreat from the industry, why should I tread so lightly? I, Huo Jingjing, have been in this industry for many years, and never once have I caused such a huge drama..."

"Are you trying to create a mess for Fang Yu to clean up?"

With the mention of Fang Yu, Huo Jingjing laughed, "Honestly, I've wanted to challenge him for quite some time."

"By the way Tangning, if you share a stage with Zhen Manni, don't lose."

Tangning sighed. She couldn't help but laugh out of frustration. From this incident, it was clear to see that Huo Jingjing also had a temper of her own; she no longer needed to suffer and endure and could determine the life she wanted to lead.

"I am avoiding her not because I am afraid of her," Tangning explained calmly.

"Those 3 women were fans of Zhen Manni!" Huo Jingjing looked into Tangning's eyes and said in a serious manner, "Regardless of whether you accept it or not, Zhen Manni already considers you as an opponent. If you don't want things to be difficult for President Mo, you should put up an extra good fight."

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