Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 383: You Can Insult Me

Chapter 383: You Can Insult Me

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At a wealthy business cocktail party.

Because of an invite from an elder, Mo Ting was inclined to attend. As he knew Tangning didn't like places like this, he ended up attending alone.

As for the rumor about Tangning keeping ghosts, no one could present any evidence, so Hai Rui did all they could to contain it.

Inside the luxurious palace-like country club, red wine glasses were stacked up high. At events like this, practically all the best business talent in Beijing were gathered. So amongst the crowd, Mo Ting was only considered average.

When it came to status and seniority, only his father and grandfather would have the presence to stir up the venue. Of course, Mo Ting never liked to be compared to others, even if the people ​present dealt with billions of dollars.

"President Mo, lately you've been the talk of the town," someone brought over a glass of wine to start a conversation. His words seemed to contain a deeper meaning as he looked at Mo Ting with ridicule.

Mo Ting smiled and responded, "I heard your daughter is a huge fan of one of my boy bands. If you need my help, feel free to ask, no need to be polite."

In other words, he was saying that the man's daughter was so star crazy that everyone had heard about it. So, he shouldn't act so high class!

The man smiled awkwardly, "It seems, no one can get even half their way with President Mo."

"I haven't fully won either," Mo Ting also smiled.

"How come your wife isn't here?"

"She likes the peace and quiet," Mo Ting replied directly.

"Over on the other side, President Shao has said a few interesting things about the entertainment industry. Perhaps President Mo would like to go over and have a look," the man pointed to the lawn suggestively.

"I shall make my leave," Mo Ting turned around and walked towards the lawn. As he approached, he noticed a few women surrounding President Shao as well as a few cajoling men.

"Hey, President Shao, I heard keeping ghosts comes with a price. Some people are obviously not destined to be a star, yet they insist on changing their fate, so of course that comes with a price upon themselves and/or even their family. How frightening," a woman dressed in a short black dress said as she stood next to President Shao holding a glass of wine.

"I know right? That's why I got out of there as soon as possible...To be honest..." President Shao scoffed and continued, "...if it wasn't for Hai Rui, I wouldn't have accepted her in the first place."

"President Shao, it's best you keep your voice down. President Mo is also here today," a slightly rich woman laughed.

"Even if President Mo is here, I wouldn't be scared. This is the business world; connections should only be used appropriately..." President Shao laughed. "Time will tell that my decision was right..."

"No matter how much time it takes, a stupid decision will never be the right decision. Time has no ability to make someone smarter," Mo Ting's voice resounded from behind the group.

Everyone jumped in fear as an air of awkwardness swept through.

When talking about someone behind their back, the thing one feared the most, was to be caught red-handed.

"President Mo..."

President Shao pulled back his arrogance from a moment ago and suddenly became a little restrained.

"I have a feeling your entire production will come to an end tonight, do you believe me?" Mo Ting's lips curved upwards as he lifted his glass at President Shao.

"President Mo, you..."

"Didn't you say my wife keeps ghosts? If she keeps ghosts, then I must also have a few tricks up my sleeves, right? I predict that 'Hidden Expert' will come to an end tonight, do you believe me?"

President Shao's expression tensed up as it alternated between red and white, "President Mo, your words are a bit harsh."

"Was your rumor about my wife not harsh?"

"That was the work of the media..."

"Really?" Mo Ting's lips curved further upwards, "Did you not work with someone to deliberately defame my wife? Is the security of your cast guaranteed?"

"Mo Ting...if you speak like this, things aren't going to look nice between us." After speaking, President Shao stood up from his seat and the atmosphere intensified.

At this time, an elegant woman dressed in a white qipao approached the two men and asked Mo Ting, "What's happening here?"

"Auntie, we have some private matters to deal with."

"As long as nothing's wrong," the elegant woman nodded her head and walked away. Afterwards, Mo Ting said calmly, "I'm sure President Shao is familiar with the lady that just left? That was Bei Chendong's mother, but..." Mo Ting's eyes carried a few layers of danger as he glared at President Shao for a while, "...did I ever tell you that Bei Chendong is my cousin?"

President Shao's eyes grew wide in shock as his heart almost jumped out of his chest...

"President Shao was right. In the business world, connections should be used, I wish you all the best." After speaking, Mo Ting turned and left. Leaving President Shao frozen in place, unsure of what to do.

'Hidden Expert' was designed with Bei Chendong in mind. If circumstances changed with Bei Chendong, then everything he had invested would completely go to waste...

He was originally supposed to make a huge profit...

But now...

President Shao wiped his face regretfully as he blamed himself for being stupid. He should have known something wasn't right when Mo Ting agreed to replace Tangning so easily. Yet, he didn't take the warning and went to provoke the tiger; digging his own grave.

Was he really to sit idly by as all his resources sunk to the bottom of the sea?

After careful thought, President Shao suddenly chased after Mo Ting, "President Mo, can we have a chat? I know I was wrong. Otherwise, you wouldn't hold me accountable."

Mo Ting brushed off President Shao's clingy hands and said coldly, "You can insult me, but, you can't insult my wife."

After speaking, Mo Ting lifted his arm and looked at the watch on his wrist, "At this time, the press conference should be starting."

President Shao's face turned pale. After Mo Ting left, he pulled out his phone and quickly contacted his assistant.

On the other end of the phone, his assistant said in a panic, "President Shao, Bei Chendong has used the recent accident as a reason for withdrawing from the film. Quick, look at the news..."


Bei Chendong rarely accepted interviews because of his weird personality. But, as a national treasure actor, whenever he opened his mouth, everyone would be convinced by him - because he could never be bothered to tell lies.

"The incident this time was created by someone in the production crew. In fact, that staff member is still on the run and being pursued by the police."

"As for I...I wasn't implicated by Tangning. I saved her because it was a normal male response."

"Who would have thought, someone would deliberately use this accident to create such ridiculous rumors. It is absolutely intolerable."

"The whole thing about Tangning keeping ghosts and being involved in witchcraft is complete rubbish."

"So, I, Bei Chendong - under the circumstances of the crew not being able to provide a satisfactory explanation and not being able to guarantee my safety - have decided to officially announce my withdrawal from 'Hidden Expert'."

"Film fans, whether you want to believe the production crew or I, please consider it carefully..."

Bei Chendong's words were direct...

They had always been this direct...

So, how could the fans possibly believe the production crew?

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