Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 595: Save The Child!

Chapter 595: Save The Child!



Over the next few days, the headlines of the entertainment news was overrun by the video of Tangning's performance at the Fei Tian Awards. At the same time, old news about Tangning resurfaced and created hype all over again.

However, for the 6-month-pregnant Tangning, apart from the response she provided on the night of the Fei Tian Awards, she once again disappeared from the limelight...

But...she wasn't simply focusing on taking care of her pregnancy, she was also focused on monitoring a particular person...

This person was Tang Xuan.

Tang Xuan continued to do her own thing, going around scamming people with her counterfeit notes. Whenever she was discovered, she would use her pregnancy as an excuse to avoid responsibilty. Of course, this only worked because she had yet to come across someone as shameless and despicable as she was...

The people sent by Lu Che to keep an eye on Tang Xuan never disobeyed their orders. But, seeing Tang Xuan in this state, made it hard for them not to feel a sense of ridicule.

"If the Madam hadn't asked us to keep her safe for a few more days, I would have already made a move on her."

"I know, right? She spends all day scamming people, regardless of whether they are young or old, without trying to gain a bit of good karma for her child."

Everytime Tang Xuan scammed people, these two men would pick up after her and help her compensate her victims. But, this time...

...Tang Xuan wasn't so lucky.

She ended up going to a supermarket and the supermarket's boss happened to also be a pregnant woman. In fact, she was already 9 months pregnant.

As young people weren't easy to trick, Tang Xuan quickly handed over the money and left with her items. While the woman was occupied, she increased her walking speed.

The pregnant lady was curious why Tang Xuan was in such a rush. As she looked down at the notes in her hands, she realized they were fake. So, she immediately chased after her, "Hey, come back! Your money is fake, stay where you are..."

Tang Xuan was stopped by the neighbouring stores, so the pregnant lady quickly caught up and grabbed onto her sleeves, "The money you gave me is fake!"

"You're lying! I obviously gave you real money," Tang Xuan refuted, "I know you are all teaming up to get money out of me, but I don't have any."

After a long period of practice, Tang Xuan's acting flowed out of her naturally.

"I have surveillance cameras in the supermarket. If you don't believe me, you can come check the footage with me!" the pregnant lady said as she pointed to the store. "If it was coins, I wouldn't have bothered; I'm pregnant, i can't do much but accept the small loss. However, this amount is enough to pay for my hospital fees. I can't just let you get away with it."

"Let go. Just because you have a weak body, that has nothing to do with me!" Tang Xuan forcefully pushed the pregnant lady away...

The force she applied almost caused the pregnant lady to slip and fall. Luckily, her husband caught her from behind and prevented a huge injury from happening.

"It's bad enough that you are using counterfeit money. You are even trying to hurt my wife?" a strong and powerful man approached. He was dressed in professional sportswear, his arms and legs were long and his entire body was full of muscles.

Tang Xuan was a little worried as she looked at this bulky man, "It wasn't me..."

"Who are you trying to fool? It was obviously this woman," observers began to help by pointing to Tang Xuan.

Tang Xuan had nowhere to retreat to as she became surrounded. So, she once again decided to use the child in her stomach as a shield, "What do you want to do? I am can't hit me."

"My wife is also pregnant. Why didn't you think about that?" the man was angered by Tang Xuan, so he reached out his hand and grabbed onto her collar, "Rubbish like you should be cleaned up." After speaking, the man's right arm casually swung to the side and Tang Xuan was thrown onto the ground. As a result, her stomach was also hurt in the process.

"He hit a woman...this man hit a woman!" Tang Xuan immediately cried.

This woman was once a socialite, yet here she was, thrown onto the streets of the suburbs, covered in an unbearable stench. It was hard not to laugh when seeing her like this.

"You deserve it..."

Tang Xuan did not notice any abnormalities at first, but eventually, someone pointed out the blood that was seeping out from under her body.

"Look, it's blood!"

"She wouldn't be having a miscarriage, would she?"

"I didn't see a thing. Let's go."

Even though there was a possibility that Tang Xuan was having a miscarriage, no one stepped forward to help her. The reason was simple: since she had already tried to scam someone once, who was to say that this wasn't also a scam. Who was going to show sympathy to a con artist?

"Help me, help me!" Tang Xuan finally felt the unbearable pain.

But, everyone had now left. In this urgent situation, not a single person stopped to help her.

"It hurts..."

Tang Xuan struggled on the floor in pain as her vision became blurry. However, not a single person paid attention to her. They simply felt that she deserved it. In fact, not a single phone call for the ambulance was even made.

Tang Xuan began to lose consciousness. At this time, the two men that had been watching over her, finally ran over. One was on the phone, while the other carried her up in his arms.

Realizing she had finally received help, Tang Xuan felt a sense of warmth as she slowly closed her eyes...

But, was it really warmth that she was receiving?

Tang Xuan would have never imagined the hell that was awaiting her.


Outside the delivery room of the city hospital, Elder Tang had rushed over after receiving news of Tang Xuan and her child's injury.

At this time, Tang Xuan had just finished her examinations and was being sent into the delivery room...

Tang Xuan lay in bed. As she saw her grandfather appear, she stretched out her hand and grabbed onto him, "Grandfather, help me. I can't take this pain anymore."

"Don't worry Xiao Xuan, the doctors will help you," Elder Tang comforted. "This is my great grandchild. It will definitely be fine."

Seeing Elder Tang, Tang Xuan felt like she had returned home...

So, she relaxed and closed her eyes.

But, had she really returned home?

Whilst in the delivery room, Tang Xuan was forced into early labour due to the injury she had suffered. So, the delivery did not go so well. There were quite a few times when she was in so much pain that she almost fainted.

After 3 whole hours, the baby did not show any signs that it was going to come out. Finally, the doctor had to step out and speak to Elder Tang, "In her current state, we cannot perform a caesarian section on the mother. We can only keep trying with a normal delivery. But, we need the family members to sign some papers. In extreme conditions, we need to know whether you want us to save the mother or the child...'

Hearing this, Elder Tang closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A moment later, he blurted out one simple word...

The doctor was surprised, but he did not say a word. He simply returned to the delivery room with the signed papers.


Elder Tang's response was to save the child...

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