Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 128: Big Boss Also Has a Time When he is Controlled

Chapter 128: Big Boss Also Has a Time When he is Controlled

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Hearing this, the man finally understood Tangning's importance to Mo Ting. So he stopped joking, "So, it is true love." After speaking, Asa stood up and stretched out his hand in seriousness to shake Tangning's hand, "Sorry, I stepped over the line just then, I thought...Oh, forget it, no matter what, this was all a misunderstanding."

With the entertainment industry being so big and Mo Ting's position at the top of an empire, it was normal for someone like him to be a player. Who would have thought, he'd skip all that and jump directly into marriage?

Tangning leaned into Mo Ting's embrace as she shook the man's hand. She did not speak, she just simply nodded her head.

"But, sister-in-law 1 , how come you look so familiar?" Asa glanced over Tangning quickly, he didn't dare to linger for too long. He could clearly differentiate when it was time to play and when it was time to be serious. He also knew this was a woman Mo Ting was willing to risk his life for, so she was definitely someone he needed to show respect to.

"Let's talk business..." Mo Ting pulled out a chair for Tangning as he pushed Asa to get to the point.

Tangning wanted to laugh at his childish behavior, but she also felt warm inside.

"The shoot this time took place halfway up a mountain and the incident happened so suddenly, it was hard to determine who was at fault. Ting...of course, I have faith in Hai Rui's actors. Originally, there were no complications, but...the investor behind the production crew for 'Deadly' suddenly decided to pull out his investment, putting the production crew into a panic. That's why they threw the focus onto Hai Rui. It was all my fault, I've caused you to lose two capable actors. This explosion will definitely have a huge impact on their careers."

"Who cares about money? These two people are international actors that Hai Rui has invested 4 years of time on. It's a shame..." Falling from such heights, was like a sunset that came too early; their careers would definitely suffer a loss.

"If it was another company, they would have left the two actors as is. But, things are different because you are the CEO," Asa smiled meaningfully. "I invited you today, to express my standpoint. I will let you call the shots. I no longer have any connections with the film studio."

Mo Ting did not speak, his eyes looked deep in thought.

"I've finally figured out who sister-in-law is...isn't she the Asian model that went viral in the US not too long ago?" Asa suddenly changed the topic as he teased her, "Sister-in-law, since you are a model, you should be pretty busy. Why are you here with Ting? Were you worried he would cheat on you?"

Tangning smiled. She did not have the attitude of an untrusting woman. She simply turned her head to Mo Ting and asked, "Would you dare to do something like that?"

Mo Ting shook his head and replied swiftly, "No, I wouldn't dare."

After hearing their words, Asa was stunned for a moment before bursting into laughter, "So the Big Boss also has a time when he is controlled..."

The trio chatted for a little while longer before Asa left due to urgent matters. However, before he left, Mo Ting gave him a word of warning, "My marriage to Tangning, keep it a secret."

"OK!" the man made a signal of agreement with his fingers before he rushed out of the hotel.

After hearing their entire conversation, Tangning felt a little uneasy. Noticing her silence, Mo Ting gripped onto her hand, "What's wrong?"

"I'm used to seeing you sign multiple documents and attending multiple meeting, but only now do I realize, all I see is merely on the surface...Is there anything I can help you with?"

Mo Ting stared into Tangning's eyes and realized she was seriously worried about him, so he explained, "I can't remember how long it's been, I'm already used to it..."

"This is how the entertainment industry is like: the more you possess, the more you have to lose. This is why you need to stay by my side forever."

Tangning did not say anything. She simply gripped onto Mo Ting's hand as she pulled him up, "Let's go back to the hotel and have a nice, relaxing bath. Don't you have a tough battle to fight tomorrow?"

After returning to the hotel and having a bath, the couple lay in bed. Tangning originally wanted Mo Ting to rest, but Mo Ting pulled out his laptop to check her emails.

"Can't you focus on just Hai Rui for these two days?"

"An Zihao sent you an email," Mo Ting opened the email and showed it to Tangning. "The revelation from Lan Yu's assistant was his work; he is indeed capable. The things he has planned out for you are the same things I think of as priorities. Disregarding his personal matters and focusing entirely on his abilities, even if he was to work for Hai Rui, he would live up to expectations."

"In that case, I'll accept him," Tangning nodded.

"So easily?"

"Didn't you say he has the same priorities as you? I trust you." In reality, Tangning just wanted Mo Ting to have one less thing to worry about.

"But, An Zihao wants you to return home tomorrow. Lan Xi is already prepared to announce your contract to the public," Mo Ting closed his laptop. He wrapped his arm around Tangning and lied down with her, "Go back..."

Hearing these words, Tangning did not respond. She merely covered herself with the blanket.

"Cheng Tian's Contract Signing Ceremony is very important to you."

"Of course, I would love for you to keep me company, but...I can't let you sacrifice your career. Listen to me, it wasn't easy for you to get to where you are today..."

Tangning was speechless...her heart felt a little disappointed because she knew, with her current status, she did not have the right to stay by Mo Ting's side 24/7.

"Just two days..."

Tangning remained silent. Underneath the blanket, she embraced Mo Ting tightly in her arms. Then with an initiative which she had never shown before, she flipped over and pressed Mo Ting under her body as she pressed her lips firmly against his.

Mo Ting could not fight back as he allowed her to press down on his lips violently. Whenever two people were in love, being separated for even one minute, felt like forever.

This time, the couple's workout was extremely intense. After they were done, Tangning fell asleep. All she could feel was someone wiping down her body and helping her change into a fresh set of clothes.

The next morning, Mo Ting drove Tangning to the airport, "No matter what happens, call me immediately."

Tangning reached out her arms and hugged Mo Ting before kissing him passionately. Afterwards, she put on her face mask and sunglasses, then opened the car door.

For a married couple...staying together was a lesson to be learned...and so was separation.

Tangning resisted the urge to turn around and return to Mo Ting's side, she also endured the temptation to give him a phone call. She simply entered the airport lounge and flipped through Beijing's news on her phone.

But, at that moment, she received a message from Mo Ting, "Don't stare at your phone like that, it will hurt your eyes."

Tangning lifted her head in surprise as she looked around for any trace of Mo Ting. But, Mo Ting had already left.

While waiting for her flight, Tangning tried to maintain a low profile. However, in the end, someone still recognized her.

A tall and skinny man approached Tangning after boarding the plane and handed her his business card, "Miss Tangning, nice to meet you. I am a reporter from Hua Rong Studio."

After looking at the man, Tangning politely took the business card from his hands, "Nice to meet you."

"Earlier on...I saw you step out of a black car. The man that drove you here must have been your boyfriend, right?"

Hearing this, Tangning was a little surprised. Did he capture photos of them?

"No need to be nervous Miss Tang, I didn't capture any photos...I just happened to see you, but I didn't pull out my camera in time..."

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