Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 385: Don't Wear it Then

Chapter 385: Don't Wear it Then

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"She was an obsessed science fiction writer," Mo Ting replied guiltily.

"Then let's stick with that..." Tangning responded. "Since the writer chose that career for her, there must be a reason. Plus, didn't you tell me to treat the past as a form of experience?"

"Fine...I can't argue with you." In reality, whether her character was a military personnel or writer, it would have been equally interesting. But, the weakness of a writer added to the suspense. It was, after all, a disaster movie, if people didn't feel on edge, then the movie would fail miserably.

Actually, the thing Tangning was most comfortable with, was the fact that the entire production involved people she knew and trusted. Whether it was the producer or director, she was confident they were going to work well together.



That evening, Tang Xuan returned home to find Elder Tang's lawyer was just leaving. In a panic, she approached him and asked, "Lawyer Liu, are you leaving? Let me walk you out."

"Big Miss, please stay..." as soon as the lawyer saw her, he waved his hand anxiously and hurried out.

This increased Tang Xuan's suspicions. It seemed, she would have to clarify Elder Tang's intentions. She was sure he must have said something to the lawyer for him to avoid her like a mouse would avoid a cat.

Tang Xuan's expression was a little dull as she made a phone call to her assistant, "Help me investigate why grandfather was talking to Lawyer Liu. I want to know the results by tomorrow at the latest."

"Yes, President Tang."

As long as Tangning was around, she'd always feel like there was a splinter on her back.

As for the witchcraft incident, although she didn't win, she did not completely lose either. At least Tangning no longer had a film to partake in and everyone in the industry was avoiding her.

If the face she despised continued to appear on television, she would not be able to eat nor sleep.


Late into the night, inside the glass manor, the lights were shining brightly.

From the moment Han Xiner stepped foot onto the island, she had been trying to familiarize herself with her surroundings.

However, Bei Chendong had designed the place like a maze. So, no matter which turn she took, she'd always find herself back at the same spot. Meanwhile, the jerk that claimed he could not take care of himself, was nowhere to be seen...

"How do I get out of here? Why would one person live in such a huge place? Does he like the sound of his own echo?"

At this moment, Bei Chendong was having a bath. As he heard Han Xiner's footsteps approaching, he did not have any intention of warning her. He simply lay in the huge pool-style bath with his eyes closed and his slung arm in the warm water.

"Where could he be..." As Han Xiner spoke, she pushed open the door to the bathroom. The first thing she lay eyes on was Bei Chendong's firm and muscly back. Of course, it was only a second before she turned around.

Did a tasteless accident scene - typical of a novel - have to happen in her reality?

However, she had absolutely no idea this was not an accident. Bei Chendong had actually done it deliberately...

In fact, it was extremely deliberate...

"Sorry, continue what you were doing. I'll leave right away!"

"Since you're here, why don't you give me a hand..." Bei Chendong said as he turned around and leaned on the edge of the bath. "I can only take off my clothes, but putting them back on is a little difficult."

"Don't wear it then..." Han Xiner turned around, ready to run away, but Bei Chendong's words held her back.

"You said it..." Bei Chendong stood up out of the water without any intention to cover up...

In actual fact, he was still wearing a pair of boxers...

Although Han Xiner's scream was a little...frightening, Bei Chendong didn't know why he found tricking her quite entertaining as he watched her frantically run away.

The night was long, but it seemed, he wasn't going to be lonely.


Han Xiner was stunned speechless...She had actually spotted the boxers on Bei Chendong's body, but she still ran away in fear. As she stopped she placed her hands on her cheeks...

They were frighteningly hot.

Actually, she wasn't just embarassed, she was also afraid.

Would a weirdo like Bei Chendong have a whole heap of perverted fetishes? There was no one else around. So, if he was to do something to her, she'd have nowhere to hide...

Thinking of this, Han Xiner immediately decided to give Tangning a phone call. But amidst the panic, she ended up calling the wrong number. She then blurted urgently into the phone, "Ning Jie, can you come pick me up right now? I'm a little scared. What if Bei Chendong kills me?"

On the other end of the phone, there was silence...

After a short moment, a male voice faintly replied, "I'm Bei Chendong."

Han Xiner: "..."

"At the moment, killing is not one of my hobbies, but, I can try to make it into one."

Han Xiner: "..."

"Hurry back here and help me change my bandages..."

"I can't, I'm scared!" Han Xiner still felt it was best for her to keep a distance from Bei Chendong. "I want to go back to Beijing."

Bei Chendong laughed...He laughed uncontrollably, "I'll get the housekeeper to accompany you. Is that better?"

"Didn't you say you have no staff here?" Han Xiner immediately latched onto this point and refuted.

"The housekeeper is only in charge of cleaning the house, she does not take care of my diet and daily lifestyle needs."

After seeing the friendly housekeeper, Han Xiner let down her guard. At least it meant she wasn't alone.

But, faced with this building and the weirdo, Bei Chendong, she still needed courage. Perhaps tonight she wouldn't be able to sleep, just in case something was to happen...

Even thinking about the possibilities frightened her.

After putting down his phone, Bei Chendong realized it was best to return Han Xiner to a place where she could be amongst other people. Otherwise, she would actually think of him as a psycho killer.

He then stood up from the bath, put on his robe with one arm and went to look for Han Xiner, "Help me put my clothes back on. Let's return to Beijing..."

"Huh...Didn't you say you have nothing to film?"

"Well, now I do," Bei Chendong had already looked through the script of 'WH'; it was right down his alley. So, he decided to bite the bullet and return to his home in Beijing for a while; at least until the little creature no longer feared him.

Han Xiner had no idea that Bei Chendong was returning to Beijing because of her.

She naively thought he was simply returning because he accepted a job.

But, as long as she got to go back to Bejing, she was cheering on the inside. If she was to continue staying in this place, she was going to go crazy.

Bei Chendong looked at the joy on Han Xiner's face and couldn't help but sigh. So they say, good things come to those that wait...

Dealing with Han Xiner was like slow-cooking a frog!

He had to be patient. There was plenty of time ahead.

But, did she really not want the honor and pride of being the assistant of a national treasure actor?

Did she know how many people were lining up for this opportunity?

Bei Chendong sighed...

He had no choice but to patiently tame her. Why couldn't she take his hints the way that Tangning easily took Mo Ting's hints?

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