Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 592: Look At How Powerful Your Sister Three Is

Chapter 592: Look At How Powerful Your Sister Three Is



Live at the awards ceremony, an argument had taken place and a performance had been performed. The entire Fei Tian Award was practically like a personal meet-and-greet for Tangning, and everywhere one went, they would hear her name.

Afterwards, when the Best Actor and Best Actress was announced, Gu Xingyun deliberately teased the two winners, "Do you feel upset that Tangning stole the limelight tonight?"

"No!" the Best Actress laughed. "I am impressed by her courage. She was able to say what a lot of us thought but didn't dare to say."

"So, I support her!"

Meanwhile, the Best Actor also laughed, "I'm tempted to hand my trophy over to her. But, I know she has the ability to win one herself."

There was actually a huge difference between those that liked and disliked Tangning. Those that liked her, naturally saw how she tried to keep a low profile and high EQ. Whereas, those that didn't like her, were like those rare few viewers who were bound to dislike a film no matter how good it was. They were the type of people who would nitpick at the tiniest of flaws.

In reality, the netizens had already been taught a lesson by Tangning too many times. So, whether it was her character or her acting, they already knew what to think.

But in the end, Tangning did not have many films yet. So, she could only depend on her skills to convince more and more people.

After the awards ceremony was over, all the artists began leaving the hotel venue. At this time, the trophy-bearing An Zihao and the impatient Bei Chendong stood in front of their seats and looked at Tangning.

"Congratulations, Tangning!"

"Congratulations to you too," Tangning said as she raised her trophy towards An Zihao.

"Ning Jie..." Han Xiner hadn't seen Tangning for a while, so she rushed past the rows of red seats, ready to pounce into Tangning's arms. However, just as Tangning was within reach, a pair of long arms grabbed onto her and pulled her back.

"She is currently pregnant. If you pounce over with too much force and hurt the baby inside, the man over there will eat you up!" Bei Chendong warned.

Han Xiner looked at Tangning and then glanced at Mo Ting.

Ever since Tangning had fallen pregnant, Mo Ting practically never left her side, but, this made him even harder to read.

"It's fine," Tangning responded.

Mo Ting glared at Bei Chendong. He was obviously jealous, yet he was trying to throw the blame onto the baby in Tangning's body...

"Ning Jie, you are amazing! It's a shame that 'Stupid' did not receive any awards...President Mo was obviously a great screenwriter."

"'Stupid' is participating in international awards instead..." Mo Ting responded calmly.

Mo Ting had not nominated 'Stupid' for any categories in the Fei Tian Awards, because his motive was simple - he did not want to reduce Tangning and An Zihao's chances of winning.

The couple's minds were in sync, so Tangning obviously knew why Mo Ting had done this. As a result, she simply wrapped her arm around Mo Ting's waist without a word. Because, all she needed was him, and that was enough.

"I don't care Ning Jie, let's go celebrate tonight..."

However, just as Han Xiner's words left her mouth, Bei Chendong wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her away, "We still need to return to the film set. What are you trying to celebrate? The fact that I still need to work at night?"

Like that, Han Xiner was forcefully dragged away. But, it was obvious to everyone that Bei Chendong was filled with jealousy.

"Why do I feel a little bad watching Xiner being bullied by him?" An Zihao scratched his ear as he smiled.

"You're wrong. Bei Chendong may be a green-eyed monster, but he treats Xiner exceptionally well. He simply doesn't show it."

In reality, An Zihao was also joking. Just as he was about to leave with Tangning and Mo Ting, a familiar figure suddenly appeared behind Tangning. It was someone they all knew really well, Lan Xi.

The current Lan Xi seemed to have lost her horns. As she approached them, she no longer had the powerful presence that she once possessed. However, An Zihao still couldn't help feeling a little emotional.

After all, he would never be able to fully recover from Yunxin's death.

"Congratulations Zihao, I never thought that apart from being a manager, you could actually become a director. What a surprise!"

An Zihao looked at Lan Xi's outstretched hand, but he did not shake it.

Lan Xi smiled in self-ridicule and retrieved her hand before she turned to Tangning, "And you Tangning, I never thought you'd become an actress and become so successful. I watched both 'Stupid' and 'W.H.', they were both amazing!"

"I am so regretful for not holding onto you in the past. Although I know, even if the past did not happen, I wouldn't have been able to hold onto you anyway..."

Lan Xi glanced at Mo Ting.

"I mean, at least if the past hadn't happened, our situation wouldn't be so awkward right now."

"Congratulations anyway..."

"Thank you," Tangning replied politely before she said to Mo Ting and An Zihao, "Let's go."

Although the entertainment industry was one where people stepped on other's while they were down, Tangning did not need to be so ruthless.

"I simply hope you know what to do from now on. You will definitely come across another Tangning in the future. When that time comes, I hope you treat her well."

Lan Xi smiled and so did Tangning...


Meanwhile, over at the hospital, everyone was filled with excitement. Practically every single room was watching the live broadcast of the Fei Tian Awards.

Tang Jingxuan lay in bed and sighed, "It seems, Sister Three was born to be an actress."

"What do you mean she was born to be an actress? She can do whatever she wants! When your sister decides on something, she charges forward courageously without turning back," Xu Qingyan said as she sat beside Tang Jingxuan. "Now that I think about it, I think I saw your sister when I was young. At that time, she hadn't left the Tang Household yet."

"Look at how powerful your Sister Three is. How come, when it comes to you, you are constantly hurt because of a woman?"

"It's worth it!" Tang Jingxuan smiled.

"Is there something wrong with your brain? How is it worth it to get hurt over a woman like that?"

Tang Jingxuan burst into laughter, "You better remember everything you've said during this time."

"I'm afraid you won't be able to handle it."

"It's worth it. If I say it's worth it, then it's worth it."

Xu Qingyan glared at Tang Jingxuan and shook her head disappointedly before she looked down at the apple in her hands and began cutting it, "Forget it, I can't be bothered talking to you."

At this time, Song Yanshu suddenly showed up once again.

Xu Qingyan lifted her head. At the sight of Song Yanshu, she immediately stood up to leave. But, Tang Jingxuan quickly grabbed onto her hand and gestured for her to calm down.

"You're here again."

"It's a sign of goodwill from your ex-manager."

"I heard that I supposedly got hurt because of you. How come I didn't know about this?" Tang Jingxuan asked straightforwardly as he looked into Song Yanshu's eyes.

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