Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 582: I Don't Like Playing Games That Have No Ending

Chapter 582: I Don't Like Playing Games That Have No Ending



Sitting inside the black car was none other than Father Xu.

He was filled with so much hatred that the windshield could not block the loathing that was shooting out from his eyes.

"Let's put an end to this today!" Tang Jingxuan said to Father Xu. The two men drove their cars to a nearby carpark and stepped out to face each other, "Stop hurting Qingyan. She has already suffered your abuse for much too long!"

"I gave birth to her, so I am her father! Yet that unfilial child treated me in such a way. I cannot accept it!"

"You still haven't learned your lesson. What else do you want?" Tang Jingxuan increased the volume of his voice. "What will you get from dwelling on this situation? Let me give you a word of advice, before things get out of hand and while you still have a chance, I suggest you stop doing such meaningless things."

"After all, Xu Qingyan is no longer someone you can afford to offend."

After speaking, Tang Jingxuan turned to leave. However, Father Xu suddenly pulled out a dagger from behind him and directly aimed for Tang Jingxuan's back...

Tang Jingxuan noticed something wasn't quite right. But, just as he turned around, he was already too late to avoid the incoming dagger. Although the dagger didn't damage any major organs, it was lodged into the left side of his stomach. Blood quickly soaked through Tang Jingxuan's clothes as Xu Zhenqing took a few steps back in fear.

Xu Zhenqing's expression changed as he began to tremble...After a few moments of shock, he regained his composure and quickly got back into his car. As he drove away, the car hit Tang Jingxuan on the right side of his body.

Tang Jingxuan fell to the ground and rolled a fair distance due to the impact. After quite some struggling, he managed to use his last remaining strength to pull out his phone and gave Tangning a phone call, " me..."

Tangning and Mo Ting were originally on their way to deal with Tang Xuan when they received Tang Jingxuan's phone call. As a result, they immediately asked Lu Che to turn the car around and Mo Ting quickly contacted everyone he could to track down Tang Jingxuan's location. But, by the time they found him, he was already unconscious.

To prevent Tang Jingxuan from appearing on the headlines, Mo Ting immediately contacted a trustworthy hospital and sent Tang Jingxuan straight into the emergency operating theater.

As Tangning looked at the blood-covered Tang Jingxuan, she shut her eyes tightly, "Lu Che, go investigate what happened."

Lu Che understood as he quickly nodded his head, "Don't worry Madam, leave it with me."

"Also, keep this entire incident under wraps. We can't let anyone know about this. Especially not Master Ni."

If Master Ni realized that he could target the Tang Family, who knew what disgusting ideas he would develop.

"Understood," Lu Che nodded once again.

Xu Qingyan had no idea that Tang Jingxuan was injured. As soon as she arrived home, she began thinking about the conversation she had with him earlier and found herself subconsciously blushing. In reality, she too reminisced about the hug that she had with Tang Jingxuan and the feelings that she felt that day. But, even though she felt that they had exceeded the relationship of normal friends, she did not think that they had reached the stage of lovers.

"He wouldn't be angry at me, would he?" Xu Qingyan began to wonder if she had gone too far, so she picked up her phone to give Tang Jingxuan a call. However, the Tang Jingxuan that usually picked up within three seconds, did not react at all.

Xu Qingyan did not give up. So, she tried again. But, the result was the same.

"Could he really be angry?"


"Madam, the owners of the shopping centre agreed to cooperate by looking into their surveillance cameras. The person that stabbed Jingxuan has been confirmed. It was Xu Zhenqing!" Lu Che said unhappily. "It appears that Jingxuan was attacked by Xu Zhenqing because he was trying to protect Miss Xu. Madam, should we notify Miss Xu? I'm afraid..."

"Are you afraid that Qingyan doesn't know how to be grateful?" Tangning finished Lu Che's sentence for him. "Let's talk about it after Jingxuan wakes up."

"Lu Che, report this to the police, but request that they keep their investigation confidential," Mo Ting suddenly instructed.

Hearing this, Lu Che gently nodded his head. Mo Ting's intention was clear: he was going to make Xu Zhenqing live out the rest of his life in jail.

Since he was a danger to society, it was only right for them to help clean out the trash...

So, Xu Qingyan had absolutely no idea what had happened to Tang Jingxuan. In fact, she was completely unaware that after she left the hotel, Tang Jingxuan had rushed over to shield her from danger.

But, this incident still managed to spread within smaller circles of the industry. Especially for people like Long Jie, who's speciality was to gather information from various sources, news like this wasn't difficult for her to find out about. So, amongst the people that had heard of the news, there was one other person worth mentioning.

Song Yanshu!

She didn't understand why, but whenever she heard Tang Jingxuan's name, her heart would involuntarily speed up. This was especially the case when she heard that he was currently in hospital.

To save herself from regrets, Song Yanshu secretly visited the hospital without anyone knowing.

At this moment, Tang Jingxuan had just finished in the operating theater and was being sent to his hospital room. Mo Ting was worried that Tangning would tire herself out, so she instructed Lu Che to watch over Tang Jingxuan until he woke up.

Song Yanshu waited until Lu Che stepped out of the room before she pushed open the door and approached Tang Jingxuan. Seeing him lying weakly in bed, Song Yanshu's heart sank.

In reality, Tang Jingxuan was already awake. But, when he opened his eyes and caught a glance of Song Yanshu, he was quite surprised, "Why are you here?"

"I heard you were injured, so I came to visit you," Song Yanshu sat down on the edge of Tang Jingxuan's bed as her eyes began to redden. "If I had a choice, I would hope for things to return to how they used to be; back to a time when you were still my artist and nothing had changed between us."

Hearing this, Tang Jingxuan closed his eyes tiredly, "If this is all you've come to say, then please leave."


"I think the relationship between us is perfectly clear. Plus, you already have a fiance; please control your feelings. Yanshu, when I express my love, I invest myself 100%. But, once I retrieve it, then I'm are worse than a stranger to me. I think it's best if we stop adding to each others baggage."


"I got hurt because I didn't want to see Qingyan get hurt, nor did I want to see her sad," Tang Jingxuan explained, "Your family background is very similar to hers, but fate has led the two of you down very different paths. Yanshu, you have someone that dotes on you and loves you, but Qingyan has nothing."

"Must you protect her this way?"

"At least, if I decide to hate her one day, she wouldn't continue to cling onto me," Tang Jingxuan said coldly. "Please close the door on your way out. I know that my sister has been trying to keep my injury a secret. If news gets leaked, I will blame it on you regardless of who's fault it may actually be."

"Does Xu Qingyan know that you protected in such a way?" Song Yanshu suddenly asked after a moment of silence.

Tang Jingxuan did not respond.

"Jingxuan, how about we leave this place together. Let's leave Beijing and start afresh."

"Sorry, I don't like playing games that have no ending," Tang Jingxuan replied straightforwardly, "It disgusts me!"

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