Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 381: There is no Storm That I Can't Block

Chapter 381: There is no Storm That I Can't Block

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On the night of the incident, Hai Rui finally released a statement that Tangning had only suffered a minor injury and Bei Chendong had a slight fracture.

The cause of the accident was still under investigation, so they could not comment on it yet. But, they hoped everyone could remain patient.

However, the rumor about Tangning being a jinx did not subside because of this. In fact, the rumor started to become even more superstitious. People were beginning to believe that she was involved in witchcraft.

There had always been rumors like this in the entertainment industry. It was believed that many celebrities employed a shaman to invite a few small ghosts into their home. They would then feed and burn offerings to these ghosts in exchange for fame and fortune.

So the fact that Tangning always seemed to pull out of misfortunate incidences with the upper hand, was bound to attract rumors like this.

As it involved the unknown, it created an air of mystery and made people fearful. Regardless, once the people in the entertainment industry heard of this rumor, who still dared to work with Tangning?

Even when it came to Hai Rui or Mo Ting, under these circumstances, was their best option to let Tangning cease all activity? Should they choose to settle while it was still early?

Hai Rui's PR tried their best to stop the rumors from circulating. However, even if the public had a bad memory, what about the people in the entertainment industry?

The next day, the hospital did another round of checks on Tangning. After confirming her head was OK, Tangning requested to leave the hospital. However, Mo Ting replied, "Let's return to Beijing first, someone wants to see you."

"Who?" Tangning asked.

Mo Ting gently patted her on the head as his heart ached. It was like he was promising to himself that one day he'd lift her to a position where no one dared to defame her.

"You'll know after you see them."

Tangning was curious, but she obediently followed Mo Ting's arrangements. However, it wasn't long before she learnt that she had been replaced. After all, this wasn't an easy secret to keep.

"Have I been replaced?" Tangning asked Mo Ting. "I...had no idea..."

Mo Ting stopped the car and pinched her cheeks, "Just think of it as a test. It's not a pity to lose the role; you deserve better anyway."

Tangning lowered her head. Since Mo Ting had made a decision, then there was nothing worth getting upset over. Because Tangning knew, if something had a solution, Mo Ting would not give up easily on it; his track record of obtaining resources and endorsements was the best example.

Plus, she knew deep in her heart, if the problem wasn't solved at the root, even if she was to return on set, problems would still arise.

Rather than letting that happen, she might as well leave now before the production suffered a loss.

However, little did she know that Mo Ting had absolutely no intention for 'Hidden Expert' to continue to exist...

"There are even rumors that I'm keeping ghosts..." Tangning couldn't help but laugh. "I've already expressed my motives clearly, yet, why won't she let go. Will she only be satisfied when she's completely destroyed me?"

"There are some people that aren't born innocent. Some people were born to be evil until the day they die."

"That's an interesting observation," Tangning gently nodded her head.

"Do you trust me?" Mo Ting asked with a hopeful look.

Tangning nodded again and held onto his hand, "Of course I trust you."

"If you trust me, then follow quietly behind. Within this industry, there is no storm I can't help you block..."

This was something Tangning never doubted.


After Tangning left the hospital, Han Xiner was left behind to take care of Bei Chendong. Seeing he was asleep in bed, Han Xiner leisurely browsed through her phone. But, as soon as she discovered rumors of Tangning keeping ghosts and being involved in witchcraft, she couldn't help but yell at her phone in agitation. Luckily, she quickly remembered to covered her mouth.

"I already heard you..." Bei Chendong said with his eyes closed.

"Just pretend you were hearing things, it's all in your imagination..." Han Xiner waved her hand.

"Should I prepare some equipment for you to go home and place a voodoo curse on someone?"

"If you could, that would be great!"

"If someone finds out, people would think Tangning really is keeping ghosts," Bei Chendong finally opened his intelligent-looking eyes. His eyes had a charming drawing power to them that tempted Han Xiner to have a second look."

"I'm just joking..." Han Xiner sighed, "Ning Jie sure has a difficult life. She is actually a great person, but I don't know why people always scheme against her."

"Good protects those with talent Have you heard of this before?"

These words were comforting for Han Xiner, so she nodded her head, "It's because Ning Jie is too capable that she's unintentionally stood in others' paths..."

"Since you know this, why are you still angry?"

Han Xiner thought about it and realized he was right. Even if things couldn't​ get any worse, Tangning still had Mo Ting by her side. So, the problem was bound to make a turn for the better.

After comforting Han Xiner, Bei Chendong closed his eyes to rest again. However, the nurses outside were secretly gossiping.

"Haiz...Let me tell you, that Bei Chendong is a snob to everyone. Previously, when the doctor spoke to him, he only responded with one word. This little assistant, however, has sure gained his trust."

"He has a weird temper too. Just looking at him is so intimidating. I was so nervous when I had to help him attach his drip because he doesn't seem to like physical contact."

"How weird, the little assistant helps him wipe his hands and face, but he doesn't avoid it at all."

That was because, his reactions were dependent on the person.


Midday. Tangning returned to Hyatt Regency and finally ran into Long Jie, who she hadn't seen for a while. Long Jie ran over urgently and grabbed onto Tangning's body.

"Why are you so skinny?"

"I only received a small injury, it wouldn't have effected my weight," Tangning comforted.

"Really? Do you know how I felt when I heard you had fallen from so high up?" Long Jie suddenly started crying. "If something really happened to you, I wouldn't know where to go to cry my heart out."

Tangning understood Long Jie was worried about her, so she did not refute and, instead, let her vent her anger.

"Tell me, you're already married and an adult, how could you be so careless?" Long Jie sobbed. "No, that's not right, this is all because of the person that instigated everything. Once we find out who it is, they are going to experience a living hell."

A coldness suddenly appeared in Tangning's eyes.

Some people were as Mo Ting said: no matter how you warn them or emphasize things to them, they would still live in their own world.

Tangning really didn't want to go to extremes...

But, if the culprit really was Tang Xuan...

"By the way, what should we do about you being replaced? The almighty President of Hai Rui's artist was replaced. If word gets out, how much pride would Boss have left?" Long Jie said in a frustrated tone. "The producer of 'Hidden Expert' sure is brave."

"Ting will handle this matter..."

"Of course I know he will. I can't wait to see their fates."

Since Tangning wasn't in the film anymore and it was to be released after 'Stupid', Mo Ting was going to make it so they never get released...

"That's right, Ting said someone wants to see me. Who is it?" Tangning asked with a smile as she sat on the sofa.

"Well, it couldn't be me. It's someone else. Do you want to take a guess?" Long Jie looked her mysteriously.

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