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Chapter 587: The Host's Challenge

Chapter 587: The Host's Challenge

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Tangning frequented the hottest searches and faced problems with a tough attitude, making her appear like a star amongst the industry.

She was obviously an actress with talent, yet, because of a few heated discussions and random opinions, some people viewed her as 'just a pretty face'.

People in the industry all knew that she was capable and they all acknowledged her, but it didn't mean that she didn't appear like someone that hadn't settled down. Compared to the celebrities that depended on creating hype to get famous, she didn't appear any different.



The awards ceremony was scheduled for 7pm. So, the celebrities began walking up the red carpet at 6pm.

As the biggest annual film event, the awards ceremony naturally attracted the interest of the public and attention of the media.

It was an obviously cold night, but those that stepped onto the red carpet were all wearing a thin layer of clothes whilst maintaining dazzling smiles on their faces. Especially when facing the cameras, they did not allow themselves to show any flaws.

The two sides of the red carpet was covered by a sea of cameras. Although the scale of the Fei Tian Awards was the biggest, it ran just like any other awards ceremony.

As they were nominated, the attendees included two actors that had previously worked with Tangning: Lin Sheng and Bei Chendong. And because they were both super talented actors, they were regulars at the Fei Tian Awards.

Apart from these two men, An Zihao was also invited as a guest presenter.

So, apart from the ceremony itself, Tangning was most excited by the notion of catching up with old friends...

It didn't take long before Mo Ting's car pulled up at the head of the red carpet. Plenty of reporters recognized it, so their excitement immediately increased. In fact, some stood up and started snapping frantically at the car. At this time, Mo Ting first stepped out wearing a dark blue retro suit. Afterwards...

...Tangning appeared in front of everyone wearing a flowing white gown.

This was her first appearance in the public since the announcement of her pregnancy. The design of the white, deep-v-collared gown beautifully accentuated the curves of her body and the delicate light blue magnolia embroidered on the body of the gown, perfectly highlighted her air of elegance...

To ensure that Tangning wasn't cold, Mo Ting covered her in a beige shawl, displaying his responsibilty as a personal manager. However, Mo Ting tried his best to avoid the cameras as he did this, making his actions natural and thoughtful. If it was someone else, their caring gesture may have appeared fake.

Tangning smiled. She had always been appreciative and thankful towards her man's thoughtfulness. After all, no one's kindness was ever a given and she was well aware of this.

"Tangning, look here..."

"Tangning, over here, over here..."

Tangning approached the signing wall under Mo Ting's protection as the media requested for photos. Her popularity at this moment was higher than any top actress or actor that was present...

The host stopped the couple in their track. He wasn't going to let this climactic moment go so easily. Above all, his questions were going to be more tricky than others, "Tangning, who do you think will win The Best Newcomer Award tonight? Don't say something too generic. Be honest with me."

Tangning had always been good with PR; everyone knew this. Plus she was famous for having a high EQ.

"If I answer you honestly, will I be exempt from answering your next question?" Tangning negotiated jokingly.

"Yes, but you must answer this question properly."

Tangning let out a gentle laugh as she turned to look at Mo Ting.

Mo Ting never worried about Tangning's responses, so he simply looked at her in seriousness without saying a word.

"If I was to say that I don't care if I win the award, that would be a lie. This is, after all, the best form of acknowledgment for an actor. But, if you were to ask me who I think would win, I don't think someone that can't be considered a proper actor would be professional enough to give their opinion. So, I can only trust in the judges."

"I hope it is me, but if it isn't, then it simply means that I'm not as good as someone else. It's as simple as that."

"Indeed..." the host smiled. He was completely convinced by Tangning's ability to play Tai Chi around a question.

Her words sounded both honest and false. On the surface, it appeared like she had said a lot, but in reality, it was almost like she hadn't said anything at all.

Of course, the host did not put the pregnant lady in a difficult position. If something was to happen to her, he wouldn't be able to handle the repercussions.

So, after taking a few photos, Tangning was allowed into the venue of the awards ceremony. As she looked up at the big screen and saw the golden phoenix that represented the Fei Tian Awards, Tangning felt a little emotional.

"Don't be nervous," Mo Ting felt the sweat on Tangning's palms. So, he rubbed her hand between his comfortingly.

"If it's not me, what should I do?" Tangning asked. "I don't like it when things are beyond my control."

"Your competitors aren't weak. Would you feel embarrassed if you were to lose to them?" Mo Ting gestured to the empty seats next to her. "Both of us - especially you - have already done our best."

Tangning was aware that Mo Ting had already gotten rid of any outside factors that may pose an obstruction, so he had already done more than enough.

If he wanted to influence the internal operations of the awards, it wasn't impossible, but Mo Ting knew that she wouldn't want him to do that.

"In that case, let's wait patiently together for the result."

It didn't take long before the other actors piled into the venue. Of course, actors like Bei Chendong and Lin Sheng, naturally received the best seats in the house. Tangning clearly saw the distance between herself and them.

The host of the awards ceremony was a famous variety show MC, Gu Xingyun. He was cool and carefree and had a good reputation. This man practically owned every single hosting opportunity for the Fei Tian Awards. And after watching him for so many years, barely anyone found him annoying.

"Our attendees today are amazing..."

"Chendong brought along his little assistant, while Tangning brought along her personal manager; each person is outdoing the other. They are definitely doing well in both love and career; how admirable. More importantly, Tangning and President Mo are actually attending as a family of three!"

"Gu Ge, be careful what you say. What if it is actually a family of four?" the female host beside him smiled.

"Oh, if that's the case, then that would be even more amazing! Our Tangning will need to try her best!"

"For the sake of her child, she decided to retreat from the industry. God will definitely protect her and have the best things planned for her."

Gu Xingyun spoke with complete sincerity. This was why the public did not dislike him. His blessings always came straight from the heart.

"OK, let's stop wasting time. I'm sure everyone can't wait for the winners to be announced..."

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