Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 581: She Is Indeed An Actress

Chapter 581: She Is Indeed An Actress

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In the end, Master Ni could only smile at Tangning with scornful admiration, "She is indeed an actress. Mrs Mo was well-prepared from the start, yet she still allowed me to make a pointless appearance. I am completely convinced by her intelligence."

"I'm sure Master Ni is aware that if Yang Xi actually had important information against you, you would not be standing here today," Tangning said quietly.

Master Ni gave a slight smile and turned to leave. As he walked out, he said to Mo Ting, "President Mo's wife is indeed different."

"Pregnant women have too much spare time on their hands, so it's normal to find something to do," Mo Ting said dotingly with a layer of warning.

"In that case, I won't get in the way of your little get-together," Master Ni said with a deeper meaning as he glared at Yang Xi and left. Although he was annoyed that he had lost to Tangning, he understood how to cut his losses. After all, he still had a huge gang of brothers that he needed to protect.

"Master Ni, watch your step..." Tangning smiled.

It didn't take long before Master Ni disappeared from sight and Yang Xi finally let out a sigh of relief as she knelt on the floor.

Just a moment ago, when Master Ni came to take her away, she seriously thought that her life had reached its end. Who would have thought...

...Tangning actually had the ability to bring the police chief to them.

But, just as she was about to stand up and greet the police chief, the 'police chief' turned to Mo Ting and bowed as he spoke in a voice that was nowhere near as powerful as before, "President Mo."

"You did well," Mo Ting nodded.

Yang Xi froze...

It turned out, there was no Chief Li in the room; Mo Ting had merely found an actor that resembled the chief. If they thought about the situation logically, why would a police chief take an actress in as his goddaughter? Especially since this woman was connected to the gangs. Did he not want his position anymore?

Of course, everything that happened in the cafe today, would never be spoken of again.

Whether it was Master Ni or Tangning, everyone was going to pretend that nothing happened.

After all, Master Ni had too much pride. There was no way he'd tell everyone that he had lost to Tangning; a mere entertainer.

So, as soon as Yang Xi understood the mind game that was being played, she was completely convinced. The difference between her and Tangning wasn't just a Master Ni, there was also Mo Ting.

Of course, from this moment onwards, Yang Xi decided to give Tangning her life.

She had struggled her entire life to escape Master Ni, yet a simple plan from Tangning was enough to make her wish come true...

"Following on, how do you plan to make up for what you tried to do to my child and I?"

Yang Xi did not respond. But, as she looked at Tangning, she suddenly felt like she was beyond reach...

On the way home, Mo Ting rubbed Tangning's belly as he asked, "Are you planning to just let Yang Xi go like that?"

"There's no point getting greedy over a moment of satisfaction. Would you believe that Yang Xi will end up paying back more than she owes? In fact, she will pay me back when I am in my most difficult of times."

Mo Ting lowered his head and placed a kiss on Tangning's forehead as he revealed a handsome smile. He trusted Tangning's decisions.

"It's time to deal with Tang Xuan!"

With the mention of this name, the couple's eyes darkened. The reason was simple: this woman had challenged their bottom line too many times and could no longer be tolerated.


Meanwhile, after the situation at the Xu Household was resolved, Xu Qingyan had been busy trying to sell off the house. But, because of the memories of her mother that remained, everytime a potential buyer arrived, Xu Qingyan would end up hesitating. Eventually, Tang Jingxuan could no longer stand idly by, "Why don't you hand the house to me and I'll sell it for you?"

Xu Qingyan thought for a moment and shook her head, "No, it's OK. I've already settled on a buyer. He is a young neurological doctor that just returned from overseas and his hospital happens to be nearby."

"Everything's already settled?" Tang Jingxuan confirmed.

"Yes," Xu Qingyan nodded her head. "Plus, let me tell you, the young doctor has a really hot body. If he wasn't a doctor, he could have been a model without any problems."

Hearing this, Tang Jingxuan suddenly felt a slight discomfort that he couldn't quite explain.

Back when Father Xu was kicked out of the household, the hug that Xu Qingyan gave him left quite an impression. But, they were classmates! Was he developing feelings for people too easily?

"However, I heard that this doctor is quite close to your second sister. Who knows, perhaps they are a couple."

"Don't you like guys like that?" Tang Jingxuan took the opportunity to test her.

"I don't like boring people who's only hobby is to cut open a person's brain...Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps..." Xu Qingyan replied casually. "I prefer guys that are bright and cheery. After all, my life is already full of enough darkness."

"In that case, what do you think about me?" Tang Jingxuan suddenly asked in seriousness as he looked into Xu Qingyan's eyes. Her eyes seemed to twinkle like a sky full of stars.

Xu Qingyan was suddenly dumbfounded as her heart began to race. After quite some time, she finally mumbled, "Our relationship may be confusing to the public, but we are simply helping each other out, right? If that's the case, don't you think your question is a little awkward between classmates?"

Hearing this, Tang Jingxuan spoke even more seriously, "Do you feel awkward around me and not comfortable?"

"I...haven't thought too much into it."

The two people simultaneously turned silent. After quite some time, Tang Jingxuan finally changed the subject, "Have you found a place to live yet?"

"Yes, I've found a house in Beijing with the highest safety rating," Xu Qingyan nodded. "Don't worry, I won't allow myself to get hurt again."

Tang Jingxuan gave a slight smile as he nodded his head.

To prevent history from repeating itself, Tang Jingxuan did not dwell on the topic of relationships. He hated when he acted so immature.

"If anything happens, make sure to tell me," Tang Jingxuan reminded Xu Qingyan.

"Yes, stop being so naggy. Also, thank you for dinner tonight. However, I have some matters to deal with at Xu Corps, so I'll leave first," Xu Qingyan returned to her usual energetic self.

"Ok, take care," Tang Jingxuan did not offer to escort her. At this moment, it was important for him to learn some self control.

Xu Qingyan smiled before she turned and left the hotel..

Tang Jingxuan followed behind until he saw her drive off in her car. He then boarded his Rolls Royce Phantom. But, at this moment, he suddenly noticed a black car speeding towards Xu Qingyan's car from the distance. Tang Jingxuan directly drove over and blocked the car's path without a second thought.

By this time, Xu Qingyan's red sports car had already disappeared around the corner...

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