Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 574: What Hai Rui Will Do To You

Chapter 574: What Hai Rui Will Do To You

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Hearing this, Father Xu and Ye Lan were shocked. They then burst out laughing like they had heard a ridiculous joke.

"Xu Qingyan, have you gone crazy? I was the one that told you to leave..."

"I know," Xu Qingyan remained calm as she smiled, "But, what right do you have to make me leave?"

Hearing this question, Father Xu retrieved his smile and let go of Ye Lan as he approached Xu Qingyan in a dominant manner, "With the fact that I am your father and everything you own was given to you by me. This includes your prestigious identity and everything that the Xu Family has provided you. Even your right to live in this household was given by me."

"Qingyan, I don't mean to lecture you, but your father is currently furious. You should move out for a little and come back when your father is no longer angry..." Ye Lan said, pretending to be nice. "I'm sure you know how his temper is like. Be good, stop joking...otherwise, who know how much you may need to suffer again..."

"Who's joking?" Xu Qingyan growled as she looked at Ye Lan in seriousness.

"Xu Qingyan, you are shameless! Hubby, let's not waste any more time on her. Let's get the housekeeper to kick her out!"

Father Xu glanced at Xu Qingyan before he turned to the housekeeper and said, "You heard what the Madam said..."

The housekeeper looked at Ye Lan and then turned to look at Xu Qingyan. He then shook his head, "Sorry Master Xu, I don't have the right to go against Miss Xu's orders..."

Father Xu was surprised, but suddenly came to a realization, "Did my father give you instructions before he left?"

"Housekeeper, throw their stuff out!" Xu Qingyan yelled as she pointed to the luggage before the housekeeper got the chance to respond.

The housekeeper glanced at Father Xu before he walked over to the luggage and started dragging them towards the door. But, at this time, Ye Lan ran over and blocked his path, "Do you not know who owns this house?"

"He obviously knows. That's why he knows who's orders to listen to," Xu Qingyan responded.

"What do you mean?"

Xu Qingyan did not waste any more time on the couple as she pulled out the deeds to the house as well as other related documents, "Have a close look and see for yourself who's name this house is under!"

Father Xu snatched the documents out of Xu Qingyan's hands and quickly flipped through it, "This is impossible. Xu Qingyan..."

"Grandfather personally signed these papers in front of the lawyers. Perhaps, you would like to speak to them?" Xu Qingyan crossed her arms as she spoke. "Xu Zhenqing, after all the years of abuse you have given me, you must have never expected this day to come. Grandfather didn't want to see the Xu Family's inheritance fall into the hands of a sl*t, so he changed the ownership of the house to my name."

"So, tell me, who owns this house now?"

After hearing Xu Qingyan's words, Ye Lan snatched the documents from Father Xu's hands and had a look, "What's wrong with your father? Is he old and senile? Fathers always dote on their sons, I've never seen a father skip a generation and dote on their granddaughter instead?"

"You've never seen it before? I've never seen a father abuse his own daughter, yet the man in front of you has done exactly that," Xu Qingyan mocked. "Let's stop wasting each other's time. Housekeeper, throw their stuff out!"

Father Xu fell into a panic, so he immediately grabbed the documents and tore it to shreds, "This doesn't count!"

"You've simply torn up a copy. The original is with grandfather. Regardless of whether you acknowledge it or not, this document is already recognized in the court of law. Therefore, you have no choice but to follow it!"

Father Xu was so angry that his veins began showing. It was obvious that he was trying to control his emotions.

"By the way, there's one more thing I almost forgot to tell you. Due to the fact that Xu Corps' performance has been plummeting, I have decided to dismiss you from the position of CEO. Of course, whether you can still keep your position on the board of directors is dependent on my mood..."

"...because grandfather has combined his, my mother's and my shares together and placed them all under my name."

"In other words, I am currently the main shareholder in Xu Corps."

"As for why you have been dismissed, I think the fact that Ye Lan's scandal with Tangning has caused the company great embarrassment, is enough of a reason, don't you think? Former CEO?"

"Since you like this woman so much, you can both be destroyed together."

"I would like to see, when you are left with nothing, whether this woman would stay by a 50-something-year-old man's side for the rest of her life!"

Not only had he lost his house, he even lost his majority shares. Father Xu did not know how to accept this reality. So, he immediately rang his assistant to confirm the situation.

"Xiao Yang, has anything happened over the past couple of days?"

"Well...President Xu...Because of what happened with the Madam, both Tang Corps and Hai Rui have been placing pressure on us and the entire board of directors has been asked to hold responsibilty. To resolve the issue, the chairman has already released an official notice: you have been dismissed from your role."

"Everything was still fine when I left work today!"

"I received the notice after you left. I even called to hold you back, but you said you had something urgent at home and not to bother you unless someone was dying," the assistant replied helplessly.

After hearing his assistant's response, Father Xu directly threw the phone on the floor and glared at Xu Qingyan.

"Hubby...what happened?" Ye Lan asked as she ran over and clung to his arm.

However, Father Xu brushed her arm away and pointed at her angrily, "Don't touch me, you sl*t!"

Ye Lan was stunned by Father Xu's reaction...


"This is all because of you." Father Xu could no longer contain his anger as he kicked Ye Lan's stomach. "If you didn't go cause trouble with Tangning, I wouldn't have lost my position as CEO!"

Seeing the couple turn on each other, Xu Qingyan looked at Ye Lan and laughed, "This is your first time experiencing this, isn't it? Your day has finally come."

Ye Lan fell to the floor as tears rolled out of her eyes in pain...

How could she endure a kick like this?

"Hubby, what did I do? Why would you treat me this way...?"

"I told you long ago not to provoke Tangning. Yet, you didn't listen to me. Even if Tangning is easy to bully, she still has Mo Ting backing her. He has always been wise, ruthless and heartless to outsiders. Did you think he would let you off the hook for scheming against his wife?" Xu Qingyan laughed. "Would you believe me if I told you this is just the beginning?"

"Once you've left the Xu Household and lost your last layer of protection, just wait and see what Hai Rui and President Mo will do to you!"

"Above all, don't forget that Tangning always gives an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!"

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