Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 576: Who is More Hated?

Chapter 576: Who is More Hated?

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Tang Jingxuan shielded Xu Qingyan as he glared coldly at Father Xu. At this moment, he was like a powerful lion that had just been awoken, "If you dare to touch a single hair on her body, I will make you wish you were dead!"

Xu Zhenqing covered his cheek as he glared back at Tang Jingxuan. The dangerous aura emanating from Tang Jingxuan's eyes actually made Xu Zhenqing hesitant to do anything for a moment.

A bodyguard took this opportunity to walk over and press Xu Zhenqing against the floor. At the same time, the housekeeper called the ambulance after seeing the amount of blood that Ye Lan had lost.

A moment later, Xu Qingyan finally calmed down. Looking at the restrained Xu Zhenqing, she closed her eyes and said to Tang Jingxuan, "Let him go for now. Our main priority is to get Ye Lan to the hospital."

Tang Jingxuan turned and looked at Xu Qingyan. Even though she told him to let her father go, he could still see the hatred in her eyes. In the end, he nodded his head. But, he was definitely going to avenge the little monkey today. Otherwise, the wound in her heart would never heal.

"Take her to the hospital."

The ambulance arrived swiftly. By this time, Ye Lan had completely lost her usual arrogance as she lay weakly in the stretcher until they delivered her to the hospital and carried her into the emergency room.

Outside the room, Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan stood to the left of the door, while Xu Zhenqing stood to the right with complex emotions.

10 minutes later, the doctor came out and said apologetically to Father Xu, "It's a shame. She was already 2 months pregnant."


She was actually pregnant! Xu Qingyan had no idea that Ye Lan was actually pregnant. She simply took a guess when she saw all the blood that Ye Lan had lost. Who would have thought that she'd be right.

Father Xu supported himself against the white hospital walls. The words that he heard made him subconsciously retreat a few steps.

"Your violent nature has caused the death of your own child," Xu Qingyan said in mockery. "That's great, Xu Zhenqing. You are truly left with nothing now."

"Little Monkey..." Tang Jingxuan said comfortingly. He wondered how much suffering she must have gone through, for her to have hidden so much hatred.

"Jingxuan, would you believe that he would be even more pitiful after Ye Lan wakes up and finds out that she has lost her child?"

Tang Jingxuan took a deep breath. He suddenly didn't know what to say.

"Which one of you is Ye Lan's family member? The patient has woken up and would like to see Mr Xu Zhenqing. Which one of you is Xu Zhenqing?" a nurse asked as she stepped out of the emergency room. Xu Qingyan responded by pointing coldly to her father.

Xu Zhenqing pushed open the door without a word. However, before he reached Ye Lan's bedside, a heavy item hit him in the head as he heard the shrill cry of Ye Lan's voice, "Xu Zhenqing! You're worse than an animal! Get lost! I want a divorce!"

Hearing the cries coming from the room, Xu Qingyan's lips curved upwards in mockery, "What a joke! This woman once thought that she could inherit everything owned by the Xu Family. But now, she will simply be seen as an old man's toy that has had a miscarriage."

Tang Jingxuan did not get a chance to respond, because at this moment, Father Xu rushed out of the emergency room with blood dripping from his head as he glared at Xu Qingyan.

After quite some time, he finally said, "Did you have to force me to act so ruthlessly?"

"When you used to humiliate me in the past, did you ever wonder if you were acting too ruthlessly at that time?" Xu Qingyan replied with a slightly emotional tone, even though her words were firm.

Xu Zhenqing raised his thumb at Xu Qingyan without saying another word nor pleading for mercy. He simply pushed the two aside and walked out of the hospital. As she looked at him from behind, Xu Qingyan noticed that he suddenly looked like he had aged. It was like he was a frail old 70/80-year-old man.

Needless to say, with Xu Zhenqing's dismissal and Ye Lan's miscarriage, Xu Corps had successfully helped Mo Ting make his first move.

"Everything is yours now. You need to stay strong and welcome a new beginning," Tang Jingxuan said as he patted Xu Qingyan on the shoulder.

"I will prove to everyone that I am better than Xu Zhenqing!" Xu Qingyan said confidently. "From today onwards, I am President Xu: the new person in charge of Xu Corps."

"Let's go, I'll take you home," Tang Jingxuan said as he shook her body.

"By the way, I've decided to sell the Xu Family Home so Xu Zhenqing can never return home," Xu Qingyan revealed.

With that, not only did Xu Zhenqing lose his home and company, he also lost the woman that was supposed to stay by his side.

As for Ye Lan, it was obvious what happened to her.

Her name immediately appeared on the hottest search rankings. After all, she was hit by her own husband and ended up with a miscarriage. Plus, she was directly pulled down from her role as the first lady of Xu Corps and returned to nothing...

But, the weird thing was, no one felt any sympathy for her. After all, she had schemed against Tangning first. She tried to harm others, but in the end, she was harmed instead; wasn't it karma for her to be hit by her husband and to suffer a miscarriage?

Of course, everyone was well aware of why Xu Corps had gotten rid of Xu Zhenqing so easily. There was no doubt that it was because of Mo Ting and the pressures from Hai Rui and Tang Corps.

Out of all the people that Ye Lan could have schemed against and played tricks on, who told her to mess with the child in Tangning's stomach...

As a result, the internet was flooded with heated discussion...

"Tang Xuan betrayed her own sister and sold the news of her pregnancy to Ye Lan for $2 million."

"But, Ye Lan simply wanted to sit back and observe instead of making a move herself. Therefore, she passed the information onto Tangning's competitor for the Fei Tian Awards, Yang Xi."

"In the end, Yang Xi shot herself in the foot instead and ended up at the police station. Of course, she almost succeeded in hurting Tangning and her child."

"Let me ask, which woman out of three, is the most hated?"

"Is this even worth asking? Of course it's Tang Xuan! She is, after all, Tangning's actual sister!"

"I personally think that Ye Lan is the most sinister. She wanted to mess with others, but ended up causing her own miscarriage. What a satisfying result!"

"I still feel that Yang Xi is the worst. You all saw the video. She actually asked her bodyguards to kill Tangning's child..."

"I think it doesn't matter who is the worst. At least everyone can clearly see their fate. After all, who did they think they were scheming against?"

As soon as everyone saw the discussions, they quickly responded with one simple emoji: a thumbs up!

It was Tangning...

The person they schemed against was Tangning!

Everyone was well aware that Ye Lan was only the beginning.

"I originally thought that Yang Xi would be the first to be dealt with. Who would have thought that the least significant Ye Lan would be the first victim."

"If Ye Lan was dealt with in such a ruthless way...I wonder how Yang Xi and Tang Xuan will end up..."

It seemed, everyone was waiting to see their fate. After all, the remaining two women had done something that even the Gods would be angered by...

How pitiful could these two evil women end up?

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