Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 585: Tangning Is Unpredictable

Chapter 585: Tangning Is Unpredictable



"He does not lack female friends. And if he wants, there are plenty of women who are willing to be his girlfriend."

Lu Che's expression was serious. Within his dark pupils, only the image of Xu Qingyan existed. He wanted her to know that he wasn't joking.

Xu Qingyan glanced at the bedridden Tang Jingxuan before looking back at Lu Che as she nodded her head in a cautious but confused manner.

She understood why Lu Che was acting so serious, but she didn't completely understand what his words meant.

A moment later, Tang Jingxuan awoke from his sleep. When he opened his eyes and saw Xu Qingyan sitting by his bed, he was a little stunned. He covered his stomach and sat up, "How did you find out?"

"Song Yanshu came looking for me and told me that you got hurt because of her."

"Really?" Tang Jingxuan laughed. However, he had no intention to explain things to her, "Don't worry, I have Lu Che here to take care of me."

"Lu Che has a family and wife, why would he stay here to take care of you?" As she spoke, Xu Qingyan poured out some takeaway chicken soup that she had ordered and placed it in front of Tang Jingxuan, "That's why you should leave that job to me."

"Is this a team building exercise between classmates?" Tang Jingxuan gave a slight smile as he received the bowl from Xu Qingyan.

"Can't you just ignore that woman?"

"I don't think it's possible!" Tang Jingxuan replied as he took a sip of soup.


...the woman he was referring to was not Song Yanshu, but someone called, Xu Qingyan...


Meanwhile, Lu Che returned to Hyatt Regency to report on Tang Jingxuan's condition. Of course, he also mentioned how Song Yanshu deliberately provoked Xu Qingyan. After taking in all the information, Tangning remained calm as usual. But, her words contained a deeper meaning and a slight sense of ridicule

"Has someone cast a spell on her? She's completely changed."


Tangning did not say anymore as she turned to look at the man that was hugging her with one arm while working.

Mo Ting sensed his wife's gaze, so he said to Lu Che without lifting his head, "Take all the good artists that are currently in Xu Qingyan's hands and allocate them to other managers. From now on, she will only be in charge of those that are banned from taking jobs and those that have a bad record. This will pose as a warning to her."

"Is that all?" Lu Che felt that keeping Song Yanshu around would eventually lead to trouble.

"Rather than sending her somewhere else to scheme. We might as well keep her in our line of sight."

Lu Che understood Mo Ting's intention, but for someone that was once so close to Tangning to suddenly become like a stranger, made him feel a little unsettled.

However, it was normal for relationships to grow and fall apart within the industry. Even though Tangning felt that her relationship with Song Yanshu was a pity, she did not force it to go the other way.

Because, her main priority at the moment, was the Fei Tian Awards and Tang Xuan!

After everything that she experienced, Tangning started to view things differently. Especially since she was currently 6 months pregnant, the level of importance that some things held in her heart had begun to change.

February 30th was announced as the official day of the Fei Tian Awards Ceremony. So, all the biggest entertainment websites began to guess who they thought would win in each category. But, as a highly prestigious award in the industry, the Fei Tian Awards managed to maintain its secrecy as always.

Although there was a slight interlude during the selection stage, everyone knew that the final winners would definitely be well-deserved.

Regarding this matter, the internet was already filled with discussions.

"I never took notice of the Fei Tian Awards. But, because of the huge battle that went on, it attracted my curiosity. I'm sure I'm not the only one."

"You can add me to that!"

"Me too!"

"It's strange. Logically speaking, Hai Rui's Tangning caused the biggest drama, so it makes sense for everyone's attention to be focused on her. But, the most amazing thing is, everyone still has complete trust in the fairness of the Fei Tian Awards."

"That's because Tangning is unpredictable. Perhaps she'll win the award, reject it and then change to become a singer."

"Those with true talent have the right to act recklessly."

"Go Tangning!"

"The awards ceremony is almost here, I can't wait to find out who the winner of The Best Newcomer Award is."

Faced with the hype from the netizens, Mo Ting did not feel anxious. Because in his heart, Tangning was already the best actress.

That night, inside Tangning's walk-in wardrobe at Hyatt Regency.

Long Jie had delivered the outfit that Tangning was to wear to the ceremony the next day. Looking at the silver gown on her body, Tangning felt a little foreign.

"It's been a while since I've dressed up like this. I suddenly feel a little odd," Tangning mumbled. She then asked Long Jie as she looked in the mirror, "What do you think?"

The silver gown had a short-sleeeved, round collared design and the body consisted of a partially transparent chiffon. It was beautifully handmade and made Tangning appear pure and elegant. Of course, as her first appearance in front of the public since the announcement of her pregnancy, she wanted everyone to know that she wasn't the woman that had been previously rumored as unable to bear a child; she didn't need anyone to worry about her.

Long Jie scanned her eyes across Tangning and raised her thumb, "You are the only one that can still maintain such a great body even when you're six months pregnant."

Tangning smiled. At this time, Mo Ting had just finished his work and entered the wardrobe. As soon as he saw Tangning in her gown, his eyes suddenly lit up...

"Long Jie, you can leave."

Long Jie looked at Tangning and gave her a wink as she reminded, "Be careful, this is handmade. There is only one in the world."

Tangning understood the hidden meaning to Long Jie's words as she looked at her helplessly. After she was gone, Tangning walked over to Mo Ting and hooked her arms around his neck, "Don't listen to her nonsense."

"But, she seems to understand what I am thinking," Mo Ting said seductively beside Tangning's ear, "Mrs Mo..."

Tangning's entire body began to tingle as she placed her hands on Mo Ting's chest and gently distanced herself, "Be serious..."

However, Mo Ting reached behind her back, unzipped her gown and began kissing her neck, "I want it..."

Tangning did not say a word. She simply lifted her chin as she searched for Mo Ting's lips and pressed her lips firmly against his.

Mo Ting couldn't kiss this pregnant woman too violently, nor could he touch her recklessly, so he simply pressed her against the wall and restrained her hands above her head as he covered each inch of her body gently with his lips.


Hearing Mo Ting's charming voice, Tangning opened her eyes slightly and clung onto Mo Ting's body.

This man always seemed to have a mesmerizing aura that uncontrollably drew her in.

Especially when his hands brushed past every inch of her skin.

Eventually, Tangning couldn't resist anymore as she lifted her chin, gesturing for Mo Ting to take things further...

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