Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 596: Even

Chapter 596: Even

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The doctors found Elder Tang's decision quite strange. It was rare to see a grandfather treat their own granddaughter so ruthlessly.

But, this was the family's decision, so the doctors weren't held accountable. All they had to do was try their best at saving both Tang Xuan and her child.

Plus, they couldn't imagine how bad the relationship between the two would be for the grandfather to make such a decision.

Because, they had no idea how hateful Tang Xuan was!


After another half hour of anxious waiting, Xia Yuling arrived from Tang Corps to check on Tang Xuan's situation, "She still hasn't come out?"

Elder Tang sat in quiet thought. After quite some time, he finally nodded his head, "Yes, and there's a possibility she may never come out..."

"Father..." Xia Yuling looked at Elder Tang questioningly. She refused to believe that Elder Tang could truly be this heartless.

"One may have the chance to avoid natural disasters​, but, they cannot escape from their sins."

As Elder Tang finished speaking, the door to the operating theater opened and the doctor walked out, "That was a close call, but don't worry, both mother and child are safe! However, since the child is only 7 months old, it will need to remain in the incubator. After the nurses are done, you can visit it in the NICU."

"Thank you!"

"The mother is quite weak, she will need some time to recover. The nurses will take her to the hospital room."

After hearing this, Elder Tang had no response. To be exact, he was forcing himself not to care about the sinister woman.

"Father, do you want go see Tang Xuan?"

"No need. Xiao Ning will be here soon. I'm going to go check on my great grandchild."

Elder Tang had no intention of giving Tang Xuan any chances, because she was too evil and had too much history to prove it.

Xia Yuling nodded her head. Since Tangning was on her way, then that must mean she was going to deal with Tang Xuan very soon. So, Xia Yuling did not visit the hospital room either. She simply followed behind Elder Tang. Since the child was an offspring of the Tang Family, she was going to treat it well, but she wasn't going to give it the chance to come in contact with Tang Xuan ever again.


After giving birth, Tang Xuan fell asleep from exhaustion. By the time she opened her eyes again, two hours had already passed. But, the first person she saw wasn't a doctor or a nurse. Nor was it Elder Tang. It was a figure standing beside the window.

It was none other than Tangning!

As soon as she saw Tangning, Tang Xuan wanted to speak, but her throat was so dry that not a sound came out.


"You're finally awake," Tangning commented, "You gave birth to a little boy. His condition isn't great, so he is currently being kept in an incubator."

Tang Xuan glared at Tangning with hatred. With all her strength, she tried to sit up straight, but the pain that came from her lower body forced her back down.

"Tangning, stop putting on an act. Why are you here?"

"Oh, it's nothing special, I'm just here to chase up some old debts. By the way, grandfather has already organized for the child to transfer hospitals."

"What do you mean?" Tang Xuan asked anxiously.

"What I mean is, grandfather has already taken your child away. Don't dream about ever seeing it again in this lifetime," Tangning said quietly. "To be honest, I don't really have any special 'gift' to give you. I could only return what you tried to do to me...So, from now on, you won't be having any more children..."

Tang Xuan froze. After a few moments, she finally realized what Tangning was trying to say.

" removed..."

"That's right. Since you wanted so badly to remove someone else's uterus, I thought you'd want to experience it for yourself," Tangning replied.

Tang Xuan struggled to sit up, but at this time, the nurse knocked on the door and entered. She then passed all the hospital bills to Tangning, "Mrs Mo, these are the fees for Miss Tang's delivery, please..."

Tangning lowered her head and looked at the thick stack of papers. She then laughed, "I'm not the one that gave birth."

The nurse paused for a moment, not quite sure what Tangning meant.

"Ask her for the money..." Tangning pointed her chin, gesturing to the nurse that she was speaking to the wrong person.

Tang Xuan's expression changed as she clenched her fists. After quite some time, she finally told the nurse, "I have no money."


"I have no money. I am completely broke," Tang Xuan emphasized. She then said to Tangning with tears in her eyes, "Must you push me into a dead end like this?"

Seeing the situation wasn't great, the nurse turned to leave, "I'll let you two talk it out first."

"There's nothing to talk about. Get the money from her..."

Tang Xuan hated being humiliated in front of Tangning, so she threw away her blankets and forced herself up, "Forget it, I'll leave the hospital right now if you want me to."

The nurse looked at Tangning awkwardly. At this moment, Tang Xuan fell out of bed and the nurse quickly turned to help her up, "Hurry, get up. I won't rush you for the money."

Tang Xuan lay on the floor as she looked at Tangning and laughed in ridicule.

"Are you happy now?"

"Happy? You conspired with the doctor to get my uterus removed, then you sold information to Ye Lan which almost caused the death of both my child and I. Do you think this is enough to make me happy?" Tangning asked coldly.

The nurse sighed. This information was all over the news; everyone already knew it was true.

So, she knew it wasn't right for her to feel sympathy for Tang Xuan.

"Perhaps, you can work at the hospital to pay off your debt. The position of cleaner would be well-suited for you."

"Tang Xuan, you are no longer a true woman. From now on, it is impossible for you to find happiness. So, we are now even..."


Tang Xuan laughed loudly as she lay on the floor, "You've won everything and I am left with nothing. How is that even?"

"The winner takes all. From now on, you will simply witness how I continue to advance forward and reach the pinnacle of the entertainment industry!"

After speaking, Tangning gently rubbed her stomach to comfort her child. She then turned and walked out coldly from the room without showing the slightest bit of sympathy for Tang Xuan - because the worst was yet to come.

The nurse didn't know what to do about Tang Xuan, so she had no choice but to take the documents into the doctor's office. At this time, the doctor in charge of Tang Xuan's delivery, entered the room to check on her condition.

"Miss Tang, it's best that you focus on taking care of yourself. By the way, there's something I think I should tell you..."

"At one point during your complex delivery, I asked your grandfather whether I should prioritize on saving you or your child," the doctor analyzed the expression on Tang Xuan's face and continued, "His response was quite surprising. Can you guess what he said?"

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