Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 571: The Entire Hai Rui Won't Be Playing Nice!

Chapter 571: The Entire Hai Rui Won't Be Playing Nice!

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Mo Ting had laid out such a perfect game of chess and waited so long for the right timing. Just as the Fei Tian Awards decided to give up on Tangning, Mo Ting helped Tangning fight for her last chance.

The media did not even consider the Fei Tian Awards yet. They had no idea that the only reason why Mo Ting tolerated Tang Xuan, Ye Lan and Yang Xi for so long was because of the way that everything interconnected.

If everyone thought that he was turning a blind eye to the actions of these three women...

...then today was the day that he was going to make them pay everything back at once!

"Everyone knows, at the time that Tangning announced her retreat, she was being slandered for meeting with an American director. During that incident, things got out of hand and plenty of actors and directors teamed up against Tangning and insulted her. At that time, Tangning already discovered she was pregnant. So, she had no choice but to temporarily retreat from the industry."

"In the past, Tangning retreated from the modeling industry when she was one step away from being an international supermodel to pursue the path of an actress. After three films, acting had become a part of her life. But, at this time, her own peers decided to team up against her."

"As a pregnant woman, she had no choice but to retreat for the sake of her child and her innocence. But, the most disappointing thing is, the people that had teamed up against her back then, are still making things difficult for Tangning today."

"Today, you all got to witness how the sinister Yang Xi treated a pregnant woman. But, at the time that Tangning announced her retreat, her situation was even worse than it was this time."

"At that time, her own sister, Tang Xuan, was involved in planning the meeting with the American director. Her intention was to destroy Tangning's reputation and make her lose everything. Worst of all, this was not the first time she had schemed against Tangning."

After speaking, Han Xiner placed all the information that Lu Che had previously gathered, onto the screen...

She was revealing a personal family matter to the entire entertainment industry. Of course, the media didn't mind that Hai Rui was creating more news for them to write about.

"A while ago, Tang Xuan found out she was pregnant. To prevent Tangning from also having a child and competing against her for inheritance, she conspired with the hospital to tell Tangning that there was a problem with her uterus. She then paid the doctors to secretly remove Tangning's uterus. Luckily, God was watching over Tangning and she managed to escape this horrible fate due to a check up that she had done earlier on with a friend. But, to make matters worse, Tang Xuan decided to leak the information about Tangning's inability to bear a child, to the public..."

"This resulted in the news that you all saw not too long ago!"

"As her own sister, Tang Xuan had consistently been a threat to Tangning's safety. So, to prevent Tang Xuan from hurting the child in her stomach, Tangning had no choice but to keep her pregnancy a secret and to retreat from the industry. It's not that she didn't want to act anymore, nor did she want to give up on being an actress. She had simply been hurt and was suffering from the pain produced by her own relative and peers."

"Now, a few months down the track, we see the same thing happening again. Using similar methods, Miss Yang Xi almost made Tangning and her child disappear from the face of the earth. But, how did she know that Tangning was pregnant? Especially since Hai Rui had completely kept this information under wraps..."

Han Xiner's expression understandably turned cold as her volume increased with her anger.

"It's because, Tang Xuan had failed multiple times at scheming against Tangning, so she decided to sell this information for $2 million to an actress by the name of Ye Lan!"

"Everyone must have heard about the slight encounter between Tangning and Ye Lan during the selection process of the Fei Tian Awards. But, Ye Lan was obviously smarter than Tang Xuan. Because after she got hold of this information, she immediately passed it on to the infamous Yang Xi."

"And that's how we ended up with the spectacular show that we had today."

The reporters' eyes almost popped out of their sockets in shock...

Han Xiner had managed to implicate two more people: Tang Xuan and Ye Lan!

Everyone was familiar with Tang Xuan. After all, the battle at Tang Corps had always been very entertaining. But, Ye Lan...

Although a lot of people knew that she had a history with Tangning, they never imagined that she'd be so evil.

Han Xiner had a decent amount of evidence, so it took a while for the reporters to take it all in. They never expected that Tangning's retreat involved so many secrets and schemes behind-the-scenes.

"Tangning had been bullied by her peers in the past. This time, are you guys going to stop her from living her life freely?"

Faced with Han Xiner's questioning, the reporters were speechless.

When they thought about the way that Tangning consistently dealt with things, if they had been in her position, they would have gone crazy already. Yet, Tangning was determined to protect her child.

"If Tangning wanted to create hype, she'd have a thousand methods to do so. If Tangning wanted to go against someone, she'd have ten thousand ways to make it happen. She has no reason to make a move against someone while they are overseas because it's not worth it."

"So, is it time that you put your assumptions about Tangning aside? Can you look at Tangning fairly? Regardless of the past or in the future, she simply wants to be an actress and a loving mother. She has never initiated harm on others!"

"Today will be the last time that Hai Rui emphasizes the pureness of Tangning's character. From now on, if anyone dares to create false rumors about her again, then I'm sorry, the entire Hai Rui will not play nice!"

"I hope the media and other related individuals act accordingly!"


Tangning was undoubtedly mysterious. For everyone in Beijing, she had practically encompassed all the hottest topics. But, the weird thing was, she had already retreated from the industry for a good few months.

It turned out, behind-the-scenes, she had such a tough time. Especially since she was already 6 months pregnant!

Those that were mothers could immediately relate. Being pregnant was difficult to begin with, yet Tangning was continuously scolded and insulted by the netizens.

They couldn't believe that everyone had so many misunderstandings towards her.

"Tangning must have been forced into a dead end. That's why she had no choice but to ask Hai Rui to step out and reveal her embarrassing family incident to the public."

"People were pressuring her when she was an actress, then they pressured her when she became pregnant. I don't think I've seen a more unfortunate actress!"

"I simply hope that the judges of the Fei Tian Awards act fairly. Not only does Tangning deserve sympathy, she is also capable enough to receive an award."

Han Xiner had already laid the entire situation out in front of the public. Everything related to Tangning's retreat, Tangning's 'inability to have children' and Tangning's multiple rumours were all explained by Hai Rui in one go.

Of course, the three women involved in this incident was about to experience some not-so-good days ahead. However, the first to experience it was not the evil Miss Yang, but someone else!

Who could forget? Elder Xu was about to leave the Xu Household!

And Xu Qingyan was already prepared to send someone packing.

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