Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 131: God Will Deal With Those That Are Evil

Chapter 131: God Will Deal With Those That Are Evil

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With the return of Mo Ting, Tangning felt like a load had been lifted off her shoulders. The couple remained in each other's embrace until An Zihao finally called to hurry Tangning.

"Go ahead. After I freshen up, I need to head into the office," Mo Ting said gently.

Tangning nodded her head. The worries she previously had, had now been completely swept away. Before being with Mo Ting, she had been with Han Yufan for a good few years, but...she had never felt this way; it was like her heart was tied to Mo Ting's with a string and whenever anything happened to him it would tug painfully at her.

Remembering that An Zihao was waiting for her, she pulled away from Mo Ting's embrace and left.

Outside Hyatt Regency, An Zihao was sitting in the manager's van waiting for Tangning. Now that she was an official model of Cheng Tian, they would treat her with the dignity and respect she deserved.

Seeing Tangning finally make an appearance, An Zihao immediately covered her and helped her into the van. While he was closing the door he suddenly said to her, "Tangning, did you know your goal is to become a top supermodel? If you are aware of this, you should grasp onto the best timing and work non-stop instead of being immersed in love. Don't tell me you don't know this is a ticking time bomb?"

"It's not that I want to interfere with your private life. I just want to warn you, if you get discovered...then everything you've done in the past, would go to waste..."

Tangning understood An Zihao's worries because he had previously experienced a taste of hell. However, she wasn't Yun Xin and Mo Ting wasn't An Zihao.

"Overseas, there are plenty of models that are married with children who are still walking the runways."

"Then, that depends on the capability of the man you are hiding..." An Zihao responded straightforwardly. "Of course, if you think there's nothing to worry about, then just pretend I haven't said anything."

Tangning closed her eyes like she was deep in thought. After quite some time, she finally said in a serious tone, "It is because of him that I am working so hard. Do you think I would distance myself from him for the sake of being a model?"

"For the sake of being a model, I can give up many things. However, he is definitely not one of them."

An Zihao understood what Tangning meant. He was suddenly reminded of the time he shared with Yun Xin. Back then, he had fallen into Yang Jing and Luo Hao's trap; exposing their relationship to the media. Yun Xin misunderstood and thought he had told the media...The argument and car accident that followed...was something he would never forget.

The atmosphere was a little awkward so An Zihao cleared his throat to break the silence, before changing the topic, "In a moment, we will be meeting with the editor of 'Her Vision'. I have already agreed to have you appear on their November front cover. This is an important opportunity for you, because right now, you are still lacking acknowledgment to become a top grade model. So, we need to utilize Her Vision to reach the top."

With the mention of work, Tangning nodded her head, "I will do all I can to coordinate."

"Right now, you need to be aware of your competitors within Cheng Tian. There are two under Yang Jing and three under Luo Hao. Amongst them, there is only one model under each of them that poses a real threat to you. You need to know that these two models are quite ruthless at fighting for resources..."

"I've experienced it..." Tangning smiled slightly.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Yang Jing is also vying for Her Vision's job."

An Zihao was only guessing, but who would have thought, his guess was right. Just as they arrived at the entrance to Her Vision, Yang Jing was walking out with one of her models. An Zihao sneered and asked Tangning to remain in the van as he stepped out alone and stopped Yang Jing in her track, "Bringing your model here for an audition?"

"I don't need to audition. Her Vision's editor is a friend of mine, I am merely following procedures. What about you? Are you here for an audition? I thought President Lan hasn't arranged a model for you yet."

"It seems, in the past few years, you've expanded your horizons quite a bit..."

Yang Jing froze; he had brought up a touchy subject.

"It seems, riding my coattail and stealing my work notes was quite effective."

"I don't know what you're talking about." After speaking, Yang Jing tried to leave with her model. But she was held back by An Zihao.

"God will deal with those that are evil."

Yang Jing glared at An Zihao before freeing herself from his grip and boarding her car with her model.

After Yang Jing drove off, An Zihao returned to his van and said to Tangning, "You can get out now. We will attend the audition as originally planned. If Yang Jing's already taken the November front cover, then..."


"...we will do whatever we can to snatch it back." An Zihao suddenly let out a laugh, "Those two despicable people owe me quite a lot. So, it's not unreasonable for me to snatch some things from them."

Tangning was silent as she watched Yang Jing drive off into the distance. If she wasn't seeing things, she thought she saw a familiar figure sitting in the backseat of Yang Jing's car - it was Lan Yu.

Over the past few days, because of Hai Rui's news, Lan Yu's incident had been overshadowed. But what intention did Yang Jing have for Lan Yu?

"Lan Yu was in Yang Jing's car."

An Zihao lifted his head and took a quick glance at Tangning. He had an unhappy expression on his face, "I suspect, with Yang Jing's ambitious nature, she probably wants to start her own company. Right now she is getting Lan Yu on her side so she can make use of her in the future. After all, your status is continually advancing and Lan Yu looks similar to you, so she still has a chance of revival."

"Lan Yu should go to hell."

Tangning took a glance at An Zihao. She did not speak. Afterwards, the two entered Her Vision's office one after another and made an appointment with the editor's secretary.

The secretary looked An Zihao up and down before responding, "Sorry Mr. An, the editor had something urgent to deal with so she's left for France."

"Is that what your editor told you to say?"

The secretary was a little awkward but didn't disagree.

"Then, before we came, did your editor receive a phone call from Yang Jing?"

The secretary remained silent. Yang Jing had once again set up an obstacle for them. It's just that she didn't realize, this phone call not only obstructed An Zihao's way, but also blocked Tangning.

"Let's go," Tangning was calm. Even if a door was shut in her face, she wouldn't show the slightest hint of emotion.

"Maybe I've been away from the industry for too long," An Zihao shrugged his shoulders.

Tangning understood his frustration, so she didn't say too much. She simply asked, "If I manage to get a chance to speak to the editor, do you have the confidence to snatch the job from Yang Jing?"

"Of course..." An Zihao nodded.

Tangning nodded before pointing to a sofa, "Let's wait here then. When the editor comes out and realizes you know she hasn't gone to France. I wonder if she would be so embarrassed that she'd give you a chance?"

An Zihao smiled. Tangning's suggestion was direct. This was the perfect way to slap her in the face.

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