Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 376: Accident

Chapter 376: Accident

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Mo Ting was stunned by her reaction, "Has it been too tough?"

"Yes, it's been tough," Tangning replied as she pressed her cheek against Mo Ting's chest. "But, it's because I couldn't see you. It was only 5 days, so I made use of my time. I lined up classes with the martial arts choreographer and utilized every second I had. However...I still found myself missing you."

After hearing Tangning's words, Mo Ting suddenly smiled, "I thought it was only me."

"From now on, I won't ever accept another job that makes us separate like this again. This will be the only time."

"OK," Tangning nodded. Although she couldn't predict the future, at this moment, she was satisfied.

"The producers haven't forgotten to continue marketing 'Hidden Expert'. Right now, there are plenty of fans anticipating its release. After your audition at 'Gunshot', the public have become a lot more confident towards your acting. So Ning, your hard work has paid off. During this year's summer vacation, you will definitely rule the screen."

"Good things come to those that work hard."

"God will definitely watch over my precious treasure."

"Let's work hard towards winning this year's Best Newcomer Award."

After playing the role of an actress and a troublemaker, Tangning had indeed consumed herself in two emotionally complex characters. It was like she had experienced the lives of two very different people. The satisfaction she received was something she never got from modeling.

If she was given a chance to choose again between walking on the runway or acting in the mountains, separated from civilization, she would still prefer the opportunity to immerse herself in a character.

Her dream of becoming a supermodel had already disappeared when she gave up on Fashion Week. Although it was a pity, she was happy with the alternative. If she had never acted, she would have never found out that there was something she enjoyed even more. Above all, she could now leave something behind for the world to remember her by.

Perhaps one day, when her and Mo Ting grow old, they could sit down and watch her films together; maybe it would make them feel young again.

Mo Ting had always been the person that understood her the most...

The couple hugged each other for quite some time until the director finally asked Xiner to check when Tangning would be able to start filming. Tangning pulled away from Mo Ting's embrace and said, "I will be hanging from wires today, do you want to watch? I must warn you though, my makeup is really ugly..."

"Since I'm already here, of course I want to watch you."

"If you need to leave halfway just let Xiner know," Tangning said as she pulled Mo Ting towards the film set.

The set was still being set up and Tangning still needed to get her makeup done.

Mo Ting let go of her hand and went to chat with the director. Between the lines, the director's every word was, of cours,e a compliment.

"To be honest, back when you first recommended Tangning, I merely considered her because of Bei Chendong. Bei Chendong is usually very picky when it comes to picking his supporting actors, yet he had no complaints about Tangning."

"Also, when I met with you earlier, I said a few harsh words. At that time, I thought even if a model could act, she wouldn't be able to accept looking ugly. I even made preparations to replace her at any time. But, Tangning really exceeded my expectations."

"She's always the first to arrive every day and always the most hardworking. She's practiced her first few scenes of choreography with the martial arts choreographer so many times that she's completely mastered it."

"Most importantly, for the sake of the role, she's willing to sacrifice anything. That's the most impressive point about her."

"President Mo, I can tell you without any intention to suck up that Tangning will definitely be a hit. She's a great actress and shouldn't be wasted on the runway..."

Mo Ting listened intently as a rare smile appeared on his face. It was almost like he was the one being praised.

"Someone like Tangning is hard to come by. You don't see people like that any more."

"She is my most precious asset."

A moment later, Tangning walked out with her completed makeup. As usual she was covered in a foul stench, her hair was a mess and her face was dirty.

Even Mo Ting was surprised when he saw her. This was perhaps the limit of ugliness. His wife sure sacrificed a lot.

With Mo Ting nearby, Tangning took a deep breath and felt a lot more composed than usual.

"OK Tangning, time to put on your harness."

The props assistant immediately jumped into action. However, no one noticed the wires had been tampered with.

Today's scene was of the Lord flying across the cliff to the abandoned temple with the little troublemaker.

This was the troublemakers first time flying, so she was exceptionally excited.

"Tangning, take some time to get used to the wires first."

Although she had previously experienced being lowered onto the stage when modeling, flying back and forth like this, was her first time.

Tangning looked at Mo Ting hesitantly. Mo Ting responded with a wink, gesturing for her not to be nervous.

Tangning took a deep breath. It seemed, as long as Mo Ting was by her side, there was nothing to be afraid of.

"Come, let's practice. Props, come here and double check if the wires are fine."

Tangning's hips and legs sat inside the harness and wires were hooked up to the harness as Tangning was slowly lifted up...

"Tangning, do you feel OK?"

"Director, we can start."

"OK, we will commence filming as soon as Dong Ge is ready."

As usual, Bei Chendong was dressed in a white robe; his plain clothing made him look free from desires. As Mo Ting was also on set, Han Xiner couldn't help but compare the two men.

Indeed, she still got the same feeling as before.

If Mo Ting was a noble king then Bei Chendong was a hidden expert. One was respectable, whilst the other was aloof from the world.

One was suited to a position of power, whilst the other was suited to a life in solitary.

"Come, let's get into position and try a shot."

In front of the green screen, the props assistant cleared the set. Afterwards, Bei Chendong also put on his harness. In this scene, he was required to hold onto Tangning.

"In a moment, try not to look down...I will be holding onto you, so don't worry."

Tangning lifted her head and nodded. However, she suddenly had the same thought as Xiner. She didn't realize it when Mo Ting wasn't around, but now that he was here, Tangning suddenly felt the two men were quite similar.


"Hey, smelly Taoist, how do you fly across the cliff?" Tangning got into character as she accurately displayed the attitude of the troublemaker. As she walked forward with her splayed legs, she acted out the character perfectly.

"No one is smellier than you," the man scoffed as he approached the edge of the cliff.

"Hey, let me tell you..." Just as she was about to rebutt, the man tugged her by the shirt and took her flying across the cliff.

The troublemaker's eyes grew wide in surprise. Although Bei Chendong had warned her not to look down, as an actress acting as a troublemaker who experienced their first time flying, it was hard not to look down and compare the height.

But, at this time, the wires on Tangning's body suddenly snapped...

Everything happened too sudden. Bei Chendong subconsciously grabbed onto Tangning's shirt as they both fell onto the floor.

Everyone's expression turned pale in shock...

Before anyone could give a response, a dark figure had already rushed to Tangning's side.

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