Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 575: If You Want To Die, Then Go For It

Chapter 575: If You Want To Die, Then Go For It



Ye Lan lay helplessly on the floor. As she listened to Xu Qingyan's words, a cold chill spread from her back to her limbs...

"Think about it in detail. From the time that Tangning announced her comeback to the present day - from Mo Yurou to Yang Xi - Tangning has always been a winner. She likes to fight and she's not afraid of fighting. If something doesn't belong to her, she won't want even a tiny slice of it, but...if someone crosses her bottom line, then sorry, she will fight with you until you are left with nothing!"

"Tangning has never lost!"

Previously, because of support from Father Xu, Ye Lan acted with no fear. After all, everyone that managed to survive in the entertainment industry had support of some sort. Plus, when competing for an award, the winner always took all.

For the sake of glory, other filthier methods existed in the industry. Most importantly...

...Ye Lan never expected that Father Xu would ever be left with nothing.

Realizing that she no longer had Father Xu's protection and that she had to face Tang Corps, Hai Rui and the heartless Mo Ting on her own, a sense of panic slowly overcame her...

In fact, she was filled with fear!

"No, this can't happen hubby. You can't treat me like this...I know that I was wrong," Ye Lan groveled at Father Xu's feet. But, for someone that just lost his position of power, Father Xu was not in the mood to care about anyone else but himself. So...

...he simply kicked her away and added a few stomps on her stomach to satisfy his anger.

Ye Lan cried in pain as she pleaded, "Hubby, I won't do it again. I really won't..."

Seeing this, the housekeeper wanted to step forward and put a stop to the abuse, but Father Xu immediately warned, "If you dare to step in, I will make you disappear from sight."

To prevent the housekeeper from being implicated, Xu Qingyan instructed, "Leave first."

But, the true meaning in her words was evident: she wanted him to immediately seek Tang Jingxuan for help.

The housekeeper understood as he nodded his head and left.

Meanwhile, Ye Lan did not give up pleading, "Hubby, my stomach hurts..."

But, Father Xu no longer held regard for anyone in his eyes. So, he directly walked over to Xu Qingyan and grabbed her by the shoulders, "Call your grandfather immediately and tell him to return my house and shares!"

"Return? This stuff has always belonged to my mother and I. What do you mean return?" Xu Qingyan asked coldly. "Xu Zhenqing, I think, at a time like this, you should turn to your amazing wife. Since you are both so loving, I'm sure she will do anything to help you..."

"Otherwise, how would she be able to pay you back for all the love you have shown her?"

"After being abused by you for 20 odd years, I have long hoped for you to lose everything. So, there's no point speaking to me about it."

Father Xu glared at Xu Qingyan. The endurance in his eyes seemed to have reached its limit as he roared, "Return Xu Corps to me! Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless. Did you think, by telling your grandfather to strip me of my position and to take away my belongings, you'd be free from me? You must be dreaming! Let me tell you Xu Qingyan, I gave birth to you, so I am your father. You will never be able to escape me in this lifetime!"

Xu Qingyan looked into Father Xu's eyes; the eyes that were filled with anger. There had been many times in the past when she was terrified frozen by this look in his eyes, but now, she now longer feared it. Perhaps it was because she now had the means to fight back, or perhaps she was no longer afraid of anything. After all, a courageous person was impenetrable!

"I know..."

"I know you gave birth to me. But, when have you treated me like a human being?" Xu Qingyan asked as she raised her voice. "If you want to hit me again, then go ahead. If you want to yell at me, then yell all you want. Do you know how long I have waited for this day?"

"There have been times in the past when I dreamed of dragging you down to the grave with me, especially during times when I was hit. But, when I came to my senses, I would ask myself why I would sacrifice my life over a jerk like you?"

"Now that I've seized control of Tang Corps and become the owner of this house, I can do whatever I want to you. I can watch you beg for mercy and I can step all over you. I can watch you live your life like a beggar and watch you suffer the consequences of revenge. I can watch you being bullied and watch you die all alone in bed the way that mother did!"

"Xu Zhenqing, there have been multiple times in the past when I could have told grandfather about what you've done, but I held back because we are blood-related. However, this time, I will not hold back at all!"

"There are too many people in this world that put up with domestic violence, but they have no way of escaping from this nightmare simply because the person abusing them is a family member..."

"But, from today onwards, I want you to know that not only can I free myself from you, I can also make the rest of your life a living hell! Xu Zhenqing, your life is over!"

"Completely over!"

After saying these words, Xu Qingyan looked like she had released all the pain she had endured over the years. Her eyes ended up turning red in anger...

"So, take yourself and your beloved wife out of my sight!"

"From today onwards, everything you once owned, is now mine!"

After hearing Xu Qingyan's words, Father Xu was so angry that he couldn't control his emotions. As a result, he reached out his arms and started strangling Xu Qingyan...

However, Xu Qingyan did not fight back. She simply smiled as she reminded her father, "Aren't you going to check on your wife? Have you not noticed the blood coming from her body? From the looks of it, you haven't realized that Ye Lan is pregnant."

Xu Zhenqing turned his head and looked at Ye Lan. She was indeed sitting in a small pool of blood. For a short moment, he was a little surprised, but, before long, he returned his angry gaze to Xu Qingyan as his right hand remained wrapped around her neck, "Give me back Xu Corps! Otherwise, no one will be leaving here today!"

However, Xu Qingyan was no longer afraid as she directly said to Xu Zhenqing, "You want it back? Do you really think that's possible?"

"In that case, go die!"

"If you want to die, then go ahead, why should I die?" After speaking, Xu Qingyan turned to the doorway and yelled, "Jingxuan..."

Tang Jingxuan had been nearby the entire time, so as soon as the housekeeper stepped out, he immediately found Tang Jingxuan's location. Tang Jingxuan and a few bodyguards waited by the door until they heard Xu Qingyan's cry for help. They immediately rushed in to find Father Xu strangling Xu Qingyan. Tang Jingxuan directly threw a punch at Father Xu, forcing him to let go...

"Little Monkey, are you OK?"

Xu Qingyan was angry and in pain as she turned around to hug Tang Jingxuan, "Jingxuan, help me..."

"Leave the rest with me!"

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