Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 578: I Want To See Tangning!

Chapter 578: I Want To See Tangning!

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...the organizers of the Fei Tian Awards had already canceled the decision to remove a 'particular' person's name from the nomination list and pretended like it had never happened.

After all, everyone was currently siding with Tangning and knew the secret behind her retreat from the industry. If they still went ahead with removing her from the nomination list because of the reasons they previously had, then they were being too heartless.

"Although Tangning had a reason for retreating from the industry, this entire incident has gone out of hand and has had a negative impact on the awards...As a result, regardless of whether we give the award to her or not, the public already has their doubts towards us."

"Now that Yang Xi has been eliminated, we only have 4 nominees. We need to be careful with our selection."

In the end, the judges were worried about how the public would react.

Of course, they would never let someone as evil as Yang Xi off the hook. But, someone that stirred up trouble like Tangning, was also not favored by them.

At this time, someone suddenly pointed out, "I feel that you have all forgotten the meaning of the Fei Tian Awards. Why aren't we basing the award on acting ability and instead focusing on news and gossip?"

Hearing this, everyone lowered their heads in shame. They realized they had placed their focus on the wrong things...

They should be focused on acting!

The agencies for the other three nominees of the Fei Tian Awards, did not partake in any secret dealings; they knew where they stood and depended on true capabilities. But, of course, after all that Mo Ting had done for Tangning and all the obstacles he had swept aside, everyone expected that the award was already Tangning's to take.

As a result, the public began to lose interest in the winner of the award.

After all...the award had already undergone too much drama...

But, at this time, Han Xiner once again represented Hai Rui and accepted interviews from the media, "Whether you believe it or not, Hai Rui has no control over the judges' decisions."

"Nor does Tangning have such a strong influence. She is simply resting at home and has never said that the Fei Tian Awards will definitely be hers."

"I hope everyone doesn't focus on the wrong things​. The winner of the award will eventually be dependent on acting ability and not popularity or schemes."

"Also, don't hype up Tangning too much. She believes that the Fei Tian Awards is just and fair and that everyone has their own opinion. So, she is sure that the result will be one that everyone is satisfied with."

"She has never forgotten the fact that she is a newcomer that wants to be treated fairly."

"Dear MoTang fans, if you want Tangning to feel comfortable, please stop saying that the award has to go to her. She wants her abilities to be judged sincerely."

"Also, please give the Fei Tian Awards the mystery it deserves, the winner has not been pre-determined."

Finally, Han Xiner projected a video from her phone onto the screen behind her. The video was only 20 seconds long and Tangning appeared in the video with no makeup. Of course, her protruding belly did not make an appearance.

"Hello everyone, it has been a long time. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for your concern. The baby in my stomach is good and healthy and is already 7 months old."

"I am aware that there has been a lot of news about me during this time, but because of this, it has made me too afraid to leave the house..."

"I would like to ask everyone to have faith in the judges of the Fei Tian Awards and give them the respect that they deserve. I believe that the Fei Tian Awards will definitely provide a satisfactory reason for their final decision that everyone can accept."

The video was short and only contained a few points.

But, Tangning actually made an appearance and asked everyone not to treat the awards like some kind of gossip. She asked them to view the prestigious international award from a professional viewpoint and to have faith in the organizers and judges.

Most importantly, she reminded everyone that presenting the award required a sufficient reason.

This was how the Fei Tian Awards kept its authority in the industry. It allowed everyone to see a clear comparison and presented to them true capabilities!


Meanwhile, Yang Xi was not in a great position.

She was currently being detained by the police, but no matter how she tried to contact Master Ni, he did not offer her any help. Instead, he sent her a warning, "If you dare to speak recklessly to the police, I will kill you and make sure that your corpse is never found."

On top of everything, the police did not act hastily. It wasn't easy for them to get hold of someone close to Master Ni, so they weren't going to let her go that easily. They were hoping to get insider information from Yang Xi about Master Ni, but Yang Xi expressed her loyalty from the start. However, how could Master Ni be at ease when he knew she was currently being detained in a holding cell at the police station?

Master Ni had always been a paranoid person. After being with him for so many years, Yang Xi did not get hold of any information that she could use against him. It was clear to see how cautious of a person he was.

Through the television in the police station, Yang Xi saw what had happened to Ye Lan. Mo Ting and Tangning did not go easy at all as they directly destroyed a person's self esteem and willpower. They exposed the ugliest side of Ye Lan to the public. It was almost like they had stripped her naked and thrown her into light for everyone to see.

So, Yang Xi was of course frightened...

Especially since she had held Tangning captive and tried to threaten her. Ye Lan had merely passed on a message and her fate was already so grim, what would happen to her?

She was too afraid to imagine it.

Yang Xi had no family and, of course, no friends. She came from a bad background and grew up on the streets. If Master Ni was to abandon her, her fate would be much worse than Ye Lan's.

Ye Lan simply had nowhere to turn to...

Whereas, Yang Xi had been the woman of a gangster boss for so many years. If he was to abandon her, how many people were on the standby to go against her?

Yang Xi thought to herself for a while and finally turned to the police in tears, "I know you want to get some useful information from me. I can promise to be honest with you, but..."

"...I have one condition."

"I want to see Tangning."

The police did not expect for Yang Xi to make such a request. But, in order to get information about Master Ni, they agreed "We will contact her on your behalf. But...whether she will agree to meet you is beyond our control."

"She will definitely agree," Yang Xi said in between tears, "How could she miss a chance to see me in such a pitiful state?"

"We'll let you know when we've come in contact then."

However, before Yang Xi managed to see Tangning, Master Ni's lawyer arrived first.

To be exact, this man wasn't just any lawyer. Yang Xi was well aware that this man was Master Ni's most capable right-hand-man. Whenever he appeared, it wasn't to deal with a simple incident - but to deal with life and death!

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