Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 382: I Need to Look at the Script First

Chapter 382: I Need to Look at the Script First

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Tangning shook her head. Although she knew quite a lot of people, there were only a handful of people who she truly bonded with. And these people, were currently beside her. So, who else wanted to see her?

Long Jie gestured for her to close her eyes.

Tangning originally didn't want to play such a childish game, but, since it was someone she couldn't predict, she decided there was no harm in playing along.

A moment later, the sound of leather shoes on the hard floor resounded through her ears.

Tangning kept her eyes closed and smiled, "Zihao."

Long Jie's expression was one of shock. Who would have thought she'd be able to guess like this.

That's right, the person that had appeared in front of Tangning was a dark blue suited An Zihao; there was no doubt about it. After, building up his experience overseas for the last few months, he had become more mature and reliable.

"I never thought you'd actually become an actress," An Zihao sat down opposite Tangning. "I saw the video of your audition and honestly think that you are better than a large number of actors. Although you still have a few aspects which you could improve on, with your intelligence, I'm sure you'll be able to overcome it easily."

"Thank you for having so much confidence in me," Tangning overflowed with happiness.

The image of An Zihao leaving Cheng Tian was still imprinted in her memory, but they were both no longer the same people as back then.

"You've returned from your training?"

"Yes. But, as soon as I got back, I heard you've been involved in another big news," An Zihao laughed.

Tangning still remembered​ when they first met. At that time, he was still grieving over Yun Xin's death. But now, it was like he was reborn and refreshed.

"Enough about me, let's talk about you," Tangning wanted to change the subject. However, at this time, Mo Ting walked out of the study room and suggested, "Let's have a look at the news first."

After speaking, Mo Ting picked up the remote control and turned on the television in the living room. The midday news was currently showing.


[Tangning Replaced?]

This was the headline at the bottom of the screen and broadcasting live was a reporter on the set of 'Hidden Expert'. As Tangning had already been replaced, she was nowhere to be seen.

"I am here at the first media visit for the set of 'Hidden Expert'. The visit today seems to also be an indirect announcement that Tangning has been replaced. Although the production team haven't officially announced this change, we can clearly see that Tangning is not on set and the public's rumors are true."

"According to the hospital, Tangning has already recovered and left the hospital. But, no one knows where she has gone."

"As for the reason why Tangning has been replaced, the public are assuming it has something to do with the rumor that Tangning is involved in witchcraft. It's not easy to be a celebrity...but, most surprising of all, the fact that the 'Hidden Expert' crew insisted on replacing Tangning against the pressures of Mo Ting, shows how serious they are towards the 'conduct' of their actors. This is something that should be applauded..."

"This reporter is a mistress of 'Hidden Expert's producer," Mo Ting explained as he saw the confused looks on their faces.

"No wonder," Long Jie sneered. "They are obviously placing the blame on Tangning's conduct and hinting that she would do anything to get famous."

"This President Shao is well-known in China and has contacts in many places. That's why he has no regard for Hai Rui," Mo Ting paused and continued, "Originally, I was going to leave them with a way out."

The trio looked at Mo Ting and suddenly felt a dangerous vibe. This wasn't out of the ordinary though because Mo Ting had always been like this when it came to business.

He could destroy someone without warning!

"OK, now that we've watched the news, let's talk business."

"No Boss, you should tell us the solution you've come up with. Tell us, I'm so curious! Let me experience a moment of satisfaction, even if it's just in secret," Long Jie bravely requested. "You always keep it to yourself and make others suffer in anticipation."

Tangning giggled and explained, "It's not a hard problem to solve."

"Has Boss told you already?" Long Jie turned and looked at Tangning.

"Nope," Tangning shook her head.

"Forget it, you're going to say you guys are connected by heart, aren't you?" Long Jie waved her hand and grabbed onto Tangning's arm, "Come on, can you tell me?"

"Well, 'Hidden Expert' was created with Bei Chendong in mind and the producer has invested a lot of money into the project."

"Everyone knows this!"

" one knows that Bei Chendong and Mo Ting...are cousins."

"Pfff..." Long Jie had just lifted a teacup to her mouth, when she suddenly sprayed the contents across the room without any consideration of her own image...

Tangning glared at her, "You are disgusting!"

"Sorry, I was too shocked," Long Jie explained.

"Remember to give my carpet a wash before you leave," Mo Ting said casually.

"Even if Mo Ting and Bei Chendong are cousins, Bei Chendong isn't the type to just breach a contract!"

"He's not breaching his contract. In fact, 'Hidden Expert' are the ones that breached their contract. According to the clause about safety and security, if the safety of the actor has been compromised and the crew can't guarantee his safety in the future, he has the right to withdraw from the film," Mo Ting explained. "This is a requested addition to the contract that only national treasure actors have the privilege of experiencing."

"Haha, then we have a good show ahead of us..."

"Now that we've finished with the television, let's change the topic," Mo Ting turned off the television and looked at An Zihao. He then asked in a serious tone, "If I hand Tangning over to you, can you guarantee her safety?"

"What do you mean by that?" Tangning asked.

An Zihao turned to look at Tangning and nodded his head, "Of course..."

"The reason that An Zihao returned this time was to find investors. He has already become a director and he has a film ready to go. I've had a look at the script and it's not bad," Mo Ting explained to Tangning. "Since you are a newcomer and so is An Zihao, let's take a risk. If the film fails, no one will be blamed nor ridiculed, because you are both new. I am happy to invest in it!"

"I need to look at the script first," Tangning was afraid of the quality of the film. She didn't want Mo Ting's name to appear on the end credits of a rubbish film.

"Of course," An Zihao smiled. "Don't worry, we have a rough budget. We won't endlessly ask President Mo for money. He is a businessman, he won't do something that does not benefit him. You need to at least believe this point."

"Plus, it is not necessary for him to invest in a film just so you can participate in it. Hai Rui has plenty of resources and contacts; he could easily find someone much more capable to work with."

"So, are you willing to take a risk with me?"

"Right now, I am already being rumored as someone that keeps ghosts. What else would I be afraid of?" Tangning suddenly laughed. "However, I still need to look at the script first."

An Zihao nodded, "If that's what you want, it's decided then. Let's sit back and watch a good show while you look through the script. The script is in your husband's hands..."

"OK, let's watch a good show..."

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