Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 597: Effective

Chapter 597: Effective

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"Grandfather. Yes, I still have my grandfather!" Tang Xuan seemed to have discovered her last saving grace as her face lit up with hope, "Grandfather won't sit idly by. I need to go look for grandfather."

"Miss Tang, please calm down," the doctor said as he held onto her shoulder, "Don't be silly. Your grandfather doesn't care about you."


"Did you know? Halfway through your tough delivery, I stepped out to get your grandfather to sign a consent form. Do you know what he told me?"

"I asked him, in an extreme case, if I could only save either you or your child, who would he choose to save..."

"As a result..."

"What was the result?" Tang Xuan asked "What did he say?"

"He said to save the child!" the doctor replied. "Your grandfather doesn't care if you're dead or alive. He just wants the child. Otherwise, why would he take the child away as soon as you gave birth without coming to check on you even once?"

Save the child!

Tang Xuan no longer heard anything else. At this moment, the only word that rung in her head was 'save the child'. "This can't be possible. Grandfather couldn't have said that. No way!"

"All the nurses heard it."

"He is my grandfather. How could he treat his granddaughter like that? Doesn't he care about my life and death?" Tang Xuan gripped onto the blankets as she began to lose control of her emotions, "I am his granddaughter, his blood-related could he hope for me to die?"

The doctor supported Tang Xuan by the shoulders, "I was also surprised by his decision. He is your actual grandfather, yet he didn't care about you whatsoever. He asked for us to do all we could to save the child in your stomach. As for you, he was indifferent."

Tang Xuan did not suspect anything unusual. After listening to the doctor's words, she directly threw the glass sitting on

her bedside table onto the floor, "You all want me to die! You just want me to die!"

Seeing Tang Xuan lose control of her emotions, the doctor laughed in ridicule. After adjusting his white coat, he turned and left. However, 5 minutes later, a tall and skinny nurse directly walked into the room with two security guards.

"Miss Tang, please pay your hospital fees, otherwise, things will be very difficult for us."

"I told you already, I have no money. None!" Tang Xuan yelled angrily. "If you want money so badly, why don't you go rob a bank?"

"If that's​ the case, we have no choice but to apply force." After speaking, the nurse gestured to the security guards behind her. They quickly restrained her arms and dragged her out of the room, "If Miss Tang has no money, then please rest at home."

Tang Xuan had just finished giving birth, so, as she was dragged out of the room, she naturally had no strength, "Isn't the hospital afraid of being struck by lightning for doing something like this?"

"Sorry Miss Tang, we are simply following the rules. Plus, if we were to talk about being struck by lightning, you would definitely be the first..."

Actually, the revenge that was happening on her was clear. They weren't Tangning's methods, but Mo Ting's.

It was simple and effective.

The most despairing thing was, as soon as they kicked Tang Xuan out, they immediately moved another patient into her room like she never existed.

Tang Xuan lay on the floor. Struggling, she slowly stood up with the support of the wall. But, after a few steps, she fell back down.

She had long lost everything...and this time, she was completely defeated.

Especially when she thought about the words that Elder Tang had said.

Save the child...

"Hey, isn't that the Tang Corps heiress? Wasn't she living a flashy life before? How did she end up in this ditch?"

"What other reason could there be? It must be because she has no morals and has done too many bad things. I heard she gave birth to a son. I wonder what her son would think of his mother."

"You probably don't know, but the Tang Family has no intention of letting her come in contact with her child."

"Apparently, she doesn't even have money to pay the hospital and the Tang Family are ignoring her. This is definitely karma."

The nurses behind the service desk were gossiping about Tang Xuan out of boredom. But, just as they turned around and noticed that Tang Xuan was behind them, they quickly cleared their throats in awkwardness. Especially when they saw the hatred in her eyes, they quickly grabbed onto the patient reports in their hands and scurried away.

Tang Xuan had nowhere to go and had just given birth. All she could do was endure the pain and walk out of the hospital barefooted...

At this time, an elegant woman in a blue coat entered the walk-in clinic. As she watched Tang Xuan walk out the front door, she quickly grabbed onto a nurse and pointed out, "That patient isn't wearing any shoes..."

The nurse looked at Tang Xuan and replied, "Madam, she deserves it. It's best you stay out of it. Even her family are ignoring her."

"Why? Regardless of the reason, we can't just let her walk out on the street like this..." After speaking, the kind-hearted old woman chased after Tang Xuan and handed her some money from her wallet, "Child, take this money, go buy yourself some shoes before you leave."

Tang Xuan looked at the woman and found that she looked quite familiar. But, she couldn't quite figure out where she had seen her before.

Faced with the measly amount offered by the woman, Tang Xuan shook her head, "No need..."

"Life is bound to encounter despair, but you shouldn't give up on yourself!"

Tang Xuan brushed away the woman's hand again and increased her walking speed as she held in her pain. At this time, she noticed a car turning the corner, without hesitation, she jumped in front of it.

If she was to die, she was going to force Tangning to take on the blame of forcing her own sister to death. If she was going to die, she was going to find a scapegoat!

Everyone was shocked, especially the old woman that had just offered her help. Witnessing Tang Xuan being knocked off her feet, she quickly covered her mouth in surprise.

"Oh God..."

The hospital had no choice but to carry Tang Xuan back in. But the doctors didn't know whether to use expensive resources on her or not.

At this time, the old woman from earlier stepped forward and yelled at the doctors, "The main priority right now is to save a life. I'll pay for this woman's hospital fees."

Because the old woman still had other business to deal with, she paid for the bills and directly left. But, just as she walked past a newspaper stand, she noticed the photo of the woman she had just seen at the hospital as well as the image of another woman.


After seeing the news, she finally understood what was going on, "So, they are sisters."

Realizing this, the old woman's expression darkened...

She then pulled out her phone and gave her husband a phone call, "How many days until you arrive in Beijing?"

"I will be there as soon as I deal with the business I have at hand!" the man replied.

"There's something I want to ask you. Is Mo Ting's wife called Tangning?"

"Of course. If you're in Beijing, you should already know. She's very famous!"

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