Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 251: Two Types of People

Chapter 251: Two Types of People

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The poll incident didn't create too much of a splash because fans were still preoccupied with Mo Ting and Tangning's relationship. It seemed, as long as an answer wasn't given, this obsession would continue for quite some time.

However, Charlene didn't care. As long as Zhen Manni saw the results of the poll, her efforts would not go to waste.

Because Zhen Manni had agreed to her suggestion, as soon as they returned to Hai Rui, Charlene requested a meeting with Mo Ting.

Fang Yu gave Mo Ting an internal call on behalf of Charlene and received his approval.

"Manni, I will definitely try my best, don't worry," before heading upstairs, Charlene gazed into Zhen Manni's eyes. Charlene's eyes contained an unusually passionate sincerity.

Zhen Manni responded the way she always did, she simply nodded her head in a casual manner. It was not until Charlene disappeared from her sight that she put away her phone and approached Fang Yu.

"I want to listen to what she says."

Fang Yu shrugged his shoulders and escorted Zhen Manni up to the top floor a few moments behind Charlene.


CEO's office. From the moment she stepped foot into the office, Charlene sat on the sofa with her head lowered. She didn't have the courage to look at Mo Ting; this man had total control over the life and death of an artist. She could be eternally doomed with one simple word from his mouth.

But...she had already gotten to this point; she could no longer turn back.

If Mo Ting was to find out she was the one putting a wedge between Zhen Manni and Hai Rui, she had no idea or control over how her fate would end up. Since she had decided to take the first step, from now on, she had no choice but to continue.

So, Charlene contained her beating heart as she spoke in a quivering voice, "President Mo..."

"Speak..." Mo Ting leaned back on the sofa. He was wearing a brown suit that accentuated his built physique.

Before marrying Tangning, his clothes consisted mainly of dark grey. But, ever since Tangning took joy in picking out his clothes, his style started to change.

Whatever Tangning chose, he would wear it...

His entire body was covered with the warmth from Tangning's fingertips, allowing him to feel warm and protected even in the harsh winter and dark entertainment industry.

"Manni was a bit unhappy last night after returning to Beijing," Charlene posed her first concern, "Although she didn't say anything, I could tell she was uncomfortable with President Mo becoming Tangning's manager."

"What does my decision to be Tangning's manager have to do with her?" Mo Ting asked Charlene with a piercing glare.

Charlene was so intimidated, she looked away; not many people could face Mo Ting without feeling scared.

"Honestly, Star King has given Manni multiple offers, but she's never been moved by them because she is a grateful person. She's achieved an irreplaceable status through her hard work. Yet...upon her first day returning to Beijing she was bullied by Tangning's fans."

"President Manni's manager, I simply hope you won't care for one thing and lose sight of another..."

"Get to the point!" Mo Ting had no interest in her lengthy speech.

"Since President Mo has already decided to be Tangning's manager, should also consider taking care of Manni..."

"Although Manni is loyal to Hai Rui, I can sense she is having an internal battle with herself. Star King's offer is extremely generous. She even met up with Star King's heir last week..."

"I'm afraid Manni may lose her confidence in Hai Rui because of everything that's happened."

"Not to mention, after returning to Beijing, she was bullied by a ruthless newcomer..."

Mo Ting sat up; his eyes were fired up. In actual fact, he knew all along what Charlene's motive was, but hearing it in person was another thing; it was quite amusing.


Did she just say his wife was a ruthless newcomer?

"If I become Zhen Manni's manager, what will become of you?" Mo Ting asked in an interested tone. "I've never met a manager willing to give up on themselves for the sake of their artist. I never knew you were so generous..."

"I...I simply want Manni to get what she deserves."

"So, me becoming her manager is what she deserves?"

"Uh huh!"

Mo Ting remained silent for a couple seconds before standing up and saying in a cold tone, "You are indeed no longer suitable to be Zhen Manni's manager."

He then said directly towards the doorway, "Zhen Manni, come in and deal with your manager."

Charlene had no idea Zhen Manni was standing outside the door; her face turned pale. Her trembling hands gripped tightly to the hem of her skirt as she tried desperately to conceal her nervousness.

Afterwards, Zhen Manni entered the office with her arms crossed. After greeting Mo Ting, she lifted her hand and threw a slap across Charlene's face, "When did I meet up with Star King's heir?"

"And when have Star King given me offers?"

"Charlene, did you think just because I have a bad temper, I am also stupid?"

"Do you know where you slipped up? With my current status, there is a long line of people waiting to be my manager, yet you were willing to give it up. Are you kidding me?"

Charlene's face went from pale to red; it was unusually entertaining to see. She had no words to refute...

At this time, Zhen Manni turned to face Mo Ting, "Charlene is my manager, I want to take her back and deal with her myself!"

"You go out first, leave Charlene behind," Mo Ting replied in an icy cold tone.

He had a simple reason for leaving her behind: she had bad-mouthed Tangning.

Zhen Manni originally had questions she wanted to ask, but...since Mo Ting had made a request, she had no choice but to obediently leave the room.

Charlene held onto her cheek as tears poured down her cheeks, looking pitiful...

However, to Mo Ting, there were only two types of people in this world: there was Tangning, and there was everyone else.

"It seems like you still haven't realized who's the boss of this industry."

"Pr...President Mo...I..."

"Do you know what mistake you have made?" Mo Ting lifted his head with an intimidating gaze, "Look at me."

"I...I don't know," Charlene was so frightened her whole body was trembling and her voice was shaky.

"Describe Tangning for me again."

Charlene thought about what she said earlier; how she called Tangning a ruthless newcomer...

"I don't care what you are scheming behind-the-scenes and what tricks you have up your sleeves. Nothing is as horrible as the way you described Tangning."


"The people at Star King not only bought you out, they must have also boosted your confidence. Otherwise, how would you have the courage to negotiate with me directly?" Mo Ting sat down on his office chair and continued, "Although you aren't a suitable manager for Zhen Manni...I have still decided to keep you by her side."

Charlene's eyes flew wide open, "No, President Mo, Manni will torture me to death."

"You have no choice in the matter. Let's see if you will bad-mouth Tangning ever again!"

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Two types of people: Tangning and everyone else. Oh, Mo Ting, why are you such a doting husband?

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