Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 589: Unworthy Of The Name

Chapter 589: Unworthy Of The Name

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The Best Newcomer Award!

How many people inside and outside of the venue were waiting for this award?

"Following on, we will be presenting the winners of the Best Newcomer Award. Please welcome our guests: the president of the film association and one of the nation's best directors, Mr Zhang Qingping; as well as the honorary chairwoman of Times Media, Ms Rong Xiuhua; to the stage."

As the crowd erupted in an applause and watched the two important personalities appear on the stage, there was a deeper meaning to quite a few people's smiles. No matter how popular this award was, they couldn't lose sight of the bigger picture. They couldn't allow the most important Best Actress/Actor awards to be overshadowed by the Best Newcomer Award.

"Mr Zhang is a much respected senior in the industry..." Rong Xiuhua clapped her hands.

"And Ms Rong has produced a lot of miracles in the film industry," the old man smiled. "But, the film industry now is definitely a lot different to how it was back in our time."

"Why would you say that?"

"Real actors are becoming scarce, whereas those that only know how to flirt and suck up are increasing. Stotytellers are dying out, whereas those that deceive the audience are growing in numbers. Cheap graphics are everywhere, but ticket sales are still through the roof. I am struggling to understand the way that this generation judges quality. Perhaps I am getting old..." the old man laughed in self-ridicule.

"Let's take this Best Newcomer Award for example. Although newcomers deserve encouragement, shouldn't the public's attention be focused on those that have spent a lifetime dedicated to acting?"

"I am especially disgusted by those that decide to become an actor just because they can't survive in their own industry. Acting is indeed a money-making profession, but people like this, end up skewing the public's judgment and is not healthy for the development of the industry."

"You are indeed a straightforward senior..." Rong Xiuhua said awkwardly.

His words were much too obvious and direct.

All that was missing was for him to mention Tangning's name!

He was from the previous generation and had achieved a lot, but he was arrogant and ignored the current market trends, even though Tangning was practically aloof from the world like a monk.

"I won't say any more, we should focus on presenting the award. Over the years, the awards that have been handed over from my hands has never been this cheap," Zhang Qingping spoke without showing any mercy and naturally attracted a lot of hatred...

"The winner of the 37th Annual Fei Tian Award for The Best Newcomer is..."

The spotlight suddenly alternated between Tangning and the other nominees as everyone held their breaths and stared intently at the image on the screen.

Tangning felt unusually nervous so she began to hold nervously to Mo Ting's hand.

Mo Ting's heart ached as he looked at the nervous expression on her face. He subconsciously held onto her hand and rubbed it comfortingly.

"...Tangning from 'W.H.'!"

Seeing this result, everyone was overcome with complex emotions. The result seemed both expected, yet also surprising.

Tangning also felt quite complex. She knew that to outsiders, she didn't seem to deserve this award. Otherwise, Zhang Qingping would not have said what he did.

And it was because of this that everyone watched in deep thought as Tangning stood up from her seat. Of course, as her husband, Mo Ting also stood up, held onto her hand and headed to the stage with her.

Zhang Qingping was unwilling to present the award to Tangning, so the entire process was handled by Rong Xiuhua. Tangning got what she wished for and finally held the golden phoenix trophy in her hands. But...

"Tangning, could you please share with us your thoughts?"

Hearing the host's invite, Tangning walked up to the microphone, scanned the audience and began speaking in a loud and clear voice, "Firstly, I have a few words I would like to say to Mr. Zhang Qingping." Tangning turned to the side and placed the golden phoenix trophy on the floor.

"If Mr. Zhang's opinion is representative of the entire older generation, then I can only say that it is a shame."

"The seniors of the film industry are indeed the founders and creators of the industry, but they should not represent arrogance and prejudice."

"Each generation leaves it's own mark. Perhaps in Mr. Zhang's eyes I am not worthy, but, to the generation before you, were you viewed as perfect?"


"I indeed changed from a model to an actress. But, firstly, I do not lack money, and secondly, I have put in the same amount of effort as everyone else, including the great actors that you speak of. In your eyes, can effort and sacrifice be separated into distinct categories?"

"For example, if a painter suddenly becomes an engineer, are they being disloyal to the arts and architecture industry?"

"I'm sorry, but it is our freedom of choice."

"You have indeed made a lot of contributions to the film industry, no one can ever replace that, but...Mr. Zhang, you must admit that you are getting old and times are changing. We need to keep up with trends. The current generation loves to look at things objectively. If the film industry has failed to be objective, I'm sure they would have been destroyed by the public already. Did you think it would be as prosperous as it is today?"

"Do you think that the younger generation is all wrong and you are the only one that is right?"

"Plus, we are indeed newcomers, the most lowly of creatures in your eyes. But hasn't everyone seated here today, including yourself, been a newcomer some time in their lives? Haven't they struggled their way up from nothing? By looking down on us, you are merely denying your past..."

Everyone was shocked by Tangning's words.

Of course, they were shocked that Tangning dared to be straightforward. But, they were cheering on the inside over what she had said.

This was the perfect way to deal with old men that looked down on newcomers.

Zhang Qingping wanted to argue back, but, as the words reached his lips, nothing came out. He could only glare at Tangning as the veins in his forehead began to show.

"As a senior of the industry, you aren't encouraging nor helpful to your juniors. You've already lost your dignity. Especially since you slandered a junior in front of everyone."

"Even a primary school student would not be taught in this way. Don't you think?"

In other words, she was saying that he was worse than a primary school student.

With these words, time seemed to have frozen. But, a few seconds later, the venue erupted in an applause.

Tangning had spoken exactly what everyone thought.

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