Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 130: Sealed With a Kiss

Chapter 130: Sealed With a Kiss

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Tangning's eyes fired up. She did not respond.

An Zihao had a mixed expression but nodded anyway, "I will do what I should do..."

"Tangning, I won't force you, but, think about it carefully..."

"No need to think. If we get exposed, I will take full responsibility. We are...inseparable," Tangning responded in a serious tone. Her voice was firm and did not contain a trace of doubt.

Lan Xi looked at Tangning thoughtfully and smiled, "Then let's not worry about it anymore. By the way, have you guys seen the news about Hai Rui?" Lan Xi poured them each a glass of red wine, "Two international superstars is a huge loss for Hai Rui."

Hearing the words 'Hai Rui', Tangning's expression became sad. All she could do was clink wine glasses with Lan Xi, but she did not say a word.

"Tangning, in all honesty, have you ever considered joining Hai Rui?"

Long Jie wanted to laugh as she stood to the side, but she didn't dare. As if Tangning needs to go to Hai Rui! She is already the wife of Hai Rui's CEO and owns half of Mo Ting's shares.

"Hai Rui is not a place that I can go to, just because I want to..." Tangning was aware of how strict Mo Ting managed his business. A model like herself was common; she wasn't even worthy of mentioning.

"I've always wanted to go to Hai Rui...I want to...try out the role of the CEO's wife," Lan Xi laughed. In reality, her words were 30% joke and 70% truth. It was just that, Mo Ting was too hard to get close to; he never gave any woman a chance.

But, of course, they had no chance...

His wife was currently sitting right opposite Lan Xi.

Tangning glanced at Long Jie, gesturing her not to reveal any emotions. Long Jie was annoyed as she stuck her tongue at her.

After their meeting with Lan Xi, An Zihao obediently escorted Tangning home, "Where do you live?"

"Hyatt Regency," Tangning replied. Seeing An Zihao start up the car, she reiterated, "Don't forget what you promised me: You will not interfere with my private life."

"You don't need to put your guard up..." An Zihao replied helplessly. "Since I promised you, I will definitely do it. Luo Hao and Yang Jing, on the other hand, aren't easy to deal with, so I will need some time to prepare."

"Those two have set up so many traps for our Tangning. Luckily, they haven't succeeded once," Long Jie exclaimed. "Do they think Tangning is easy to bully?"

This was exactly the reason An Zihao admired Tangning. Even when surrounded by Yang Jing and Luo Hao, she was not suppressed. Instead, her popularity continued to rise.

"They owe me quite a lot..."

Tangning had heard about An Zihao's relationship with Yun Xin and was aware that he used to be close friends with Yang Jing. However, whatever happened between them, only they knew.

"Prepare yourself well for the Contract Signing Ceremony."

Tangning was the protagonist, so of course, she had to be well-prepared. Yang Jing had previously caused a commotion, so she wasn't going to let her get her way this time. As for Luo Hao...

...after what he did at the charity event and all the schemes he set up against her, she wasn't going to let him off easily.

After returning home and looking at the empty living room, Tangning was tempted to give Mo Ting a phone call. But realizing it was 2am in the US, she didn't want to disturb him. In the end, Mo Ting sent her a message first, "Are you home yet?"

Tangning's heart lit up as she replied quickly, "Did Long Jie tell you?"

"I was worried, so I made Long Jie report every little detail."

Tangning smiled as she held onto her phone and called Mo Ting, "I saw the news about Hai Rui, have you made any progress?"

"The matter has been solved," Mo Ting replied casually.

"When will you be back?"

"After I see a few more people," Mo Ting sounded a bit tired.

"I miss you," Tangning was hesitant, but in the end, she gathered her courage and spoke with her heart.

Hearing these three words, Mo Ting couldn't help but sit up in bed. He wanted so badly to wrap Tangning in his embrace. So, he didn't just think it. He immediately put his thought into action as he instructed Lu Che to help him book a flight and left the follow-up work for Asa to handle.

Mo Ting had always dealt with matters quickly. After determining the value of the production crew for 'Deadly', he immediately negotiated with Asa, became the main source of funds for the film and took full control of the crew. Afterwards, he replaced the staff involved with the explosion, sent them a legal notice and demanded them to compensate for loss and injuries made to his actors.

After a busy day, he finally got some time to rest, but at that moment he received a phone call from Long Jie, "Big Boss, you are a real distraction to our Tangning..."

"Huh?" Mo Ting didn't understand what she meant.

"Did you know Tangning's mind has been elsewhere ever since returning from the US? I asked if she was afraid of a second betrayal and do you know what she said?" Long Jie said proudly; it wasn't every day that she had the chance to tease the Big Boss.

"What did she say?"

"You should ask her yourself," Long Jie said playfully as she hung up the phone.

Mo Ting bit his lip helplessly. Tangning's assistant really needed to be taught a lesson. In reality, he too was a bit distracted. Especially when Tangning wasn't by his side.

So, he picked up his phone again and sent her a message, "I will never hurt you, so...can you tell me what you told Long Jie?"

After seeing the message, Tangning was a bit confused. She remembered how she had told Long Jie she had fallen in love with Mo Ting. Her face flushed red as she replied, "No, I can't."

"I feel we are thinking the same thing," Mo Ting deliberately gave Tangning a chance to avoid answering him.

"What are you thinking?"

"I'll tell you when I get back. I might need to stay here for another week..."

Tangning's curiosity had been sparked. However, the thought of having to wait a whole week to see Mo Ting again made her sad again.

Mo Ting didn't explain anything. He gently convinced her to go to sleep. Tangning was extremely tired as she hugged Mo Ting's pillow and slowly fell asleep.

The next morning, An Zihao arrived to pick up Tangning. He had accepted the front cover shoot of a top-level magazine for her. However, as she headed downstairs, she heard the noise of the front door opening. In shock, she froze, thinking it was all a dream.

Mo Ting put down his luggage and spread out his arms.

Tangning immediately leaped into his arms and hugged him tightly.

"I miss you, I like you, I...may possibly even, love you," Mo Ting said as he kissed Tangning's forehead.

Hearing Mo Ting's confession, Tangning was dumbfounded.

"I told you, I would tell you everything once I got back..."

Tangning pulled away from Mo Ting's embrace; her eyes began to turn red. Even when she was betrayed by Han Yufan, she wasn't this emotional.

"Tangning, I will only say this once. Because from now on, I will express it through my actions. Let's seal it with a kiss. If you can feel my love, then let me know by giving me a kiss."

Tangning lowered her head and thought for a moment before lifting her head. Grabbing onto Mo Ting's neck, she drew him in for a loving kiss...

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