Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 129: Can You Fight Better Than Them?

Chapter 129: Can You Fight Better Than Them?

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Tangning looked deep into the eyes of the man as she returned to her usual calmness and smiled, "I don't have a boyfriend."

All she had was a husband!

Seeing Tangning in denial, the man did not continue to be forceful. But the glow in his eyes made Tangning feel uneasy. She had a feeling, this man would keep his eye on her in the future.

"The Lan Yu incident has caused such an uproar, but it seems, Miss Tang is not affected at all."

Tangning smiled, it was obvious she no longer wanted to engage in small talk. This was something she often did when she wanted to keep a distance with people. The man seemed to have sensed her intention, so he stopped talking and returned to his seat.

Tangning assumed the man had not seen Mo Ting's face, or else his tone of voice would not be like this; there was no way he wouldn't know the consequences of offending Hai Rui.

The reporter sat diagonally from Tangning. Before placing his eye mask on, he glanced over at her with a mocking smile. Although he did not see the man clearly...he knew when Tangning said she had no boyfriend, things weren't that simple.

All along, it was hard to find anything bad about Tangning because she was extremely careful. But, if someone was to uncover something, it would definitely be big news. So, he was determined to follow her. This time...he was certainly lucky.

Here she was acting all morally intact, yet in the end, she was messing around with a man!

Tangning felt uneasy. After disembarking from the plane, she immediately sent a message to Mo Ting, "Ting, we have been discovered...At the airport, a reporter saw me getting out of your car. I'm not sure how much he saw, but he doesn't seem to be a trustworthy person."

Mo Ting had just stepped out of the bathroom. Seeing Tangning's message, he creased his eyebrows, "Focus on your contract signing. I will handle the matter."

"When will you be back?"

"I'm not sure yet."

Seeing these four words, Tangning was tempted to respond with 'I miss you', but she was afraid it would distract him from his work. So, she quickly changed her response to 'I'll wait for you'.

After picking her up, Long Jie noticed Tangning looked a bit unhappy. She could guess it was because she had to separate from Mo Ting, "I saw the news about Hai Rui, is Big Boss OK?"

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded.

Long Jie examined the look on Tangning's face through the rear-view mirror as she drove. She spoke with mixed feelings, "Tangning, have you noticed you've fallen too deep? Even when you were with Han Yufan, you weren't this distracted. Most importantly, you're only separated from Big Boss for a few days, it's not the end of the world."

Tangning was a little startled as she nodded her head and admitted, "I think...I'm in love with Mo Ting."

"He's your husband, it is your right to love him. But, what about him? How does Big Boss feel?" Long Jie observed Tangning's expression; even with Mo Ting's pampering, Tangning still lacked a sense of security. "You and Big Boss have not been together for long and have not gone through enough together. But, Tangning, you should ask yourself...if Big Boss did the same thing as Han Yufan and betrayed you...would you be able to handle it?"

Tangning was silent for a good while. Thinking about the time she had spent with Mo Ting, she regained her confidence, "I am no longer the same Tangning. There is no way I wouldn't be able to spot a second Han Yufan; I believe in my choice this time. No matter what, I will be with him to the end. By the way Long Jie, you should make preparations. When Mo Ting took me to the airport we were discovered by a reporter."

"What do you want to do?" Long Jie was so shocked she instinctively stepped on the brakes.

"Even if my relationship with Mo Ting was to be exposed, I want it to be under my control. Let's just observe for now..." Tangning replied in a serious tone.

"In that case, let's get ready for Cheng Tian's Contract Signing Ceremony. I'll take you to see President Lan."

Tangning nodded as Long Jie turned on the radio. The entertainment news had now shifted its focus from Lan Yu to Hai Rui's actors.

"This Lan Yu sure is lucky."

She was only lucky because the ultimate weapon in Mo Ting's hand had not yet been revealed.

Seeing Tangning remain silent, Long Jie could tell she was still worried about Mo Ting, so she switched the channel to some relaxing music, "There's nothing you can do to help. Big Boss will be able to handle it; Hai Rui is so big, are you afraid Big Boss will be tired out?"

Tangning pressed her lips together, "When you care about a person, no matter how capable they are, you will still worry about them."

Long Jie choked a little as she remained silent. Not long after, they pulled up at Lan Xi's home; An Zihao was also present.

This was the first time An Zihao and Tangning officially met. Yet, this man had already caused her trouble and cleaned up after himself.

So, Tangning did not have a good impression of him. However, she remained calm and unfazed.

"Because your contract is still a secret, we had to meet here at my home. I hope you don't mind," Lan Xi handed Tangning a cup of coffee. "I want to know your thoughts regarding Zihao."

"I'm willing to work with him," Tangning responded calmly, "But, I have one request: do not interfere with my private life."

An Zihao lifted his head to look at Tangning from the sofa he was sitting on. He realized this 26-year-old model had a terrifying level of self-control; she had her emotions completely contained. So, he smiled, stood up and walked over to her as he stuck out his hand, "I look forward to working with you."

"I hope you won't make a mistake like EH again."

Hearing this, An Zihao smiled naturally as he pointed to his head, "Don't worry, I'll use my head as a guarantee."

"Tangning, after joining Cheng Tian your competition will be even worse than before. Both Yang Jing and Luo Hao have control over a few top grade models, so it's unavoidable that you will have to fight for resources..."

"That is my problem to deal with. There is no need for President Lan to worry," An Zihao butted in.

Lan Xi lifted an eyebrow, "Can you fight better than them?"

"Just wait and see."

"Fine, I will prepare a grand contract signing ceremony. When the time comes, I will let you have the honor of announcing Tangning's addition to our agency..."

Lan Xi's authority was currently being disregarded by Yang Jing and Luo Hao, so she was in desperate need of a team like An Zihao and Tangning to keep them in check. From now on, the battle with Luo Hao and Yang Jing would officially start...

"Oh that's right're not in a relationship at the moment, are you?" Lan Xi suddenly asked. It was expected of an artist to reveal this type of stuff to their agency in case of any sudden incidences that may go out of control.

Tangning appeared hesitant, the end, she decided to be honest, "Yes, I am."

Lan Xi was stunned for a moment. She realized she did not fully understand Tangning yet, "What would you do if you get exposed? Tangning, you've already surpassed the prime modeling age, you can't afford to have any scandals."

"The contract does not restrict me from being in a relationship. Plus, he is not merely my boyfriend...he is my family." And also...lover.

"Consider letting it go!" Lan Xi relaxed a little, "Zihao, prepare to keep this under wraps."

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