Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 378: The Jinx of the Entertainment Industry

Chapter 378: The Jinx of the Entertainment Industry

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Mo Ting's eyes darkened and his voice deepened, "Wait until I find out who did it. I will make them pay ten-fold for your fracture."

"If I get what I want, I may consider forgiving them. But, if things don't work out, I'll let you do whatever you want. Even ten-fold wouldn't be enough."

In other words, the culprit had given Bei Chendong an opportunity with Han Xiner. Since she was scared of him, now that his arm was fractured, he couldn't possibly still be so frightening, right?

Mo Ting's eyebrows twitched a little but he did not say a word.

A while later, Han Xiner quietly stepped into the emergency room. As soon as she saw Mo Ting sitting by Tangning's side, she asked, "President Ning Jie OK?"

"Your Ning Jie has a mild concussion. But Bei Chendong's injuries are worse. He doesn't have an assistant or manager, so you should thank him on behalf of Tangning and take care of him until he recovers," Mo Ting said in seriousness. If he was going to sell her off, he was going to do it seriously.

Han Xiner still had the image of the incident from earlier today in her mind. From the moment that Bei Chendong saved Tangning, she no longer felt he was so scary.


As Han Xiner agreed, she did not see the smile that appeared on Bei Chendong's face from behind the curtain.

A while later, people from the cast and crew of 'Hidden Expert' arrived at the hospital, but they did not dare to enter the room. They simply asked about Tangning's condition and waited anxiously outside.

Not long after, night hit.

Tangning felt a little dizzy but she quickly opened her eyes. Seeing Mo Ting sleeping at the foot of her bed, she felt her throat constrict and voice get raspy.

However, just a simple move of her finger was enough to wake him up.

"How do you feel? Does it hurt anywhere?" Mo Ting asked anxiously. His eyes were red; it seemed he hadn't gotten much sleep and had stayed by her bed the entire time.

Tangning shook her head and opened her mouth to speak, but Mo Ting already knew what she wanted to ask, "He's fine, he just has a slight fracture."

"I'm also fine," Tangning said in a dull tone. "After such a huge incident, is everyone on set fine?"

"The crew are outside waiting for you to wake up." After replying, Mo Ting stood up to notify them, but Tangning held onto his shirt and pulled him back.


Mo Ting turned around and looked at Tangning.

"Don't get angry at the wrong people. Find out the real culprit and make them pay."

"Before I find the truth, everyone is a suspect."

"Tangning...President Mo," the director whispered from outside the door, "Are you awake?"

"Come in," Tangning forced herself into a sitting position. She had just woken up, but she was already worried her man would blame the innocent and get angry at the wrong people even though she also believed the real culprit needed to be punished.

The director, producer and a few other important people, entered the hospital room. As soon as they saw the icy cold Mo Ting sitting beside the bed, they all began to tremble in fear, "Are you OK?"

Tangning gave a slight smile and nodded her head.

"That's good. We are still investigating the truth behind the incident. I'm sure we will get a result very soon."

"As for filming..."

"I can return to work after 3 days," Tangning quickly replied. Her injury wasn't​ too serious and she couldn't just give up on such a great production. Nor could they just replace her because they wanted to; they had to see if Mo Ting would allow it.

The director glanced at Mo Ting and quickly waved his hand, "You should get some rest. Even if you don't rest, Bei Chendong needs time to recover. We will first film the scenes of the other supporting actors. This film was made with Bei Chendong in mind, plus, it was originally meant to take 1 month to film in this location, but you guys are already well ahead of schedule."


"But what?"

"It's just, the public have turned the situation into something not so pleasant to the ear. I hope President Mo can step out and help Tangning refute the rumors..."

Someone had instigated this incident to hurt Tangning, but accidentally implicated Bei Chendong. All they needed to do was slightly hint it to the public and they'd be able to figure it out themselves.

"Xiao Xia, who was in charge of checking the wires, has disappeared. I'm sure we will know the truth once we find her."

Tangning scanned her eyes across the people before her and asked Mo Ting, "What is the public saying about me?"


"You guys may leave. My wife needs some rest," Mo Ting did not answer her question, nor did he let anyone else answer on his behalf.

"OK, you guys have a good rest, we will go first."

"Thank you, director."

The director waved his hand leisurely. As long as Mo Ting didn't hold them accountable, he was over the moon.

After they left, Tangning looked at Mo Ting seriously and asked once again, "What is the public saying about me?"

"Don't worry about it..." Mo Ting said as he pressed down on her body.

Tangning remained silent for a while before she suddenly grabbed onto Mo Ting's slightly trembling right hand, "Were you really worried?"

"I wanted so badly to be the one that had fallen instead of you," Mo Ting lowered his head and said in a low voice. It seemed he was trying his best to control his emotions. "I'm not sure how many more times I can handle it. Don't ever get hurt again. Especially not in front of me..."

Tangning did not say a word. She simply sat up straight and wrapped her arms around Mo Ting, pulling him into a tight hug.

"I'm sorry for making you worry."

The couple remained silent for a while before Mo Ting pushed Tangning away and helped her lie down, "I'll go get you some food. You should be hungry by now."

"OK," Tangning nodded her head.

Mo Ting gently brushed his hand across Tangning's head and stood up to leave the room. However, Tangning knew he was actually standing outside the room calming his emotions; he simply didn't want her to see him in this state.

Previously, when she had suffered a fever or flu, Mo Ting had already been worried beyond belief. Let alone this time, he had personally seen her fall from so high up.

She had promised him that she'd take good care of herself. Because as expected, when she got hurt, the person to hurt the most was not herself, but Mo Ting.

Tangning turned and grabbed the phone sitting on her bedside table. As she turned it on, she noticed she had quite a few missed calls from Huo Jingjing and Long Jie. It seemed, whatever the rumors were, they were quite serious. Otherwise, these two women wouldn't both call her at the same time.

Tangning zoned out for a little while before she decided to return Huo Jingjing's phone call. On the other end of the phone, Huo Jingjing practically picked up instantly.

"What happened? Rumors are going around that either you're​ dead or Bei Chendong is dead."

"I just got a small injury. Bei Chendong is also fine."

"That's good to hear," Huo Jingjing breathed a sigh of relief. Afterwards, she said to Tangning in a serious voice, "Did someone plan this behind your back? The public are spreading ridiculous rumors about you and calling you 'The Jinx of the Entertainment Industry'. Even a fortune teller has stepped out to defame you."

"I'm truly unsure this time," Tangning thought about the incident carefully. The production crew were in charge of the stunt, but who could have instigated everything. She had no clue.

Could it be? A twinkle of suspicion suddenly appeared in Tangning's eyes.

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