Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 579: I Don't Play Mind Games

Chapter 579: I Don't Play Mind Games

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Yang Xi was so terrified that her entire body began to tremble. Especially when the man returned her gaze.

The darkness that seeped out from the depths of his body made one's blood freeze.

Yang Xi's lips twitched a little, but no sound came out. She remained silent until half an hour later when the police came to release her, "Yang Xi, you have been bailed out. You may leave."


Hearing this, Yang Xi froze in place, unable to take a single step.

"Officer, can I wait until Tangning arrives?" Yang Xi asked.

The young officer glanced at Yang Xi and laughed, "When you were locked up, you wanted to leave so badly. Now that we've decided to set you free, you don't want to leave anymore. What's wrong with you?"

"'s just..." Yang Xi couldn't get her words out properly.

"Are you going to leave or not?" the police officer asked impatiently.

Yang Xi looked at the officer, unsure whether to tell the truth. A few moments later, just as she was about to speak, Master Ni's assistant walked over to her, holding a briefcase and dressed in professional business attire, "It's time we leave. Master Ni is waiting for us."

Yang Xi was helpless as she tried to signal to the officer for help. But the young officer had absolutely no idea what Yang Xi was trying to gesture.

The cold assistant allowed Yang Xi to walk ahead. He knew how terrified she was of him, but, after being in the underworld for so many years, apart from completing his mission, he didn't care about anything else.

Yang Xi walked slowly and repeatedly turned her head to sneak glances at the police officer. Only after she stepped into the elevator did the cold assistant finally say, "Don't be afraid. It won't hurt a lot."

Hearing this, Yang Xi felt chills down her spine as she clasped her hands together and waited for the elevator to stop. As soon as she heard it ring, she wanted to run away, but the assistant quickly blocked her path and said, "Be careful, don't run around recklessly..."

Yang Xi closed her eyes in despair; she no longer held any hope for the future.

Just as they were about to leave the police station, a black Lincoln Limousine suddenly pulled up in front of Yang Xi...

Afterwards, Tangning was seen stepping out of the car, supporting her stomach. Next to her stood the almighty king-like Mo Ting and the trustworthy Lu Che.

Tangning saw that Yang Xi was being directed towards the car, so she directly walked over and ignored the cold assistant as she said, "Didn't you ask the police to contact me? How come you're leaving before we've spoken?"

Yang Xi finally saw a glimpse of hope. Just as she was about to speak, the assistant stopped her and said, "Sorry Miss Tang, Master Ni needs to urgently see Miss Yang. We will first make our leave."

"I'm pretty sure Master Ni needs to show me some face. After all, there are plenty of reporters waiting to surround this place. Did he want me to chat to Miss Yang right here? I mean, I don't mind...but, I'm afraid..."

On the surface, Tangning's words didn't seem to mean much. But, in reality, she was threatening and warning Master Ni that she was going to speak openly to Yang Xi in front of the media if he didn't hand her over. If that was to happen, she wouldn't be able to guarantee who was to suffer a loss.

Master Ni wasn't stupid, he of course understood what she meant. So, he had no choice but to compromise as he told his assistant over the phone, "Let them speak to each other in private."

In the end, the party of five headed to a nearby cafe. To ensure that Yang Xi was comfortable enough to speak, the men stepped aside and did not enter the private room, allowing the two women to have plenty of space.

Faced with dejavu, the same two women were all alone in a private space. But, this time, the situation was very different.

"Every dog truly has its day, I never thought that the person to save me today, would be you..." Yang Xi said in self-mockery as she sat down on the sofa. "If you hadn't appeared today, I may already be a corpse. By the time I got discovered, days or even years from now, I would already be a part of the soil."

"Tangning, I must truly bow down to you," Yang Xi said in seriousness. "I shouldn't have schemed against you. I overestimated myself. As long as you don't hand me over to Master Ni, I am willing to do anything for you."

"You will still need to pay back for what you have done. After all, I've never been one to show mercy and I'm sure you are aware of this. But, I don't need to go as far as to take your life," Tangning said calmly.

"But, there's nothing you can do. Even if I am sent to jail, Master Ni will still find a way to get me killed. There's no way he will set me free. Every second that I am still alive right now, is a bonus," Yang Xi gave a cold laugh. "Because of my stupidity, I made Master Ni feel threatened. The fact that I've entered the police station once, is already enough to make him lose trust in me. Master Ni is a paranoid man, he will be worried that I've teamed up with the police."

"This is the reason why I was so anxious to receive the award. I thought I'd be given the right to speak up a little more. But, it was all just false hope."

"What if I told you that I could save you?" Tangning suddenly asked.

Yang Xi did not say a word as she stared at Tangning. After a little while, she finally let out a laugh, "Tangning, you seem to be well-skilled at dealing with enemies. Not too long ago, I heard how you managed to turn Reporter Lin over to your side."

"So, do you want to live?"

"Of course," Yang Xi replied firmly, "I'm just worried that this may be a part of your revenge. Will you give me hope before you throw me into despair?"

"I have always been a straightforward person...Whether out in the open or behind closed doors, I don't play mind games."

"That's true!" Yang Xi nodded furiously. After all, all she had left now was just one lousy life. Why would Tangning bother to trick her? However, she couldn't quite understand Tangning's train of thought. Logically speaking, Tangning should be the one that wanted her dead the most.


"You don't need to look at me with suspicion."

How did it feel to be saved by one's enemy? One look at Yang Xi's complex expression was enough to answer this question. But, the thing that made Yang Xi feel most defeated was the fact that Tangning's every word made her trust in her wholeheartedly.

She had previously fought this woman with all her life, yet in the end, everything she had done meant absolutely nothing. Yang Xi felt pity on herself.

Of course, she also sighed as she accepted reality. In this lifetime, she was more than willing to do anything for Tangning as long as she could save her life.

"No one has ever been able to save anyone from Master Ni's hands. Why do I still feel that I won't be able to escape my fate?"

Yang Xi was indeed domineering, but she was different because she wanted to be free from her fate. However, this didn't mean that Tangning felt pity on her.

Some people didn't seem to ever learn their lesson, for example, Tang Xuan and Ye Lan. But, when it came to Yang Xi, Tangning felt the impulse to save her.

Because she understood, saving Yang Xi would mean that she'd win over her soul.

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