Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 594: We Aren't The Same Kind Of People

Chapter 594: We Aren't The Same Kind Of People

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Tang Jingxuan was once again on the move even though he was injured. As he arrived at the reception desk of Xu Corps, the receptionists were shocked.

"I'm looking for Chairwoman Xu, has she returned?"

"Chairwoman Xu is currently in a meeting," one of the receptionists said as she pointed to the elevator. "Mr. Tang, why don't you wait here? I'll make a phone call and check for you."

"No need, I'll go straight up to her office and wait for her..."


"With the relationship that I have with her, what is there for you to worry about?" Tang Jingxuan asked in a gentle and patient tone.

The receptionists froze for a moment as if they were in an internal struggle with themselves, before they nodded their heads, "In that case, Mr. Tang, this way please..."

Tang Jingxuan was worried that Xu Qingyan would act recklessly. But to his surprise, as he stepped into her office, he found her discussing the incident with the police.

Although Hai Rui had already made arrangements in secret, Xu Qingyan still went ahead and filed an official report.

"Are you crazy? You're hurt!" As soon as Xu Qingyan saw Tang Jingxuan, she immediately ran over and helped him sit down on the sofa.

"I was worried that after you found Xu Zhenqing, you would break out into World War III."

"Can't you see that I've asked the police for help?" Xu Qingyan glared at Tang Jingxuan before she called for her secretary. "I'll get my secretary to drive you back to the hospital."

"I'm fine. Even when I'm at the hospital, all I do is lie there. As long as I don't make any reckless movements, I'll be fine. You guys go ahead and continue."

Tang Jingxuan had no intention of leaving. After all, the design of Xu Qingyan's office was comfortable and grand; it was better than any hospital.

Xu Qingyan couldn't do anything about him as she let out a sigh and instructed her secretary to take care of him. She then returned to the police.

"Xu Zhenqing and my grandfather are on bad terms, so there is no way that he'd turn to him for help. As for his closest friends, I've already written down their names for you. Just a moment ago, I held an urgent meeting and released some false information. Xu Zhenqing is going to think that the Xu Household is still under his name, so he will definitely ask someone to help him confirm it. I'm assuming he will contact a staff member from Xu Corps. As the meeting ended, I noticed these few people were on their phones. I suspect that one of them were notifying him about what had happened."

"Send some men to watch over these few people. I'm sure you will discover something."

When dealing with serious business, Xu Qingyan actually had the aura of a domineering CEO and she did things quickly and efficiently.

"Thank you Miss Xu for your cooperation. You've helped us a lot," the police said thankfully.

"Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, let's talk personal. Why did you guys hide such a big incident from me, the daughter of Xu Zhenqing? Even though we are on bad terms, I am still the person that understands him the most. Didn't you guys ever think of asking me for help?"

As they took on the blame, the police subconsciously looked towards Tang Jingxuan.

"We were merely doing what was asked of us...Who would have thought that Miss Xu is such a heroine," the police laughed. "OK, let's end things here. We will stay in touch."

After speaking, the police left the office. Xu Qingyan then turned to Tang Jingxuan and crossed her arms as she looked at him, "In your eyes, am I so weak that I can only ever be the victim?"

" didn't fight back against Ye Lan in the past..."

"But, it doesn't mean that I couldn't," Xu Qingyan rubbed her neck awkwardly after being cut by Tang Jingxuan's straightforwardness. "Let's go. I'll take you back to the hospital. Can't you just stay still?"

"After seeing Chairwoman Xu's capability, I will no longer need to run around," Tang Jingxuan chuckled. "Get back to work. I can return to the hospital on my own."

"Don't talk nonsense. Do as I say." After speaking, Xu Qingyan helped Tang Jingxuan downstairs and out of the building. But, as she looked down at Tang Jingxuan's stomach and noticed the blood-stained bandage, she was determined to do something.

After Tang Jingxuan fell asleep, Xu Qingyan asked her secretary to arrange for her to get a tattoo.

That's right, a tattoo!

She wanted to experience how it felt to be stabbed repeatedly in the stomach.

"Miss Xu, what type of tattoo would you like to get?" the cool-looking tattoo artist asked.

Xu Qingyan sat down on the sofa and began thinking about Tang Jingxuan's handsome face. He was both silly and heartwarming. Even though he had suffered so much pain, he was still willing to sacrifice himself and still had the courage to love. So, Xu Qingyan immediately responded, "I want a tattoo of a dog..."

"Does Miss Xu have any special expectations for this dog?" the tattoo artist continued to ask.

"Can you implement the word 'Xuan' into the design?"

In this lifetime, she had already decided that Tang Jingxuan was hers. So, it wouldn't be going overboard to tattoo his name, right?

The tattoo artist was a little surprised. He then looked at her and smiled, "Of course I can."

But...he wondered if the person with the name 'Xuan' would be happy to see this dog!

"Then, let's go ahead and get it tattooed."

After saying this, Xu Qingyan felt her head heat up. When she finally calmed down and thought carefully about what she was doing, she wondered if Tang Jingxuan would laugh at her for tattooing his name on her body. But, since she had already decided that she was going to follow Tang Jingxuan for the rest of his life, there was nothing else to hesitate about. What she had decided on, she was never going to regret.

Xu Qingyan had always been such a sensitive person.

Because she had suffered too much in the past, she especially cherished moments when others treated her well.

As long as someone was willing to do something for her, she would be willing to go to the depths of hell for them, not to mention, Tang Jingxuan had received such a serious injury because of her.

"Miss Xu, I will now sterilize the area."

As she listened to the tattoo artist's voice, Xu Qingyan pulled out her phone and gave Song Yanshu a phone call, "You were wrong. I'm not the same as you. The only reason I was so slow to respond was because I didn't realize how good Jingxuan was to me. It is completely different to the ungratefulness that you have shown."


"From now on, he is mine," Xu Qingyan bravely staked her claim. "I will take good care of him. You no longer have any business with him, Song Yanshu."

"Could you please keep your distance from him. Next time I see you appear in front of him again, I won't be playing nice."

On the other end of the phone, Song Yanshu remained silent. In reality, she had appeared at the hospital today because she wanted Xu Qingyan to know what Tang Jingxuan had done for her. If Xu Qingyan knew how to cherish him, then...she could truly let go.

Well and truly!

"I'm currently having some wine. Care to join me?" Song Yanshu was trying to drown away her sorrows. "To be honest, Xu Qingyan, I am actually very envious of you. By the way, don't you mind that we had a one night stand?"

"Of course I mind!" Xu Qingyan replied, "But, a hero does not ask about another's past. It is all history."

"Let's hope you can do as you say. Otherwise, I will do whatever I can to steal him back," Song Yanshu warned before she hung up the phone.

No, to be exact, she threw the phone on the floor!

She originally still had a slight sliver of hope. She was hopeful that Xu Qingyan would be the same as her and would disappoint Tang Jingxuan. But...

All she could do now was wait and see how much Xu Qingyan would be able to offer.

But, now that she had let go, would Tangning also let her go?

In reality, a part of the reason why she had given up on Tang Jingxuan was because she was afraid of Tangning...

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