Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 583: You Are The One That Doesn't Want Me!

Chapter 583: You Are The One That Doesn't Want Me!

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"But, that night..."

With the mention of 'that night', Tang Jingxuan couldn't help but laugh in ridicule. The laugh tugged at his wound a little, putting him into pain, "Back then, I offered to take responsibility, but you pretended that nothing happened. Why are you concerned about it now? I know I was wrong, so what do you want me to do about it?"

"Yanshu, do you want to hold onto your fiance with one hand and cling onto me with the other?"

"I am willing to give up on him..."

"But, I don't want you," Tang Jingxuan replied swiftly without a trace of hesitation.

"Are you sure that Xu Qingyan is the person that you want, then?"

"I'm not sure about anyone. But, it's not like I can't survive without being in a relationship," Tang Jingxuan sneered before he pointed to the door, "If that's all you came here for, please leave. Stop wasting your time here."

"The fact that I've announced my retreat means that I will never turn back."

"Please give me another chance..." Song Yanshu started crying in front of Tang Jingxuan. The pain in her eyes looked like it was tearing her apart. The Song Yanshu at this time was probably the most similar to the originally pure Song Yanshu that followed by Tangning's ​side. "I truly want to be with you."

"I no longer have any feelings for you. What use do you have for an empty shell like me? Don't you have any self respect?" Tang Jingxuan asked. "Yanshu, leave this place and enjoy the rest of your life with your fiance. Stop letting your mind wander."

If Tang Jingxuan's previous words hadn't fully hurt Song Yanshu, the mention of self respect was like a sword that lodged itself deeply into her heart.

Self respect...

Of course she had self respect. And, it was because of this self respect that she could no longer reach out her arms towards Tang Jingxuan.

A certain writer once said, "If you still maintain your self respect when talking about love, there is only one reason, the person you truly love - is yourself!"

Tang Jingxuan had exhausted all his energy, so he decided to close his eyes and get some rest. At this time, Song Yanshu was left looking insignificant and displeased.

"Tang Jingxuan. Don't forget your decision today. You are the one that doesn't​ want me."

After speaking, Song Yanshu turned to leave. As she walked out the door, she ran into Lu Che.

As soon as Lu Che saw Song Yanshu, he looked at Tang Jingxuan questioningly. But, Tang Jingxuan simply shook his head, "It's nothing."

"Song Yanshu has changed too much. I can't quite recognize her anymore," Lu Che didn't question Tang Jingxuan any further as he sat down on the edge of the bed. "She was previously by the Madam's side through many ups and downs. So, I thought she was a good person. Who would have thought that her true self was hidden so deep inside. I guess, only time could reveal a person's true nature."

"Was my sister frightened by what happened today?" Tang Jingxuan asked, changing the subject.

"Of course. You were covered in blood!"

"What about Qingyan..."

"She doesn't know yet," Lu Che sighed. "What was the reason for your actions this time? Aren't you afraid that Xu Qingyan will end up like Song Yanshu?"

"I've know Qingyan since we were kids. She is not that kind of person," Tang Jingxuan explained. "By the way, don't tell her about this incident."

"OK. The Madam told me to do as you say. Anyhow, get some rest, you've just come out of a surgery..." Lu Che placed Tang Jingxuan's phone on the bedside table and Tang Jingxuan immediately picked it up and turned it on.

As soon as it turned on, Xu Qingyan's messages flooded in, "You aren't angry at me, are you? You wouldn't treat an old classmate like this, right?"

"Do you still remember the Japanese restaurant near our school? The old lady there used to give me a few extra pieces of sushi."

"I wish I could eat it again."

Tang Jingxuan held onto his phone. He originally wanted to send her a reply, but after typing out a few lines of text, he ended up deleting them, one word at a time. "Forget it...Lu Che, can you drive me somewhere?"

"In your current state?" Lu Che asked with doubt.

"Nothing major has been damaged, right? In that case, let me follow my heart for once." Although Tang Jingxuan's face looked pale, his eyes contained a hopeful glow. A glow that had also appeared in Lu Che's eyes at one time.

So, Lu Che did not stop him, "OK, I'll take you where you need to go. But, if you feel any form of discomfort or pain, you need to tell me."

Tang Jingxuan nodded his head. Afterwards, under Lu Che's protection he arrived outside the school that he and Xu Qingyan once attended and bought a whole heap of Japanese food from the restaurant they once frequented.

"Should I deliver it for you?"

Tang Jingxuan sat in the front passenger's seat as he closed his eyes and shook his head. "No need. I can go there myself."

Like he had said before, he wanted to follow his heart this time. He no longer wanted to experience any regrets.

Although Lu Che was worried about Tang Jingxuan's injuries, he still drove him over to Xu Qingyan's home. At that time, Xu Qingyan was just leaving the house. As soon as she saw Tang Jingxuan in his car, she immediately ran over, "Why are you here?"

"Didn't you try to call me a few times? I'm here to apologize," Tang Jingxuan smiled.

"Did you visit our old school?" Xu Qingyan smiled in surprise as she received the bag of food from Tang Jingxuan's hands.

After seeing the smile on Xu Qingyan's face, the dullness in Tang Jingxuan's heart disappeared, "Little Monkey, let's forever remain friends."

"Of course," Xu Qingyan's gaze was focused on the food that Tang Jingxuan had brought, "Old classmates will never change."

Tang Jingxuan nodded his head as he forced a smile on his face and turned to Lu Che, "Let's go home."

"You're leaving? Don't you want to eat together?"

"No, I can't, I still have some things to deal with. You enjoy it yourself," Tang Jingxuan immediately gestured for Lu Che to open the car door. Before Xu Qingyan could even respond, Tang Jingxuan had already driven away.

Seeing this, Lu Che did not question Tang Jingxuan whatsoever. He simply drove him back to the hospital in one piece as Xu Qingyan watched him disappear from her sight. She had absolutely no idea what thoughts were running through his head while he went to buy her food from their memories.

But...the media were nosy. A few members of the paparazzi captured​ photos of the two and placed the images online. Originally, it didn't attract much interest, but...

...there were people that knew of Tang Jingxuan's injury. So, the fact that he appeared safely in front of a beauty, naturally meant that his injuries weren't that serious, right?

Others may not have seen, nor did they have the opportunity to investigate further into it, but Song Yanshu saw with her own eyes how Tang Jingxuan lay weakly in the hospital bed. She had only left the hospital not long ago, yet these photos already appeared online.

Did Tang Jingxuan really like Xu Qingyan that much? So much that he'd drag his injured and limp body all the way to see her?

Song Yanshu realized that things didn't seem right. Xu Qingyan must not have known that Tang Jingxuan was injured because Tang Jingxuan wouldn't have wanted her to know of the cause. So, she began to wonder if Xu Qingyan would also disregard everything and reciprocate Tang Jingxuan's feelings if she knew the truth...

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